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  1. http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/large/755d614e-5577-4164-8799-57e008f1ad50.jpg I hope this is fixed soon.
  2. Is the downtime period in Wherigo.com going to last many hours? Just intrested.
  3. Tried this with my Nokia N9 (Meego phone) and its native browser and yes it worked. Nice work. I think I start using this.
  4. Way of St. James - Camino de Santiago is Unesco heritage site. Some one suggested to waymark locations where one can get stamp on a pildgrim passport. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Way_of_St._James#Credencial_or_pilgrim.27s_passport
  5. I think the most memorable FTF for our family was a unknown (mystery) cache http://coord.info/GC1WA6X that we found last summer. We signed FTF more than two years after cache was published. We were excited about that one and cache owner was too and complimented us.
  6. A souvenir does not yet exist for France, nor is there a country souvenir for the US or Canada. This thread is updated everytime a new souvenir is released. The first post in the thread is *supposed* to contain the list of all souvenirs but it hasn't been updated in awhile. Look at the later posts in the thread to see the latest souvenirs. There is also a separate souvenirs section on the Feedback site here: The Feedback site has been used to accept suggestions for new souvenirs and country based souvenirs which have received the most votes are been worked on and released periodically (about once a week Groundspeak releases a small batch). It might seem odd that the only country souvenirs that have been released so far are for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, and Poland, but those are the countries that received the most votes. Looking at the current top vote getters for country based souvenirs are: Finland Austria Hungary Ireland United Kingdom Netherlands Spain Italy France has received fewer votes than all those countries, so if you want to see one for France (I've also found a few caches there) you should go to the Feedback site and vote for it. Any news about Souvenirs for these countries among others. In former Feedback site Finland Souvernir were one of the most wanted and I'm just intrested to know a bit more of the situation. When these are planned?
  7. Poster images seems to be missing in Wherigo website. Any plans of bringing them back...?
  8. Latest caches are not showing up. Six new caches in our area and none of them is seen on Beta map - Old map however shows them.
  9. Helsingissä Siivoamista ja grillailua Vuosaaressa
  10. Oletko huomannut, että 6.5.2011 on ns. virallinen Suomi puhtaaksi päivässä - tapahtuma. Tämän innoittamana myös geokätköilijät ovat aktivoituneet ja nyt on jo kolme mahdollisuutta olla mukana geokätköilijöiden CITO tapahtumissa 7.5.2011: Kaarinassa: TT 8700: Kaarina cleaning CITO Porvoossa: Viator Borgoensis III - CITO Joensuussa: Joensuun seudun CITO Lisää tapahtumia on vielä tulossa 7-8.5 viikonlopulle.
  11. Is erosion valid Earth science lesson? That would suite well in one of my EarthCaches. Can I require gps track data posted with answers? I'm wasn't pleased with the new guidelines but also challenged by changing my three EarthCaches to meet them. For me these pictures of EarthCaches were the spice of the whole thing. But now with these new guidelines it is very hard to get any taste. Maybe if I learn more and new tricks to create more intresting questions and tasks like some have posted here, I could also bring the taste back.
  12. MEGA Finland 2011 got it wings... Mega-event icon and even event date is now fixed. So I suppose it is also The Northernmost Mega-event ever!
  13. I just meant that you probably knew about the upcoming Finnish event, since I saw your name marked as "Will Attend" when I was checking it out Yes ofcourse, but didn't knew if it would be the northernmost Mega-Event:) Fortunately that cool March event is actually held in August.
  14. Well, I wasn't sure. That's why the question.
  15. Hi! I'm intrested to know what would be the northernmost Mega-Event ever held? Has any Mega-Event been above 60 degrees Latitude? Above 61 degrees of latitude..?
  16. Try here.. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=213782 I installed this circle dot to my nuvi 500 and it works well, but sometimes if I have installed new firmware this setting changed to feet vehicle..so I have to select this vehicle again. in my device it shows like an arrow icon in a list of vehicles..but preview window show that it was infact this circle dot...
  17. I have question..I have done simple cartridge with Urwigo. Then I do .gwc file to test it in my device nuvi 500... Start page opens and everything works quite well. Then I decided to upload it to Wherigo...I did .gwz file with Urwigo and uploaded it to Wherigo.com..then I download it into my device nuvi 500...It just shuts down tilts and freezes. What am I doing wrong here..? quick edit..I did test gwc file with that online web compiler found on Wherigo.com from that urwigo qwz file and that worked also..
  18. One way would be trying to get the coin in one of these geocaches.
  19. http://www.Wherigo.com/ can't get in...Column 'Locale' does not belong to table Table error also..
  20. Yes. Ok. I Think I understand It now. Thanks. This is not that "bad" guideline as I thought it was. Do these night cache reflectors also need coordinates like other additional waypoints like "stages of multicache"?
  21. Yesterday 7.4 our local reviewers brought this new saturation guideline into our knowledge in Finnish forum...yes it's April now. It was a suprise to read about the change in saturation "guideline" where all fysical items brought by geocacher is under this 0.1 mile rule. So they can't be placed under this limit. So does this make new night caches impossible to do? Can reflectors be hidden less than 0.1..mile? They are equally physical as stickers with coordinates or someting and both takes geocacher closer to geocache.
  22. But why it doesn't have Wherigo...or has it?
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