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  1. Not really read all the replies here so apologies if this has been mentioned previously, also if the obvious advice to newcomers is to look for lo difficulty caches, but a lot of people dont change that anyway... I have just archived 90% of my caches from last year due to age and saturation. So there is space for more in my area for new ones which I was considering anyway for the new year. With this idea, i might mark them in the title as newcomer friendly, place them in "out of the way" places, yet put them in easy find locations with clues to be obvious, but also offer advice to other caches in the area if they wished to contact... Here being the Exeter and East Devon area.. Got me planning now
  2. Greetings and welcome to geocaching - glad you arent referring to any of my caches which may or may not be in your not so distant future (East Devon) Swag in geocaches tend to be plastic of nature and cheap, so perfume is a rarity. Given that you say you are heading to Dartmoor soon, I would be wary of the leftovers of the letterboxing culture. It may still be going strong but on my visit of Dartmoor recently I found more derelict letterboxes than I did geocaches - although one geocache was hidden by a letterbox that had turned pink due to all the ink leaking out 1) totally agree 2) google maps, or use a smartphone that can help your navigation, knowing your area is key 3) sometimes the treasure makes the hunt worthwhile
  3. Another up and coming app is NeonGeo Been using this alot recently on my phone and tablet, allows the use of pocket queries and a search of the area you are in, and in the latest version allows you to search for other neongeo users (that allow location). The feature you ask for, you can say for a certain cache whether you log your find online, or as a field note As an app I find the whole layout more friendly, but on a tablet the real estate you get on the screen is great, slightly worried as i've been using the tablet as a device for searching for the cache in "the field" than say the phone or the gpsr
  4. Completely understand your willingness to pay tribute the horror happened that day, not happened in a long time.. One of the more popular series down this way is to place a geocache on every single bridge of a major road (just look at the A303 east of honiton). and thats what made me think of various news broadcasts that the bbc did during the tragedy. Yep made me think if there was a geocache on the bridge there were doing it from. I would have certainly avoided that one for a while I dont travel that stretch of road often, but made me think of my driving after that event
  5. I usually get that on google maps or something similar on my phone when its using the antennas for positioning rather than the gps - the blue circle saying where you could be
  6. Im a fan of park and grabs, or ones with a short walk (0.5km).. all my caches so far have been found within a couple of hours, until I put my 14th out Dont know if its the weather, or something to do with the cache itself http://coord.info/GC32FWC, but it wasnt found for 3 days - and that was only because I poked my Dad to go get it. Noone else has yet to find it The 15th placed today was found within the hour, so not sure now
  7. c:geo just uses a website to check this info go4cache.com is a standalone site but no idea where the info comes from
  8. Im guessing this is now fixed as the cache listing has a reviewer location change Coordinates changed from: N 42° 15.832 E 002° 41.367 Coordinates changed to: N 41° 15.832 E 001° 41.367
  9. Nope dont see the point of "controlling" who is FTF, as from what i have seen, is a game played by the finders, not the hiders Although, there is a reason why I am a premium member and my co-cacher dad isnt *evil laugh*
  10. Sorry for the sarcasm, but its that time of night in the UK, cold, wet, and too much alcohol Have you asked CJ? lol it's ok CJ is back home in Middleburg, FL; It's 100 miles away from where I am. I stay here in Daytona during the week for school, and then I drive home to him on the weekends. He goes to school at ITT Tech up in Jacksonville, FL, hence why he isn't here with me. I plan on Geocaching in Middleburg, so he'll be with me then, unless he's at work. And we plan on going to Tennessee and Georgia later this year, so he will be with me then as well. But as for Daytona, I need a geocaching friend. Fair enough, in a way im jealous. Im cached on all the local caches so anything more distant is a day/weekend trip away from my usual routine. I would guess US caches are more closer together Hope you do find someone local to cache with during the week
  11. Its definately a personal thing I felt bad for doing a 14 cache walk 1 cache at a time during lunch breaks just for the streak, or doing part by car, then giving up.. which I know wasnt the intention of the original walk I have given up at 51 as it was costing too much in fuel to get "the 1" for the day. Now I just allocate a day or 2 during the week to do some geocaching. The pressure is off and the ones I do get are much more enjoyable
  12. Sorry for the sarcasm, but its that time of night in the UK, cold, wet, and too much alcohol Have you asked CJ?
  13. I have been approached by a representative of my local high school (my dad) to be brought in as an expert (LOL) on geocaching to set out a series of caches that a group of students aged 14-15 could enjoy as part of the Princes Trust scheme I have the idea of placing about 10-15 35mm containers out, perhaps covered with an object, on a local nature reserve. I dont intend to mark these for review or publish them as that would be too much effort to get them all approved in what might be a short space of time. So this will be all unofficial, but I do like to keep things within the rules. maybe put them 2-300 feet apart so its not so boring. One issue we have is that we have a lack of GPS units. Even though we have a fund which is still unknown to me, the acquisition of multiple gps units might get expensive, even though most teenagers have smart phones nowadays. I dont really have a question here, just putting my thoughts out there with the option of people to put in their thoughts also, however, I was shown some GPS keyrings that were damned cheap, as in cheaper than 2nd hand Etrex H off ebay (£5) but cant seem to find them Its been 15 years since I went to this school, but I do remember it well, and remember the kind of trips I was taken out on when I joined for extra-curricular activities.. so would like to make this work, and enjoyable for all Thanks for any input
  14. Your title sparked this http://geocachingpodcast.com/episode-210-bucket-list-geocaches/ But might be a different idea For me I would nominate http://coord.info/GC32R26 Is rather local to my area but it was completely different to he usual ones, bit of a puzzle also.. felt like crystal maze
  15. Ok.. Let's do some math. 24 hours = 1440 minutes. For someone to "Seek, Find AND rehide" 1000 geocaches in one 24 hour period, that geocacher would have to be operating at 1 geocache every 1.44 minutes. That's in a 24 hour period folks. No sleep, no bathroom breaks, no FUEL breaks and would require driving, eating and caching in rotations. Theoretically it can be done but I sure as heck wouldn't want to try it. My personal best was not on a power trail, 240 in 24 hours with one other cacher. I think that's good enough for me. Would be difficult for "you" but wouldnt be difficult for a group sharing the same finds after the various methods of logging multiple caches one after the other. Leapfrogging, three cache monte (also known by other names) just to get number For me sounds pointless - although me and my Dad did grab a few along roads where he grabbed and I signed whilst I was sat with engine running, only because it was a single track road and we didnt want to block it
  16. Doesnt matter if you have a 3GS, 4 or GPSr... once you get close, put it in pocket and go back to the description/hints... With a full clear sky a GPSr will put you right on top of it, but looking around at potential hiding places is much better (although if its a nano, forget all that and get on your hands and knees) (oh my - no mention of android, im slacking)
  17. I started with a HTC Desire HD (smartphone) - it got me to where I wanted to go, and found the caches, with all the descriptions/hints/spoilers and satellite i could ever need Using various apps i could predownload the caches and details incase I didnt have signal where I was caching, which is great but not for live maps or satellite maps Also the battery only lasts 3-4 hours when you have the screen on, gps, 3g broadband (or lack of), plus all regular phone activities... I bought a Garmin Etrex Venture HC which is quite low on the scale of geocaching utilities I load a PQ for the area I am aiming for (about 15 mile radius where I live)... I now have a device that has all the traditional/solved puzzles (with corrected coords as solved) that lasts 14 hours on a set of AA batteries with nice accuracy - and a smartphone on my belt if I need extra info, call for help or catch up on twitter/facebook
  18. Pull one or the other. Clear the NM flag. I did, you would think having 2 caches there would make it easier to find
  19. I have seen a cache that was buried, and it was clearly notified in the logs that the only thing visible was something purple... it got published. and tbh was one of the sneakiest hides i had found I think i might use bison on a string under sand as a new cache
  20. I have been dragged into doing a similar sort of thing for a school my dad is an assistant at, he is organizing a group of students to go out and find geocaches that I have put out (non-official as the land would need permission from people who ignore emails). We toyed with the idea of 2nd hand etrex's off ebay for less than £10 or some keyring gps's that I cant find any more... but given these students are 15-16 year old, its more than likely they will have smartphones that have the ability to use gps apps
  21. Sometimes trying to do maintenance on them blasted nano's you feel like you have to claim a find. I went to put a new log in one of mine, couldn't find it, put a new nano out... now there is all sorts of problems with new "NM" logs as the log is full and people saying they found 2... even though the listing and log says whats happens Tempted to archive it to save the hassle
  22. Unfortunately not transferable from one OS to another (not stating my allegence) However, as Android is linked to a gmail account... having a second device on the same account means the app cant be used on the second (or third, tablet, etc) (doh! - think my allegence is not so subtle)
  23. Ah, this was the one I was looking for.... Im sure this is a few thousand miles away http://coord.info/GC2PPNP
  24. This might be one of those exceptions... http://coord.info/GCM93T
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