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  1. That's why I use the hint either before or shortly after arriving at gz. I had lots of tree type hints today, but fine coords did make life easier.
  2. I'm with Croesgadwr on this one. I was out at 0830 today, finishing as darkness fell. Only deep snow will stop my weekend fun. That sun was blinding 1st thing today. And I slipped over twice today, ending in a muddy back and backside.
  3. I've never been sure what picking up rubbish has to do with caching. I've always thought it's some kind of guilt trip for possible geolitter. And why should cachers want to do this, when local councils should be responsible for keeping their own districts clean?
  4. As I'm more of a TRAD finder I'm puzzled. But then again my car plate is GC1D10T
  5. I'm always happy to maintain 1 or 2 caches wherever I travel. Replace a soggy logsheet. Even replace the container if it's obviously in need of TLC. The cache owner has politely asked fellow cachers to do just that. I may or I may not. I'll see how I feel and if I think it's viable when I arrive at gz. I for one would highly recommend ALL cachers be prepared for helpful maintenance at ANY cache. Certainly beats bleating on about it. PS....took me 3 seconds longer than normal to find the forums today. GC.com moves in mysterious ways. PPS..has anyone welcomed castagnari. Is that an Italian pseudonym? Or are you backing the Euro?
  6. Angry dogs. Equipment failure. Bites. Another whinging thread on the forums! Might be time to find a new hobby. Looking at old rock formations seems a typical hobby that some cachers like. Not sure why though. Really!
  7. I've archived many of my caches over time. Most of the time I actually go and take the container away. Sometimes I leave the container exactly where it lay. I may in future resurrect said cache for new finds. I may in future collect it. I may in future hope some cache hound decides to see if it IS still there. It's not litter. An empty beer can is litter. An old fridge dumped is litter. Some one may muggle it. I'm A Cacheholic. But I know where ALL my caches, young and old are/were. I may spend Boxing Day spending time collecting my old archived containers. Or I may go find new ones. But most probably I'll be working.
  8. I may go for a jolly jaunt to Oxford (or any other place I feel worthy of a visit). Ooh! There may be a cache that has been disabled for a short time, even 2 months. I politely ask (email rather than post a note)the owner if it shall be replaced, or as a friendly gesture, if I can replace it myself. The owner will probably reply to my email with a positive response. Or the the owner posts a note on the cache page. A few months pass. I'm off for my jolly jaunt to Oxford. The cache is still not up a find. I just ignore it. Plenty more caches around to look for. Why would I "stress out" so much that I have to relive my frustrations on the gs forums. Move on and find caches that are findable. Happy caching is what I love.
  9. I have used relatively cheap HI-tec boots for the past few years. They do me very well. Regatta? No thanks. North Face? No thanks also. Bad Luck. Send these duds back asap!
  10. I love cache saturation. If it's out in the wilds I'm game on. I rarely find a really awful cache. Regarding Groundspeak introducing a "disfavorite" system. Not a bad idea. I'd be voting for those amatuer promotional caches GS released near me straight away!
  11. Some people are really showing their age with 40 year old Python sketches. You'll be quoting The Goodies next!
  12. What a truly kind and very belated offer this arrogant cacher gives the Geolympix team. My reply would be a resounding "no thanks mate!" (this reply edited in my headspace as my real reply would greatly offend)
  13. A classic thread. Thanks for the Friday evening comedy. Or..TFTC
  14. OMG! Didn't know about that one. WOW! Ddidn't realise that you could find over 1500 CM caches. Good to see a list that DrS doesn't or will never top!!
  15. Had an email from GS yesterday, asking if I was involved with this scam email sent to keehotee's friend. My reply was not simple, but for all to witness on this thread, my answer is NO! Hope that steers all and sundry towards the real culprit.
  16. Hey Daniel, why not organise one yourself. There are plenty of cachers that do. Here in London we have an expert on such events, while on holiday overseas. That way you'll know that almost everyone at the event is there to meet you personally. I'm sure locals can give you a few hints as to good and free venues (pubs). Good luck.
  17. The Kent countryside is wild if you come from inner West London. GC2V8PB last weekend. It was an inspiring day of caching.
  18. I'm off for some caching fun around Chalfont tomorrow. But I'll be ignoring any silly frog, or similar, challenges. In fact I'm ignoring them all. Period!
  19. I find caching in the big city of Londinium without a gps, but just the hint and a look at the map, to be an extra challenge. Although an easy one mostly. Dread the thought of doing such where no streets are located. Big respect to those that can and do.
  20. My last car cost less than the Oregon 450. And that's not a joke!
  21. Disgraceful!!! But easily done. There are scammers everywhere these days. Don't trust anyone you don't know is the sorry way to go.
  22. Garmin Oregons are de rigueur for many a cacher. Discoverer maps have been found at reasonable prices on that auction site. TT maps are just as handy too.
  23. OMG ... this? Who the **** let a veggie run the show?! 39?
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