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  1. Caches are dependant of a location on the planet. A map in the unit helps, but is an added extra. You can do it with just a paper map.
  2. But, that would mean doing more art work and hence more cost... Business don't do that sort of thing.
  3. Do they not produce paper maps on that side of the pond? A GPS is a navigation tool not the total system. Map and compass first and the skill to use them then a GPS.
  4. Well, I have to say a novel use of a GPS. As a Scot I am not sure if that breaks the rules or not
  5. Hi I don't know the Delorme programme, but most programms call a file to do the voice, so if your pal renamed files and popped them in the correct place on his HD yes it should be possible.
  6. Can I ask what is wrong with paper maps being used with a GPS?
  7. So these bits don't travel at the speed of light then?
  8. As a Mountaineer, I don't Geocache, with a 60csx I'd say it was worth every penny, cent etc.
  9. This is a common programming issue - somewhere there needs to be a counter
  10. It was the correct answer to a question. You get NIL points for not answering the question posed as my old Professor would say
  11. Contact Customer support - if dust can get under the glass then water will; I would say this is a faulty unit.
  12. My only experance is with European maps - they usually have a grid marked on them which corrosponds to one in the GPS or looking at the outer edge there is a Long and Lat printed. Sorry I can't give you any details about Asia.
  13. You can always use a GPS with a paper map, if one is produced. I use my GPS overseas and always use paper maps - much less hassel
  14. I would say heavy rain, we have a lot of that in the West Coast of Scotland, is more of a threat.
  15. No. I am not saying that, the 60Cx is not designed for that use. It is designed for "Outdoors use", their word not mine, if you are buying a unit like this then it would not be an unreasonable assuption to make that you are planning to use it in a "Outdoors" setting where navigation is needed. What I am saying, perhaps badly, is that the GPS is another tool in the navigators bag that supports their hard earned skills.
  16. <rant> I'm with Garmin on this one. If you do not know the basics of navigation then this is not the place to start! IMHO EVERYBODY needs to start with a map, compass and watch, and learn the skill of navigation. Lose your GPS without those skills and the tools with you, and you will be lost. </rant>
  17. Your write up had me in stiches... Thanks! Looking at the product as a navigational tool it is REALLY impressive - 10 seconds to pick up a signall the strenght of a candle at 36,000 km away is pretty impressive.
  18. 1 GPS, 1 map, a watch and 2 compasses (oh and 10 fingers to count paces).
  19. Thanks for that Stunod - totally blown my understanding on how GPS system works! Back to my books.
  20. Something I found really, really useful, I read the manual, it answered all sorts of questions.
  21. I wonder how you can get an accurate fix if the clock is wrong?
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