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  1. Just found this https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={50cacee0-ed07-11e4-dfa6-000000000000} However I think IE has now dropped it as well? Oh well, perhaps they will take note once FF drops it.
  2. It would appear all browsers are moving towards removing support for communicator plug ins rendering the 'save to gps' option redundant on the website. I use a Garmin and Chrome but after searching MANY threads about it the suggestions about using other browsers are slowly being cut off by the same scenario as each eventually cuts support or prevents access etc. Can GC advise what is being done to the website to reflect this? Thanks Mallah (Garmin GPSMAP 62s, Win 10 [brand new pc], Chrome & Edge)
  3. Yes, speak to the reviewer first, then if it can't be published speak to the owner of the existing cache to see if they can move it a bit further away. I did this with one of mine as I had an absolutely fantastic spot for one which just would not work elsewhere The owner kindly moved theirs as it could easily be placed anywhere.
  4. Spot on Marty, they were set to Google. Selected leaflet Maps and GME is back. Thanks
  5. That's exactly my problem in the post above yours. Check if the link to the larger map contains percent (%) characters. This only (IMHO) happens with caches that have special characters in their name. That means nothing to me? What am I supposed to do? The best thing is to get jri notified of this problem.Can you confirm that this does not happen on most of the caches? I.e. you can see the map selections and possible additional waymarks (parking, etc) on the small map within the listing. When you open the "View larger map", none of the benefits of GME appear. I've tried to contact jri, but no success so far. I think what I wrote on 16th is pretty clear. No GME on main map, but is there within a cache listing - but not when I click on view main map.
  6. That's exactly my problem in the post above yours. Check if the link to the larger map contains percent (%) characters. This only (IMHO) happens with caches that have special characters in their name. That means nothing to me? What am I supposed to do?
  7. I can no longer see GME in the main maps i.e. no settings icon to change to OS maps or place markers etc? Any ideas. Oddly though, I can see the map option layers icon when in a cache listing, but after selecting 'View larger Map' they dissapear ? Google Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122 m GME v0.7.1
  8. In many ways OpenCaching probably suits my style of caching, and in my area they all seem to be bigger than the palm of your hand so non of those Nano things I dislike So I'm with you on the walk before the cache although there are some series on GC where I can combine an excuse for a walk with finding a few caches along the way so its that element that keeps me here. BUT, I now have two big gripes - The UK membership fee 'scandal' and now the experience of a seasoned and long standing reviewer. Will a third issue be enough for me to remove all my caches from GC and transfer them to OC? Only time will tell I guess.
  9. So what has to happen for people to start going elsewhere. The only option appears to be Garmin's OpenCaching but that looks like some of the GC caches listed on both sites, and without all the 'desirable' functions that GC has developed over the years. So I suspect people are going to find it difficult to make that sort of move.
  10. You are assuming tha the RoW in question goes straight to the cache. The reality could be that the RoW is several metres away and there is a broken wall over which cachers have to climb, making it worse. I'm from the wrong side of the pond to expect my opinion to have much weight here, but driving out a Volunteer with such great experience and input to the game just simply reeks. IMHO. But a question to clarify the speculation part...surely this cache has been published by now, even if someone at Seattle had to do it. Are there any likely candidates from June 13 or thereabouts? Now that would answer a lot of questions and remove all these assumptions.
  11. Thanks for all your help over the years Dave, it's been much appreciated. As for the angst above about RoWs we simply don't have enough info. The assumption is being made that a footpath crosses a field of a landowner and then through a gate into another landowners property where the cache is located. I suspect he reality is not quite so simple.
  12. YeeHar, back and running with the latest script update - THANKS I started with the strange maps as shown in the screenshots above. I just clicked on 'Defaults' in Manage Maps and got my old list back - inc OS
  13. I still have the Grey Map? The image below shows the console during the problem with GME script turned on. With the mouse over the Maps tool at the top right we get the 'Undefined' pop out as you can see. Hope it helps to explain what might be going on.
  14. Have you put them on here If not might be worth doing as it might be seen by someone who can take them on.
  15. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171201159203 I've just emailed this chap as his statement 'I believe seller and buyer integrity is important and always aim to conduct my selling/ buying in an open and honest way' seems to suck. Suggested he removes the listing - perhaps others might want to do the same.
  16. There's a power series along the Macclesfield canal starting with http://coord.info/GC3RFZP I've done about 10 of them around Congleton and got bored so not sure what frame of mind people are in who do the entire length in a day? You would probably have to get to that canal from the Trent and Mersey canal in Kidsgrove where there seem to be plenty of other caches as well.
  17. Afraid this does have something to do with the GME Script. I have lost the maps to the grey screen again however turning the GME script off in tampermonkey gives me the maps back - but not the GME list of maps of course. Turn the script back on and it's grey screen again?
  18. Well, all is back and working this morning? so that could be right. Perhaps it's a contention issue with all ISPs and when things start to clog up things like this happen.
  19. Mine has just done this, all was working fine this afternoon but as I was using it just now the maps went blank as per your screen shot? Also noticed a problem with the Garmin Communicator which has stopped working? Tried updating it but no luck - could it be linked? Using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m
  20. That's such a shame. Can't imagine how someone could have such a profound affect. I've come across others who get on my wires and been on the receiving end of a bit of 'less than polite' posts on here, but have managed to simply avoid them in reality.
  21. Phew, not going mad Thanks, will await developments.
  22. Can I ask a quick question about the corrected co ords feature using Chrome. Using the main map this doesn't show the corrected co ords with the line from the original cords and I can't remember if it ever did? When I click on the cache page the little map does show the corrected co ords - and then when I click on View Larger Map the corrected co ords are still showing but with just that cache. Am I just imagining that they used to be available on the main map? (Latest version of Chrome and GME installed via Tampermonkey) Thanks
  23. Best not to guess then. We don't know the exact circumstances but we must remember that Sarah was close to dying and spent a long time in Intensive Care followed by a 5hr operation.I'm sure you will want to wish her a speedy recovery.
  24. In short, more than you could ever need on a day out
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