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  1. Yes, changing the date is a major problem. At first glance it doesn't even look like you have an option to change the date at all.
  2. The fact that people log it many times in one day proves that it is popular, not that it is easy. Groups of cachers organise day-drips specifically for the purpose, often driving hundreds of miles. The physical effort and commitment involved in finding the average YoSM is far higher than it is to find the average traditional, making your spurious claim that YoSM has anything to do with padding statistics look ridiculous.
  3. 'Loophole' is incorrect. A loophole, in English, is a way of avoiding a responsibility, and by analogy, a way of making something easier. As logging YoSMs is far harder than logging average caches, the word choice is inappropriate. The lexical blunder suggests that either you don't really know what your talking about, or you're deliberately winding people up; probably both.
  4. In principle, the move to prohibit multiple logs is a good one, which I fully support. But exception has to be made for long-standing travelling caches like those listed above. There were hundreds of people at events all over Britain last weekend (including me) to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GC45CC. Without this cache I would probably never really have got into caching at all. There can only be a tiny handful of these exceptions; losing them would be a terrible move. Surely they can be grandfathered in a way that protects their current status, while allowing the new rules to apply to everything else, a bit like what happened with Virtuals?
  5. Sorry to hear they've got to you Deci; it's their loss, not that they'll even be sharp enough to notice. Best wishes for the future.
  6. Thanks for that suggestion, I've had the same problem after changing my password.
  7. As others have said James, this is a non-starter I'm afraid. Apart from the slowly expanding number of trigs that fall under the YoSM banner, the best option in Britain for logging trigpoints (horizontal markers) is T:UK, and for logging benchmarks (vertical markers) is bench-marks.org.uk Regards, Bernie (agentmancuso)
  8. Corrected coords, puzzle answers etc I do on GSAK. Only occasionally do I enter legs for multicaches in the field - that's when I switch over to WSG84. I've been hillwalking with OS coords for 30 years. The numbers actually mean something to me, in a way that lat/lon never will. Serious summit bagging and trigpointing/benchmarking are all done via the OS grid too. It's just a personal preference, either way.
  9. I switch back and forward all the time - it's easy enough to do. Probablly OS grid about 90% of the time to be honest.
  10. A query: do reviewers rountinely check the allocated region on new caches?
  11. That's terrible Brian, hope things settle down soon.
  12. Thanks Deci. I knew all that at one time I guess, but I wondered if there might still be a loggable puzzle underneath it all :-)
  13. Yes, I thought it might be significant; I'm just not sure what it really signifies. I liked the video though.
  14. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with GC48PYB Signal's Time Machine. It appeared on a PQ a while back with a publication date of 01/04/2000, but then disappeared?
  15. As others have said, new etrex range is great, but stretch to the 20 or 30 if you can, it's worth it.
  16. Virtual Cache GC45CC may be of interest, as it travels around Ordnance Survey trig points, and has its own dedicated YoSM webpage. The primary facility for logging trig points in the UK is T:UK If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
  17. Defining what country you were born in is a political act. Groundspeak have settled on an arrangement that by all accounts suits the majority of geocachers in the area, and makes perfect sense in practice. I'd have thought that anyone with the slightest connection to the island of Ireland would be only too well aware of the damage that is done when narrow-minded people insist that their own preferred definitions take precedence over everyone else's. But as the question has been answered above by Deceangi, to no avail, I suggest this thread be kiled off by the moderators.
  18. 'Nationality' is a form of political identity. It's only an 'issue' for people who chose to make it so. I'd suggest they'd (we'd) all be better off if they chose not to instead. Because politics has nothing to do with geocaching.
  19. Well you found time to come bleat anyway didn't you. Politics would soon be in it if they put an England flag next to your finds. It would be a different story then. On the contarary. I merely used my own case as an example - I don't like the flag that appears next to my finds, but I have never mentioned it before in these forums, because it's not relevant. I accept that the country/state/county solutions used by Groundspeak are perfectly coherent and workable, even though they don't suit my particular political opinions. Politics has nothing to do with geocaching.
  20. Having read through that cache page, I'm still not clear what the problem is. If the cache was in effect buried then it ought to be archived surely? Can't help suspecting a personality clash of some kind.
  21. I'm from Scotland, and I don't appreciate one bit having the Union Flag shown next to my finds. But I don't waste time bleating about it on here, because politics has nothing to do with geocaching.
  22. N 51° 33.710 W 4° 04.684 Your GPS will have the option to display locations in different formats - if you enter a waypoint in one format then change the setting you'll see it in the other format...
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