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  1. I have to say it took a while to get to grips with URWIGO but once I figured out the drag and drop mentality I love it! I've put together a cart in half the time I would have on the GS builder, although it's only really zones at the moment, so I might find it more complex with items, characters and the like, all the same thanks for putting in the effort to create, much appreciated
  2. Open source is a great idea, sadly not being able to open the majority of them in an editor is a pain. I'm using Urwigo and the GS.com builder, but am getting the system application error trying to load open source .lua files in both. Is there any way around this at all?
  3. oooh, namecheck, thanks richt2000 For me I work 40 miles from home, most of that is driven on Cornwall arterial (the A30) with heaps of junctions between home and work - I'd cleaned out a good section of both areas prior to starting (a big mistake!) so it was a little more tricky than if I'd have started from day one. Yeah, drove extra miles, but due to the commute it was rarely significant, I started with the intention of a year, then 500, then it seemed like it was becoming a chore, so I set myself a final figure and stuck to it (in spite of the very kind placement of a "667 ur no" cache 0.25 miles from my front door on the day after I stopped!) that was also how I quit smoking too now I think about it. But, I set myself extra rules, no virtuals, no wrap-around's (grab one at 11:59pm and then the next day's cache at 12:01am in the same session), had to be actual plastic so I wouldn't count an event as a day's find, and I had to find them all myself, even with a group (as we do from time to time) I had to at least get in on one first just to keep me happy. And the only motiviation was mine and mine alone, I wanted to do it, just like I wanted to find 100+ in a day. I can quite honestly tell you that ALL caches were found on the logged days, but some of the dates written _in_ the logs were probably wrong, because I'm crap at remembering the date like that - however my Garmin seems to cope with it fine - I'm sure I'm not the only one.....but cheating on something like that is only cheating yourself I'd say. The close shaves, soaking wet, covered in mud, in the dark, minutes from divorce! And the times when I was dog sick and didn't want to leave the house, were the ones that made me pause and consider stopping (in particular nearing 300 and 500 days) but in the end I think it's an achievement, an unrepeatable achievement mind you!
  4. We'll be partaking! (is there a category for the most edited forum post too? bah!)
  5. --- Is it ok to be geeked out by the fact that I was there when that pic was taken? Cue a little self-promotion on the video that I made of the trip ;-) http://www.youtube.c...nHnMU0dNdC_kc8= Incidentally, how awesome is that Church Micro location?!
  6. I'd like to add one on behalf of another team if ok? With just the one favourite Church Micro 774…Pennard (http://coord.info/GC1V60P) was found by team Wenglish on their Daughters Wedding day. Their daughter, who it's worth pointing out is not a fan of caching at all, had no idea the cache was at the church, nor did she know or was she told about it joining them in the picture. So the guys managed to grab the cache and photobomb it into a wedding picture (taken just after the service) - I've not caught up with them since they told me about this so didn't find out what ex-Miss W's reaction to it was, or even if she knows about it yet. But I thought they deserved an honourable mention for carrying out the joke in such an epic way!
  7. Most certainly do! In a few cases the attributes got me to particularly tricky finds. Use them in a combination with previous logs, hint & description nowadays just in case
  8. I need to add nothing to this one.... At http://coord.info/GC3E1A1
  9. I have had this conversation with other COs a few times now - for the record I would never log my own hides....but then the problem would be if, say, the Mrs hid one that I knew nothing about.....would be tough. My view is however that the system could quite easily be modified to prevent CO's from having the ability to log their own caches, but it hasn't, so there must be a reason why that's still possible?
  10. Another old one - but it makes me laugh! Found on the way to http://coord.info/GC26EXG
  11. Struggled to find one this month - but how about this one from last month? Page of a log book at http://coord.info/GC114RF (edit: sorry it's soooo big! How do I make it smaller??!!)
  12. What a fantastic gift and a brilliant way to surprise you with it! dadgum good job it wasn't a DNF! Hope you have a great time on the trip!
  13. I love this, mind if I copy it? Re: the original question I've been discovered a few times; Cops usually get told the full story (depending on how interested they are, one walked away looking confused after a brief explanation recently) or enough to get them to not arrest me! Muggles, hmmm, tend to mix it up, I quite often tell people I'm going dogging, or looking for good places to go dogging, I've been mistaken for a tree surgeon and took down details from a member of the public about the overhanging branches on a nearby tree - occasionally actually just front up and tell people (vaguely) what I'm doing - but I do find that using Hi Viz generally makes you invisible, I'm now looking for a second-hand gray van - ex-BT would be nice!
  14. Me three, but I've not grabbed the app yet - can you tell us a little more about it?
  15. Here's a couple taken today at Life's a Beach above Fox Hole both pics taken at the same time in different directions! GZ is very near the centre of the second pic, cracking climb in the wind and slightly damp conditions - and local eccentric was on the rocks below too!
  16. Yep a few, used compass application only when the GPSr went walkies, didn't enjoy the lack of tech, but enjoyed the lack of certainty of the hunt, also used googlemaps to study terrain beforehand
  17. Found today, on top of a windswept hill in deep dark Cornwallshire Mulfra Quoit
  18. Yep, Adder on the way to a cache in Sennen, Cornwall, basking in the sun in the middle of the road, nearly drove over it - parked up the road and went back (but not too close) for a pic.... Favourite Sites - Sennen Out on a boating lake (in Suffolk) this week and we skimmed the edge of a small island, I turned and spotted a nice fat grass snake coiled up and enjoying the sun - no pic (or cache) but the sudden appearance nearly made me jump out of the boat! Lol
  19. Many thanks for the suggestions all, I will give them a try!
  20. Just had a brief search on the forum, can't see anyone with the same issue, but if there are posts there already apologies for going over old ground! Problem I'm having is that I load caches individually, as we have kids we can't really use a PQ as some caches just aren't doable by little legs. So I select the caches I want and upload them one at a time, it works for us, and we can plan trips better that way. But lately when I load caches up on the map and copy to GPSr we find that they're missing out in the field - in some cases I'll upload twice (get prompted to overwrite in the instance) but after (correctly) removing the GPSr and checking, they're not there..... This dosen't seem to happen for all caches, just some, in some cases not all loaded in a session! I did have an SD card in the device, but took it out in case that was an issue. There's nothing else connected to the PC (as I've had caches "loaded" onto a stick in the past) so can't see a reason why - wondered if I was being too quick closing the upload box? Anyone have any wisdom to share?? cheers
  21. That would make a great start/basis for a painting (if you know those 2 children!) Thanks for that! I certainly do know them, they're my two angels!! That'd be daddy on the right rolling up the legs of his expensive jeans - why do I wear posh gear out caching I'll never know!! Mother-in-law is a bit of a painter so maybe I'll ask her....
  22. Second one from me....this was taken shortly after finding Crantock, Emily's nest in the nettles.
  23. As always with a forum someone has to disagree If I find a rubbish cache I say so in my log..especially if it is a new cacher. For Example This one - http://coord.info/GC2MJZW Based on my log the owner moved the cache to a location 100 times better, how can new cachers expect to learn if you are not honest? Seconded - although I am repeating myself from the other topic similar to this one. We found GC2K1X6 on 28th May and advised that IMO, it could be improved if moved. It was moved and consequently improved. Some cachers will take it as a rebuff but if you word you log in the right way, most will act on it, in my experience. I wouldn't stand in the way of honesty, but I've seen a few logs just giving the CO a hard time, not the most constructive IMO I just read your log, and I wouldn't call that ripping on a cache, more than respectful to the CO, and after all they do have to learn somewhere don't they?
  24. Step forward Birdman-of-Liskertraz; Just another pointless micro - Scrapyard Just another pointless micro - Industrial Estate Just another pointless micro - A38 Bridge The best one so far has to have been A38 Bridge....
  25. I'd echo others comments but also add it's _your_ game, so say what you like. I have to say that as a CO I appreciate longer logs, also ones that give me a heads up on the condition of the cache, either blank or "TFTC" logs are a bit boring, but that's up to the finders at the end of the day - and some do log at gz on phones, so long logs are harder that way.... I do think that ripping on a cache is a bit much, even the really rubbish ones took a bit of time - diplomacy is a good route Oh, and for the record, I waffle all over my logs ;-)
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