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  1. Garmin GB Discoverer 1:25K MicroSD Card - Pennine Way These old map cards are now obsolete but if anyone has one to sell or wishes to PM me a better offer Id be very grateful indeed. Many thanks
  2. Its a new one in Egypt, Im just sending the details through to you guys so thanks for offering.
  3. Dear cachers in the Arabian Peninsular, I am seeking your assistance. I need a short passage in English translated into Arabic to assist in the listing of an Earthcache. If you can help either post here or PM me. Many Thanks CG
  4. Got that but don't need the whole state. thanks anyway
  5. Hello to you local San Diego cachers. I'm visiting your fair city next week and was wondering if anyone had a Garmin compatible OSM map they could put into Dropbox or similar for me to download ahead of my visit, I arrive late on Sunday and am staying at Sail Bay. I'm going to have a little spare time and wondered if anyone was intending on caching in the city who I could join for a stroll round. Finally any runners among you? If so I fancy running a 10K or half marathon whilst with you, I leave the following Sunday. Lots of asks I know, but as we say, don't ask don't get. Many thanks Bruce
  6. Well the current EC reviewers have been steadfast that the cache page needs to be translated into Arabic so that is what I must follow..........not even handed in my view as there are no caches at all I can find in Egypt that are in Arabic, let alone ECs.
  7. Is there a cacher in the UK who is able to translate English into Arabic that would be happy to translate some cache details for an Earthcache please? I have just learnt that the 'rules' have recently changed and a cache must have notes in the local language which has rather slowed me down in setting one outside the UK. Many thanks.
  8. I am in the process of setting up a new earthcache in Egypt and, due to new rules, need the help of a cacher who can translate the English cache description into Arabic so it can also appear on the cache page. If you are able to help please contact me direct. Many thanks
  9. Off a tree or out of the bottom of your trousers? can you be sure?
  10. Can I add my thanks, works a treat with Chrome. Very clever and thanks for your hard work and sharing.
  11. I think you will have a bad day 0 caches 22 DNFs
  12. Slightly off the topic but related I've been using GC Buddy iphone app for multis, I really rate it, just what is needed.
  13. Congratulations to MapleLeaf for a 1000 cache tally and setting some memorable caches.
  14. Don't complain, my iPhone just sends me to Bristol, enjoy the sun.
  15. If you have an Oregon then the latest hack of the Garmin firmware and associated mapping is what you need. Once you have the hang of it the maps it produces are absolutely fab and quite simple to compile, for anywhere in the world down to 1:25000 and routable (allegedly). HERE
  16. Thanks for all the posts suggesting help. It went back to Garmin on Monday and by the same Thursday I had delivered a new (or refurbished) unit back. Top quality service from Garmin, I really cant overstate the quality of service from Garmin UK.
  17. Hmm, Ive been wanting to find someone with a metal detector to see if THIS can be found for the first time. Any offers in the local?
  18. I think the A may stand for 'Arse', hopefully THIS may not catch on. Ho hum, off to the peach counter again.
  19. Just downloaded the latest version and now find that the emulator and simulation features no longer work, it is possible to tick both boxes in Urwigo to activate but on running the cartridge in emulator and under GPS simulation it runs fine whereas before it worked fine.
  20. It does connect, unfortunately it goes from mass storage to normal mode, that is the issue, hence unable to upload caches to the unit. I dont see leaving it for 1/2 an hour will do anything differently, email to garmin sent, I will update the thread once this is sorted.
  21. Interestingly the "forced USB mass storage mode" wont work on the unit. I have now tried with and without the SD card, with and without batteries, all to the same result. I think it is going to be a 'Help me please Garmin' message, I have to say they have previously been excellent at resolving issues.
  22. Yes checked different cables and different computers so I am fairly happy it is an issue on the Oregon itself.
  23. Rather hoping someone may be able to assist. My Oregon 550t has been working perfectly for some time but, without any changes to software etc it now fails to connect to my PC leaving me unable to upload any caches. What Happens? On connecting to my laptop by USB the oregon screen goes to the one with the computer connected to a GPS picture as normal but instead on halting there allowing you to see the oregon in 'my computer' it then moves to normal start up and shows the external power source icon where the battery icon usually is. What I have tried: hard reset switching to spanner mode and back the advice on the Garmin support page (hold power on button then connect USB cable, release) reloaded Garmin drivers to laptop tried different PCs found similar issues raised by a few users on the forums but no solutions I don't know what else to try, anyone got any ideas 9other than emailing Garmin support which is my next step if this post doesn't help. Many thanks for reading.
  24. Works for me:- http://www.akadamia.co.uk/downloads/GAMLoader.zip I can confirm all links are working, including the GAMLoader zip download. In addition the 1:25000 map this produces supports turn by turn car navigation.
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