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  1. Seems like people just digging for reasons to say something all these explanations are BOGUS
  2. NO none of these scenarios are correct and far from it and sound foolish to me! like I did not know benchmarks were not caches and when I logged any cache it was legit in every way and certainly did not have multiple logs none of these make any sense at all!
  3. I was not active for a cpl years and when I came back I noticed my finds had went from 473 to 451 what happened??
  4. •This forum may be used for selling, trading or giving away of geocoins which are trackable on Geocaching.com. This includes any trackable coin produced by an individual, business or geocaching organization. Non-trackable coins may be posted for trade by individual coin owners. The proceeds from a permitted coin sale can be used for any purpose, such as personal profit, support of a geocaching organization, or to benefit a charitable cause. •Links to Ebay sales of trackable geocoins are permitted, but only for unactivated coins or sales where the seller is the actual coin owner or the coin owner has granted explicit permission for the sale of their coin. I posted a link to a sale of a geocoin on EBAY! WHERE DID I GO WRONG?
  5. its your dollar do what you want with it I say
  6. Heritage preserves are not off limits! The DNR seems to have a positive outlook on geocaching,however they do wish to limit the caches to single stage caches placed in non sensitive area's! As long as you get permission(your local DNR office) this cache should be just fine and knowing the area, I can't wait to see you hide it!
  7. I have never used a film canister! But in most of my micro hides I use a folded geocaching stashnote with a log created on the back! Also there are many great alternatives to film canisters!
  8. TPTB on WheresGeorge asked that WG bills not be placed in geocaches - I wonder if he minds if someone regularly distributes WG$s to truckers for cross country trips?? this really is my last post on this topic and I think it should be closed??because it really has nothing to do with caching!!
  9. Anyone know the cacher that was on Jeopardy tonight? I did not catch where she was from!
  10. I think it is stupid for wheresgeorge to single out cachers the way they do! There are lots of ways to cheat at anything...since seeing how they seem to hate caches, I have started to find out other ways to "cheat" at georging. example: I entered a bill in S.C. one day it was in Mass. the next day! is this cheating? I once put a bill in a cache it stayed there for 1 year!! Who is this cheating??? one person on wheresgeorge has entered over 500,000 bills! Is this cheating? or just crazy???I think it is just like a lot of other things PEOPLE TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY....http://www.myspace.com/calmcinv
  11. On one cache when I entered the hint I used the encrypted version on every other letter so when it was decrypted it would still and always be HALF ENCYPTED, but I changed it to regular encryption after too many people could not figure it out! Has anyone else used this tactic?
  12. Myself i don't like thieves being able to control what I do with a cache! There are ways of dealing with thieves without having to alter your caching experience!!!
  13. I have Alltel and There are very few times when I cant get a signal, even in some of the most remote swamps of the Pee Dee!!
  14. Screwtop is the way to go! Wal-Mart has 1 Gallon rubbermaid screwtop containers in the kitchen container section for $3.28! They work great!
  15. Half past the monkeys.........Oh nevermind!!!
  16. Lowrance i-Finder! I have put a lot of wear and tear on my original unit and it still works great but I just got an i-Finder H2O and I love it....
  17. How can I make the photo come up automatically when you open the log page???
  18. A few Questions!....Who duct tapes a cache in place?? Who would want to blow up a drain pipe? or use a micro bomb and duct tape to do so?? oh and did they just call me a nerd???
  19. I have one where you have to pick up what looks like a small tree stump and look in a compartment i made into the bottom for the next co-ords
  20. That is like asking..."Why play monopoly its not real money"... Geocaching is a fun game that takes you to new places you would never see without caching. BUT I am SURE you knew that!!!!
  21. I think you will like my new cache "Misty Passage" also try "Down on Ocean Blvd." and make sure to get all of the caches inside Myrtle Beach State Park!!!
  22. heres mine anyone seen this done beforeMisty Passage
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