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  1. I am trying to upload some waypoints to the Montana 600 using Easy gps. Odd thing happening....several of the entries get changed. IE 42 37.735 might be 42 37.600! I have deleted the list twice, and get a few entries that change each time. The list in Easy gps is ok, but on sending something is happening, any ideas?
  2. Montana for sale, $360.00: https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/ele/d/garmin-montana-600-plus-extras/6372844284.html
  3. I went in today to check on my cache(X700) and drop some sway, Sadly, this cache has been vandalized, all swag and the two log books with all the cachers who have signed over the years have been totally lost! The container was soaked and with a strong smell of urine. Absolutely disgusting, there was no way to retrieve the logs by drying them out, a terrible loss since this is an older cache. I plan to replace this week with hope that this will not happen again. What to do....
  4. I have a few custom waypoint symbols, on the 76csx they are fine. However, in Mapsource (6.15.6) they still have the magenta showing, it is not transparent. Is there anyway to correct this? Thanks.
  5. I just got a Nuvi 760....it shows posted speed on most roads, however, when I crossed into Canada, it did not post the speed limits. I had changed to KM on the gps, thought that might be the issue, not. Seems that feature only works in the US, it has the latest North America NT maps. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Do I understand it correctly that you can not buy a full version of City Nav 09 and install in on a Nuvi 200W, you can only do an update to 09? I want to get the full version so I can use it on the 200W and my 76csx. Thanks.
  7. I have a list of Custom Poi's(csv file) file, I can upload them to my 76csx with POI loader no problem. How can I get them into Mapsource to view? Thanks.
  8. Plugged into the computer yesterday and checked for updates for the 76csx...found ver. 3.6, has anyone downloaded and tried it yet?
  9. Such a common event lately.... http://www.boston.com/cars/news/articles/2..._thieves_hands/ Make sure we leave no signs, mounting bracket, suction cup marks on window etc....especially the cup marks...they look for this and know its worth breaking in!
  10. Does anyone know how to determine which map version is on the nuvii 200W, also, is there a way to check the battery status? Thanks.
  11. Thanks, sure enough....right there in front of me.
  12. Dirtnapper

    TB Image

    I placed a TB, and I wanted the image to show in the area of the TB details, how do I do it? I have added an image, but, it is only in the Gallery. Thanks.
  13. Can we resurrect this? I thought I would try this again... got a couple of questions. Where is the mapsource installer script.iss, and map_pv.mp to be found? Thanks.
  14. The drivers are located in the Garmin folder and there is one also in sys32\drivers. I am going to re-install the whole system since there is something wrong with the email and I can not resolve it...start it fresh..and I'll watch where Garmin wants to drop the drivers too.
  15. I downloaded and installed the latest usb drivers awhile ago for the garmin 76csx... Everytime I connect the gps to the system, I have to go through the New Hardware Wizard..any ideas what might be wrong... I point to the driver in system32/driver each time and it works...but it does not stay. Thanks.
  16. I have been having the same issue on my new 76csx which is a replacement from Garmin that came in last week. I sent tech a note, and got one reply just asking to clarify the issue. Heard nothing since.
  17. Tried the Masterreset, did not correct the problem.
  18. Just got a reply from Tech...they want me to do a Master reset....so, I'll try that in a few minutes., I also, re-installed the software today, but it did not solve it. Also, with the compass screen, if I hit MENU, there is the option for Bearing or Course, selecting either one did nothing., I just can not remember, but, I thought my other 76csx had a pointer without selecting a waypoint, and behaved like a regular compass.
  19. Yup, using NIMH rechargeables. However, did not have this issue in the other unit. I keep thinking that it had two springs...will need to be extra careful with the batteries.
  20. Can someone verify that the contacts inside their 76csx have three contact metal strips and one spring contact. I thought my other one had two springs. It is extremely tough getting the battery out of the one that has the two strips. Thanks.
  21. Are you navigating to a waypoint? The bearing pointer points to the waypoint. Yes, there is no POINTER and I can not enter Sight and GO as well, greyed out. Turn on the compass. Compass is on.
  22. Are you navigating to a waypoint? The bearing pointer points to the waypoint. Yes, there is no POINTER and I can not enter Sight and GO as well, greyed out.
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