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  1. http://www.urbanedpartnership.org/uclasp/i...ills/swath.html Please read: "My Twenty Foot Swath"
  2. Just wondering, who ISN'T a mixed race?
  3. I wouldn't mind too much if they price went up to 3 dollars a gallon. then the SUV's would be sitting in the dealer lots and people would buy something sensible. You should see all the Hummers with BLING BLING wheels cruising around Seattle. good thing they are 4 wheel drive! You might need it on an urban micro!
  4. Super! post Mr. Benchmark! Thank you so much for expressing it. Stuck my had into dog doo tonight digging for another micro tossed in the weeds.
  5. I may have to snatch that cache in Nome next time I'm in Alaska! My cache in the Yukon has received attention.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...35-b4d223cf639f
  6. I'm wondering about the same lag. There are caches I found a week ago that aren't checked.
  7. You don't care about numbers? It sure doesn't seem that way from your posts.. someone who drove around picking up 60 film canisters attached to signs. In my mind, these aren't geocaches... no prize, no thought into planning, not tricks, just.... well, numbers!
  8. Whenever I bring up the idea of a rating system for caches, I get shot down. The debate about crappy caches rages on... If I venture to say, "excuse me sir, but the mag key holder attached to the safeway dumpster is lame" I get a tirad about my "mean" and un-pc comment. I will continue to log poor ratings for lame caches.
  9. I used my GPSr several times onboard before 9/11. It was really fun, but I had to set it on the window sill and tilt it outward. It was fun to see how fast we were zooming across the map. Also, 30,000 feet or so and 600+ miles per hour. I also set up a box for display of vertical climb and decel. I swear we were dropping like a rock on landing!
  10. Some micros do deserve bashing. It takes no skill for me to toss a film canister in a dish. Maybe I don't care that someone will be forced to sort through the garbage in plain view of several houses in order to log a find. I found a great micro the other day, however. It was really small and hidden in a very clean area. You looked around, no garbage, note even a place to hide. Until you thought as cleverly as the hider. No digging through grass and pine needles, either. Just creative, camo thinking.
  11. Oh... gross man! I'm pulling in all my caches now.
  12. Durango!

    Cito Stats

    Locationless, TBs, and Benchmarks show up under user stats, but aren't technically finds. We could just put the CITO's there! Not cache finds, but kept track of nonetheless!
  13. I have to agree. There is a certain cache in Seattle that is in the busiest place imaginable. The sat reception is almost non-existant, the container is micro, and you have to search in suspicious places in front of large panels of glass with people working. Not really appropriate I think.
  14. I respect your opinion, but... I don't particularly like going to a part when I don't know who is hosting it or attending, I don't like going on a blind date every time, I don't like going to a baseball game if I don't know if the teams are good or awful . . .
  15. Byron, yes you are missing something.. the positive is missed while you just focus on the negative. Rating always involves both, of course. this is every bit as much about encouraging great caches by giving them a great rating, honoring them for putting out the extra effort. To do this, you also have to distinguish them from the junk. The junkers in this case will be encouraged to improve by the rating, at least if they care. Again, I said the rating display could be optional, so you could just turn it off if you didn't want to use it. Would you like to know what the last 50 finders thougth of a cache? I sure would, but you can turn it off if you want to be ignorant of it. If it is your cache, maybe this would hurt your feelings and that is what you are afraid of. I think this may be the crux of it. I wouldn't mind, though, as it would encourage me to do better maintenance. I think it would come out that most caches would be average. Only the stinky ones and the truly nice ones would stand out. ... and that's what I'd love to see on the pages!
  16. If no one ever takes my (and other's) idea for a rating system, maybe we could at least have a user selectable attribute. For instance, you could click on a button to nominate a cache for a "blue ribbon" attribute. If a cache gets, say, 10 blue ribbon nominations, or some other number, it would appear as an "attribute" of the cache. I would also like to see a "dont' waste your time" type of attribute for poorly maintained caches, or even just a "wrench" for "needs work" attribute. Attributes can go both ways ya know.
  17. Having a favorite cache list does in no way replace having a rating system. You may like 10 caches I would not. Your list of top 10 has only ONE reviewer. But if everyone rated a cache, and the last 100 ratings were averaged, we would have a much better idea about the average quality of a cache. The group ratings on netflix mean a LOT more to me than one individual critics opinion! Bring on the ratings! BTW, if you are tired of discussing this topic, just don't.
  18. I've been looking over the old posts from other threads on the subject I wasn't able to find before. You berate people for bringing it up when it has been brought up before. This is doubtless because you don't like the idea. Well, guess what, many people like the idea. That is why they keep bringing it up! There are many people now who have independantly come up with this idea because it is something they would really like to see. It may be another year, but people will bring it up again. If you don't like the idea, you don't have to use it. A user could choose whether or not to display cache ratings with a simple check mark. I don't see any reason you should oppose this for the people who want to rate caches.
  19. Best of the Harrold quotes, Vol 1 This other thread was from Nov. of last year. Clearly two people can independently have the same, original idea. Think about it!
  20. I beg to differ. I think most urban cachers would still really respect either a nicely placed micro in the city or a rural cache with a great view. No, they wouldn't dis a rural cache just because it isn't urban... not if it had a nice view, or a great container of goodies. Besides, it wouldn't matter, everything would even out with a large number of votes.
  21. As with most every cacher, I've been frustrated by lame caches and really enjoyed others. What does everyone think about a rating system? If you've used a service like netflix, ebay, and the like, you've seen these rating systems. My idea is that everyone who logs a cache can click 1 to 5 stars if they want. The cache page would then display the average user rating and how many ratings have been logged. The more finds, the more weight you would give to this rating. A cache owner might be able to refurbish or restock a cache, and restart the ratings logs. This would allow cache improvement, and you might not waste time on a dirty mint can hidden under a garbage can. Likewise, people who put out a great effort would be rewarded with more stars. You could even make the stars a member only feature.
  22. I don't think it helps much without a rating feature. You usually have to SEE the cache before you know it is lame. I don't want to ignore a cache I haven't found yet. I WOULD like to be able to rate a cache.. say give it 1 to 5 stars, just like on netflix.com the cache would eventually get a cumulative rating from those who have found. Then we could all review each other's caches and work to improve them if so desired.
  23. Now the first page has fat borders...
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