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How Many Have Caches Ready To Go?

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Still new to Geocaching, I think we have it down now.

50 finds, 7 Hides. Doesn't mean I know it all, still much more to go, as long as it's fun, I'm not stopping.


I also started a post about placing caches can be as much fun as finding them, and maybe more, a while back. The response was great.


I do not believe in drive up and toss placement, I want great logs. If it looks to easy, I will try to make up for it in the cache description, just with the clue, you can add more fun.


As we are always on the hunt for more locations to hide, I find myself with 5 containers, fully loaded, ready to be placed when that elusive hiding spot is found.


The containers are from ammo boxes to a micro.

Fully loaded I mean, with log books, pen, trade goodies, ID labels, and the "if found by accident cards".


It was funny when we found this neat spot the other day, and we did not have a ready container that would fit this hole.

I'm working on that one now.


Do you hold ready to go caches? What do you have? What are your plans?



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:D I have 3 regular, 1 small and 1 micro ready to be placed. I am concentrating on the micro as it requires a very specific location as it needs to "blend" into the elements. :D I.E. It will be very tough.


As for the others, I am waiting until the perfect spot presents itself.

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I have three ready to go. All three are in camoed ammo boxes. One is filled with miscellaneous stickers and the other cds & dvds. Everytime I come across something that fits with the theme, I toss it in the appropriate ammo can. The third cache was actually a christmas gift. My wife's aunt and uncle put it together and gave it to me. It was originally in a cheap plastic bin, so I upgraded it.


I'm not sure where to place them. I've been thinking about a puzzle/multi that I can tie the cd/dvd one into, but I haven't taken the time to work it out.


I also have a bunch of bison tubes, keyholders, and more evil micros that can go, but I haven't really thought about where to place them. I am thinking of one at one of the four airports in Nashville, however.

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It seems that I have carried these caches along with me forever. I don't want to place one for the sake of placing it. I've had a couple of ammo boxes, cammoed hide a keys, cammoed lock & lock canisters as well as various micro containers. When I finally find an appropriate area, they will have a new home. Until then, they will keep rattling around in my trunk.


My plans are to place some caches on some trails that currently require a 3+ mile hike to just pick up a find. There's not much activity on those caches around here and I'd like to see that change.

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We have had a brief break in the weather, with hints (in my mind) of spring, and that has gotten me in the caching mood. I now have one cache ready to go with a place in mind. And have an ammo can and a camo can just waiting. I guess it didn't occur to me to get them ready and then I will find a place to put it. Sort of like, "build it, they will come?" I think I have been of the mindset that the place needed to present itself and then I would decide what to put there. Maybe it is sort of like a yard sale, if I don't buy now, it won't be there when I come back. I could lose a good spot just because I'm not ready to go. So, thanks for the idea. I will get the others ready. We are due for more bad weather yet so that should keep me busy and help me feel like I am still in the game. I have ordered more TB tags because that is one of the easiest way I have found to enjoy the game. Wait for the email to notify me that someone else is out there having fun.

Thanks for the idea. Yo Yo Maxx

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We always keep a couple of ammo-cans, a handful of assorted micros and smalls and a couple of plastic containers, plus the usual geo-stuff bag: ziploc baggies, camo-tape, electric tape of various colors, spare log-sheets, etc. Key-finders, magnetic and otherwise are always handy too... you just never know when you will be driving or hiking somewhere and a spot simply begs for a cache! :lostsignal::D


Artificial rocks and the real thing 'altered' to be a cache-container are fun to assemble and have ready for action too!


We try to avoid letting too many of ours be released and found using the same kind of container or strategy for the hide. It is supposed to be "Fun" -- not necessarily 'Easy'!!

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i have a couple micros ready and a couple nice ammo cans. There are so many quality items in the ammo cans that I can't think of a good place to put them. I'm actually afraid they might get stolen after buying so many items. These aren't your average McCaches. I think I'm going to take a long hike into the bush and list as members only . :lostsignal:

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We have three camo painted ammo cans and one micro ready to go. Not overly fond of mircos but sometimes there is a really good spot but not the right place for a larger cache. Usually when out caching, hiking, etc., we are on the lookout for a good cache spot. We try to use good containers and find spots that are beautiful or interesting. Quality, not quanity is our goal.

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The back of the Jeep usually has 1 50 Cal ammo can ready to go, 2 med sized rubbermaid, 1 sandwich sized rubbermaid. I also carry a pck of mechanical pencils, 2 spare log books, 2 stickers, 4-5 cache explanation sheets. All are fully stocked, labeled and ready for placement. Last time I found a great location, however, I was in my wife's Jeep and had not even a GPSr. :mad:

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I've got at least 3 in each vehicle and several in my house all ready to go in all shapes and sizes. At one point I had so many ready to go I decided to sell a couple on ebay. Got about 12 bucks for 'em. :huh: I actually enjoy the process of preparing the cache, Playing around with different camo and such. My new thing is hot gluing fake moss to the lid of lock & locks. :mad: Someone help. I have no life.

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:P ...this thread makes me laugh...and makes me feel better...thanks :D I am obsessed with planting it seems...coming up on 100 soon and no plans to quit soon either :P Let's just suffice it to say that when I go to the grocery store and the bag boy follows me out to the car to put my groceries in the back of the mini van...well...I have to lead him around to the side of the mini van....its crazy :mad: What's even funnier is that while my mother was out Valentine's Day shopping for her grandchildren, she saw a heart tin and thought of me so that I could use it for a cache!!! :huh:ISN'T SHE A SWEETIE!!!! :huh:
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I have the following ready to go:


DC's first cache - full sized

AG hits the big 2K - micro

Fat Tuesday - micro

Papa's got Balls - full sized

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place - small


And the following in the works:


Riddle Me This #1


Plus a bag full of containers just sitting around in case I need one.

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between myself and lost fool we have:

2 film container sized micros

10 pill bottle sized traditionals

4 30 calibre ammo can sized traditionals

2 50 calibre ammo can sized traditionals

i have the pill bottle sized ones camoflaged and ready for placement

im in the process of camoflaging the ammo cans

the ammo cans will contain trade items ranging from tee shirts to special ftf trade items. ;)




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