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  1. Yes, WGS-84 is a world-wide datum and the standard for GPS use.
  2. Thanks, I didn't know about Cyrket. Lot easier than searching in the Market Place.
  3. I must be dense or something because I just got a G1 went to the Market Place and did a search and couldn't find any of these apps.
  4. Show this statement to any surveyor that is familiar with GPS and see what he/she says. I will not even consider buying a GPSr that doesn't have position averaging. Not even a fair comparison. A surveyor needs an instrument that is accurate to millimeters. At some point the percent increase becomes a virtual non issue. I don't know what that point is but on a unit with with a stated accuracy of about 9 feet and a resolution of 6 feet, a receiver that is more sensitive than the previous generation receivers shouldn't have a hard time reaching that point. It isn't about accuracy its about precision. Its about using proper methods so you have confidence in the position your GPSr gives you. You don't get that with just one reading, especially in the woods where GPS is at its greatest disadvantage and the majority of geocaches are placed. The stated accuracy of a unit is worthless if all your getting is noisy signal and multi-path that the "sensitive" receiver is using to calculate position.
  5. Show this statement to any surveyor that is familiar with GPS and see what he/she says. I will not even consider buying a GPSr that doesn't have position averaging.
  6. It would be nice if this applet actually worked. The resulting network sketch and X coordinate are correct but the Y coordinate isn't even close. I've done the calculations in a stand-alone program so the input data I am using is correct. First email contact on page is non-deliverable, will see if I get a response from second. Too bad, I had an idea for the geocache using this applet.
  7. I'm not sure what to use as a marble. I can't find one small enough. You can buy ceramic ball-bearings. I've seen them in white. Don't know how much they cost or what sizes they come in. They are used on top end bicycles quite a lot.
  8. Well, the "Initial Point" benchmark geocoins are at least 3"... so maybe we should make these 5" You wouldn't make it a 3" coin just for the sake of making a bigger coin, you'd make it to better replicate the actual monument. I have a replica of the Tri-Station on Mt. McKinley that I bought from one of those mountaineering places for around $35 at the office. I sometimes use it for a paper weight to hold down rolled up maps and often get compliments on it. Its a beautiful piece. A larger coin would also allow greater detail for the 3D image mentioned by the OP. A lot of geocoin collectors would not pay $35 for any geocoin but I bet quite a few BM Hunters would. I know I would. Could you sell enough of them to make it worth while, I have no idea. I think the Initial Point geocoin sold quite well. I would think most people in the BM Coin Club would buy one.
  9. There are getting to be so many survey monument coins done that I would think you would need to do something to get this to stand out and making it a 3" coin would help in doing that. It would also depend on the cost. It seems $10 is about the magic threshold for people. So if you can't do 3" for under that I would reconsider. Maybe try and get people interested who normally would not buy a geocoin like having a companion pathtag, these are quite popular these days and cheap to make.
  10. I am new here so what should I expect. I have heard of the compass rose and they must be rare so how exciting does it get trying to get one? They aren't all that rare, just popular.
  11. Compass Rose 2008. I sure hope they use the reservation system. I can't handle going through what has happened the last two years again.
  12. I will be in NE Oklahoma visiting relatives the weekend of the event. I'll see if I can make the "side trip". Looks like fun!
  13. You are correct. You can buy refills for $99 per 100 tags though. For me personally at least in this case size doesn't matter.
  14. Earlier in the thread you mentioned a possible companion pin, I don't see any mention here or at the sale site of it. Can you tell me if there is in fact a companion pin?
  15. I ordered both sets and got the Monarch 2007 Magnet/Coin set as a suprise gift. Thanks Crake!
  16. Can you post a picture of the gold pin?
  17. Pathtags are not trackable on geocaching.com so therefore per the guidelines of the two forums you listed they are not permitted to be discussed there.
  18. stvanme


    Hello PL, Can you put some photos from your new Pathtags. Thanks NFreitas Claro Nuno PL For those that may not know: Pathtag on left/ Geotag on right of pic.
  19. Mine are in shoe boxes marked either "Traders" and "Keepers".
  20. I started a web site last year where I tried to index all the Geopins I could find. Here is the link: GeoPins Site It gets difficult to locate them all as many Geocoin sellers don't mention the availability of a companion geopin when they announce their coins for sale. (I'll generally buy a coin if a pin comes with it) I have most of the pins that are indexed (I keep them in a shoe box). I also have a trader page with my extras listed. There are about a dozen that I haven't put up on the site yet.
  21. I saw them posted on the site about a week before the events. I didn't buy any then because I had also hoped they'd be available during the events. I agree they would have been popular.
  22. I like you pathtag and would also be interested in a trade. I'm not an expert but I think there is too much detail in the boot prints for it to come out in a quarter size pathtag. If you use the geocaching logo it might also have to be larger. Just a thought. They may make some changes in the blueprint if you submit it as is.
  23. My Paypal account was recently billed. I assume it was for the August coin/pin shipment. I doubt its for Sept., its not October yet.
  24. I included Cacher Tags because their name adds to the confusion.
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