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What Is Your Gps?

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I've been using GeoNiche and TomTom Navigator on a Palm TX with DeLorme's Blue Logger GPS unit so far (24 finds), since I already had the hardware and Navigator software. I have an Explorist 400 Wilderness Bundle on its way from TigerGPS as we speak though to make things a little more convenient. I selected it over a comparably priced Garmin after much research mainly for the ability to maintain a lock in the car and under trees, and secondarily for the SD card capability (and, if the rebate comes through, the $199 price for the bundle was a nice incentive as well!).

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This goes back some time but currently use a Magellan 4000XL! Don't laugh :( ... I'm finding caches. About 40 so far and only 3 DNF's.


Just received a new Map60C, but it came with Americas Marine Point basemap :( instead of Americas Recreational, so I may be sending it back if I can't get this issue resolved through the vendor who is doing everything they can. Does anybody know if Garmin can replace the basemaps with a simple file download?

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I had posted last year that I have a Merigold...I still do..and I still love it. Lately, I purchased a Sportrak Pro as a backup unit. It is just as accurate as my Merigold. Now my wife can use one when we go caching. Both are excellent gpsr's.

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I currently own and use two Garmin 60CS’s and a relatively new 60CSX. I can honestly say that I have had no major issues with any of the units and for the most part any annoyances that I’ve had with any of the units were usually caused by something I did not set-up or configure correctly. I have found that if all updates, whether it is a unit update, chipset update or MapSource update are all kept currant you can keep most problems to a minimum. By reading your manuals and and consistently scanning the Forums you will continue to understand your receivers in more depth and widen your knowledge base regarding your receivers.

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I use several GPS units for different purposes:


Biking: Garmin eTrex Vista (for three years now, survived great on handlebars with lots of crashes)


Geocache/Biking/Hiking: Garmin GPSMap60CSx (not as rugged as Vista, much better reception in trees - backup for bike and car in bad reception areas, I carry in backpack when biking for continuous tracks, like the extra memory)


Driving: Garmin Quest1 (Voice commands are very nice, small and portable for different cars and travel, easy to carry around when walking, can get most all of CA in memory, everything for car navigation - mount, maps, etc are included in package except leather case for Quest)

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I've used an Etrex Yello for several years and recently upgraded to a 60Cx. Here, one leaves the harbor and you're in the ocean. My primary need for the Etrex was simply to be able to know my coordinates in case my single engine failed. There are many cases of really bad multi week floats that happen when thiings break down so my basic kit includes lat long/etrex and Handheld marine Radio. Being able to raise help on the radio and report EXACT location is everything.


My upgrade to maps is mainly to be able to cruise bathymetric lines of depth while fishing. My sounder does not work in any kind of sea state but I find I can follow 350' pretty close with gps. We have many dirt roads (unnamed) in the mountains here and I was absolutely amazed that CityNav which includes the Virgin Islands shows these goat tracks. I've gone to a couple of destinations using the display that if not for the maps I would have dead ended.


Next is some geocaching, I haven't done it yet but there are quite a few caches in the territory.



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Driving: Trimble Placer 455 DR, currently feeding location fixes to a laptop running DeLorme Street Atlas USA. I had the Trimble installed about two weeks after purchasing my SUV some 8 years ago, and it still works great. Back then, the in-car moving map units were absolutely terrible.


Hiking/all-other: Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx. Prior to that was a Garmin 12XL.

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Asus Mypal A632 with built ins SIRF III GPS reciever + 2GB mini SD card.



Destinator PN5 - On road voice Nav.

Pathaway GPS4 - Off Road moving Google Earth sat maps.

Navigator II - Off Road simple waypoint aiming.


Love it great for travel, and can put me right on the cache.

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Garmin Vista Cx, this was our very first GPS unit and we love it. I have two boys in scouts and we baught this Friday for Goecacheing and marking fishing spots on the water. We found 11 caches this weekend and have gotten hooked. This unit seems very easy to use and the color screen and digital compass are definalty pluses.

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Garmin IQue 3600. PDA, GPS, routes to the area over the road and then walks you to it. Absolutely love it. SOOO much better than my ETAK pc card reciever and laptop. Lot lighter too. Any body else using the IQue 3600? Any good APP downloads i should know about?


I use an iQue 3600 also. Cache mate is a great tool for logging caches, and works with ChacheNav for final heading/distance info. I also use CM Convert on my laptop, to convert downloaded .LOC files to .PDB for synch and use with Palm software. All of these products are made by www.smittyware.com and are downloadable from the Geocache website.

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A cheap ($49.99) i415 with My Location as my GPS software.


Hasn't let me down but once and "real" GPS unit's have problems there from what I read.


It's also a great decoy if there are nearby muggles as I can pretend to text message or be talking on the phone.


The only drawback is that you have to manually enter waypoints which really isn't a big deal as you can enter those at breakfast before you head out for the day.

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for driving i've been using the street pilot 2610. i tried the lowrance 1way 100m to get me from pa. to nj. but the trees kept losing satellite reception on me, should've used the external antenna. the iway takes a real long time to re-rout you if you make a wrong turn, taking you to a different route, in this case on the back roads instead of 80. it was the first time i used the iway to get me to back from an unfamiliar route. i was tempted to connect the 2610 to get me to my destination, but i had to try the iway atleast once.


for fun or eventual caching i may try the lowrance M&M. but i have the map create 6.3 street map, so this may not work for topography.

still learning and figuring how to use both lowrance gps

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I use Energizer NiMH 15-minute batteries with the Energizer charger. Very convenient to be able to have fresh batteries in only 15-minutes.


Sorry to go off topic but do these batteries you mentioned have a special name? I cant find them anywhere or any (other make e.g. sony) NiMH batteries that say anything about charging in 15 mins on the pack, I'm in the UK so maybe we haven't got them here yet, or do all NiMH batteries only take 15 mins to charge?

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Briefly discribe the GPSr you use. Do you recomend it or does it take you off track.


I use a Magellan explorist 300. It is a great Gps and I recomend the explorist series.


Garmin 60Csx & Lowrance GlobalNav 12

Have had the GlobalNav for 8 Yrs and it has never failed me for getting out of new ares I have not been in before. used mostly for hunting. got the Garmin about a month ago and have been using it for geocache and I really like it. Would Recommend to anyone wanting a new GPS.

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