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  1. I've heard of the European Union, and I said Brits as of the original 4 countries working on it were Germany, France, Italy and The United Kingdom. Of those 4, the UK probably has the best economy and therefore the most money to spend on such devices. And to be completely technical, it's not just the EU involved at this point, People's Republic of China, Israel, Ukraine, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and most recently South Korea signed up too. And to top it all off Brits is easier to type that European Union
  2. The Brits are throwing their own GPS system up because they don't like the fact that the US can shut off the existing one whenever they want
  3. I was pricing them a few months ago and for a true set of goggles it was around $800
  4. You could build one of these and put it near a random cache everyday http://www.engadget.com/2005/09/23/homemad...try-gun-turret/
  5. I bring a ball when I'm caching with my friends. Playing a game of catch in the park is a good way to look like you belong there while waiting for muggles to leave.
  6. Mapsource will tell you, down at the bottom next to the list of selected maps
  7. All I've done all day is surf the 'net. Here, fark.com, boingboing.net, pennyarcade.com... I'm running out of sites to check out to keep me from going crazy from boredom.
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...07-156164b680be Sadly it's happened
  9. Do you have Verizon? If so they have severely crippled their phones. I have the E815 and a Palm T|X (Wi-Fi and BT) but can not get the two to work together. There might be a way to have them work together through a seem edit but I have not gotten that far with the phone yet. The only thing that I can do is have my Palm dial my phone for me via BT. I think that if you had a cable from your Palm to your phone you might be able to *dial up* with a whopping speed of 14.4 unless you subscribe to a faster data plan. I'm on Bell, but if you want to learn how to uncripple your Verizon e815, check out http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=674803 for all sorts of seem editing fun.
  10. My 60Cx took a several kilometre run at almost 300kph across town the other day while sitting on my desk, now *THAT* was strange. BC
  11. Olar, you rock. That link wiped out the installed maps, and I talked to Tim @ Radioworld yesterday and he agreed to extend the exchage period. Today at lunch I went up there and swapped it out, now I'm a happy camper again BC of Team Hard K
  12. I know from first hand experience now that the x models get a much better lock, maybe this is why they don't have a display model of the 60C at Radioworld. As for the maps I loaded Metroguide Canada onto it, which doesn't require an unlock code, and I told the guy that it was Metroguide Canada, and he said that since I've loaded a map, I'm SOL.
  13. Last weekend I went to Radioworld's store in Toronto looking to pick up a Garmin 60Cx, and the sales guy asks me a bunch of questions as to what I plan to do with it. So I tell him that I want to use if for mountain biking (and I made it clear that there would be heavy tree cover), some hiking and some geocaching. He then asked me how far I was going to do this stuff and how many maps I'd need loaded, we went through Mapsource and selected the area's I'd need and it would easily fit into the 56 Megs of the 60C. He then proceeds to recommend the 60C over the Cx, as I wouldn't need the expandable memory. When I asked him about the difference between the receiver chips in them and what I had read about the Sirf III, he assured me that "I won't notice a difference" and that I they had a 10 day exchange policy, if I wasn't happy I could swap it out for the Cx. Fast forward to a couple days ago. A guy at work picks up the 60CSx. It blows my 60C out of the water, while standing in my buddy's office with a good view of the constellation I'd get a solid lock on 1 sat, and a partial on 1 other. The CSx? Solid locks on 6 or 7 sats. So I call Radioworld to ask about the "barely noticeable" difference of 1 vs. 6 sats. Then the sales guy informs me that the 10 day satisfaction guaranty is N/A in my case because I loaded a map. I'd say that's a crucial tidbit to leave out when you're telling the customer about your exchange policy. I'm in customer service too, and I know that if a customer comes in asking for something specific and then I give them false info and sell them something that doesn't work for them, not to be surprised when they call back to complain. Radioworld is never getting another dime of my money. /rant mode BC of Team Hard K
  14. I'm trying to plan a bike trip from Toronto to my buddy's cottage near Midland, and I've told Mapsource that I'm on a bicycle and it keeps plotting my route on Highway 400. I've told it to prefer the minor roads and yet it still puts me on my bike on one of the deadliest stretches of road in Ontario. I'm using Mapsource 6.10 with Trip and Waypoint Manager v2 and Canada Metroguide v4.01
  15. What's the difference between the 2? On the Garmin website the descriptions are almost identical except for the "premium" maps on City Navigator. What is a "premium" map? Also, is Metroguide Canada basically a Canuck only version of City Select? Thanks in advance.
  16. Close only counts in Horse shoes and Hand Granades Don't forget thermonuclear warheads.
  17. I think you did. According to Garmin's website the Legend CX is supposed to come with a 32 meg card, while the 60CX is supposed to come with a 64 meg card.
  18. That's pathetic! Do you really need to find your way around the house with a GPS?! I know *I* do, my place is HUGE!!! I've got food caches in almost every room incase I can't find the kitchen
  19. I was out last night with one of these http://www.peakbeam.com/index.html and it didn't seam to help me The trick is to turn it on Dang! That's what I was doing wrong!!! Actually the thing is so bright it created such deep and hard shadows you couldn't see anything. Plus the battery only lasted for a half hour.
  20. I was out last night with one of these http://www.peakbeam.com/index.html and it didn't seam to help me
  21. I too am in the "sucks to be me" pile with the Moto e815. Has anyone tried tethering it to a BT enabled palm and using it to surf on the palm? I have a palm but it's not BT enabled so I can't try this out.
  22. I'm completely new at this so I could be completely wrong, so take this with a grain of salt. From what I've been reading, if you're going to hold onto a bug for more than 2 weeks you should pop off an email to the owner saying that you have it and not to worry it's in good hands and that you're going to take it onto a grand journey soon.
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