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Congratulations to my 6 year old who found her 900th cache today. Not bad going seeing as we only started 13 months ago.


Her 18 month old brother is over 2000 finds now, but then again, he gets pushed round daily in his buggy and rarely walks more than half a mile!

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Congratulations to Maple Leaf for a 1000 cache tally and setting some memorable caches.


Thank you, but we are honoured to have one of those memorable caches (under Paradiddle's account) chosen as your milestone cache


........ so big Congrats to you on your 5000th cache :)

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WOW theres what an achievement ! And theres me on 4 and one of them was a return to put a TB in .... lol Dont think I'm too good at this but not giving up yet. Bought the book geocachers for dummies hopefully this will give me some hints and tips.

Congratulations on your three finds!


I'd recommend changing (Edit) the second 'Found' log to a 'Note' otherwise it will mess with your statistics...

BellydancerA1 has found 4 caches (3 distinct) In time it will become harder to trace the additional 'Found' logs.

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Congrats to me on my 1000th find last week. Took a while deciding which one it should be and then had a few weeks without caching to make sure it was this one - Britain's Highest Geocache on top of Ben Nevis.

Awful conditions with strong wind and almost horizontal rain but a straightforward walk up the easiest route (due to the wind :( ). Even managed some CITO with all rucksack pockets filled and more in the waterproof.

Very memorable :)

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I'm rather pleased with my 110 finds today...I left the kids at home with Mr QC and set out to try and do 100. I stopped at 5:30 pm as I needed to get home to put the kids to bed! I have to admit, it was hard work especially on my own the whole day; I'm completely knackered and have no desire to ever try it again! :rolleyes:

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As it seems to be OK to mention our own milestones (don't know anyone in RL uses the forum, so there won't be anyone who'll do it for me! lol!), I wanted to mention that after nearly 70 puzzle caches, how pleased I was to solve my very first...


"Word puzzle in a foreign language" cache this week! Sur la trace des Vikings


by the way, no I didn't use google translate! lol! Not sure why this particular milestone has given me so much pleasure, but I'm looking forward to going over to find the cache itself next week.

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