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  1. what profile are you using? In my geocaching profile on my garmin its not very easy to navigate to my own saved waypoint without changing to classic profile. However, if its new co ords for a geocache you're looking for you can go to geocache view, hit enter new waypoint and direct to it that way. Generally speaking i hit 'mark waypoint' edit the co ords and hit save. Then hit 'where to go' and chose waypoints and chose the one i created.
  2. Looking for an app or peoples experiences of apps on their phones for navigating to caches. Must have UK OS maps so google maps no good and pretty sure you cant use os maps in the numerous geocaching apps. I've downloaded back country navigator but Im not sure if its going to be anyway near as sophisticated as the garmins ability to read the gpx files. For example the ability to navigate to a waypoint and then mark it as visited or even delete it?
  3. plus an added gps dongle to get the accuracy down on the odd cache to within a useable range! Plus the normal torch, head torch and spare batteries to both of those. Plus in the car the cables to charge the battery pack again depending on how long im away or out for, plus the cable to charge the phone whilst using it in the car. As well as the mount to mount the android on the dash of the car plus an additional mount to mount the phone to the bars of my mtb when i go bike caching. Soon starts to add up, just depends on what caching you do and how prepared you like to be. The only reason Im drawn more to an android phone is the ability to live track where I am so friends and loved ones can see where I've been or where I am if i dont turn up after a while.
  4. Am I the only person who thinks this is a total step in the right direction and who will be prepared to pay the price tag? I currently use a montana, as well as a tomtom in the car and a small garmin for on the mtb. I also use my phone in the field to log the caches as and when I find them depending on whether I have phone signal, I also have to get it out to use it as a temporary torch and to take pictures of logbook details like bonus info. For me this will mean those three devices will be surplus to requirements. All very well saying just use an android phone alone and get the case and a gps add on (i used my phone for a Wherigo the other day couldnt get below the 5m neccessary to active the next stage) as well as a battery pack to boost it.... my god soon ill have to carry a bag full of electronic gear! This wouldn't even then supply me with the OS maps which are necessary as far as Im concerned when it comes to navigating around between caches. If only this had its own internet it would be perfect IMO, but ill just make my samsung create a wifi field and piggyback off its. All I need now is the ability to log a lot of caches on C:geo and then active the wifi for a minute or two while all the currently saved logs get sent!
  5. thanks for clarifying this, I had no idea there were different sections. All my none collectibles I've now moved to my 'collection' I too thought the non collectible bit would fix this.
  6. only very recently, not sure if its permanently collectible though. I managed to grab it back off him.
  7. actually a friend of mine grabbed one of my bugs off me recently as a joke but its also checked to not be collectible so I've no idea how he managed it.
  8. I've got a Garmin 62s I want rid of, have replaced it with a montana so its spare. Comes with everything as standard as well as the bike mount. Has the base maps as standard, however, if you contact me I can provide better details of the maps. There are some scratches to the units screen but they dont prevent use or hinder the view with the backscreen on. The screen protector peeled off from dirt getting in at the edges and typically two days later the screen got scratched so I didnt bother to cover after that (I actually preferred this as I spend far too much wasted time protecting the beauty of gadgets that are made to be used) but apart from the screen marks its an absolutely perfect working order and has enabled me to find hundreds.. probably thousands of geocaches now. I replaced because I wanted a gps that had enough internal memory to store my OS maps. Offers considered as Im not sure how much its worth with the marks on the screen.
  9. Love caching on 2 wheels but like martybartfast says I chuck the bike on the rack on the back of the car and drive somewhere to go caching. Can cover so much more mileage in the time given and the dog is always happier as she can run faster and work out her energy quicker and gets less bored when I have to stop and search for a tricky one!
  10. I use the s3 occasionally and find it to be as accurate as any phone based device. Nowhere near as good as a specific GPS device though. The best thing about the android over the iPhone was c:geo, it made my decision a lot harder to make....although the new iPhone made it extremely easy to stick with the test android.
  11. I bought one for my car but it was far too inconspicuous so I had new ones printed to normal stickers. Larger and bright pink but with the same number. I got discovered on the motorway the other day and at a promenade car park when I parked there for an hour while grabbing a cache. Made it totally worthwhile!
  12. I don't think it matters as once the tattoo is done I'll send it off to ground speak to have the icon changed anyway. How much do you want? I don't suppose the a and c are next to each other in that order?
  13. I'm not planning on having it enormous so yes I think it will matter. I'm thinking of having a geocoin tattooed so you can imagine how small the number is in proportion
  14. Nah Id like to avoid those asWell if poss
  15. I was asked once to remove my log as they felt my opinion was wrong. Sorry but it was my opinion and the criticism should be taken with the positive. So I refused and left my comment as it was, it was never deleted but I'm now black listed and slagged off at every event in the area that they attend, lol!
  16. I'm after a tb code for a tattoo and don't want anything too easily mistaken so don't want to have to buy Loads just to get an okay number so wondered if someone had an unregistered code I could buy off them. Don't want anything with a o or 0 nor an I or 1 and anything else easily confused. Cheers!
  17. there were sheep all over, people had left the footpath gate open so as soon as we started to spot the poop she went on the lead, a shame really both for us and the farmer. I once got bit by two rottweilers while caching and i was just glad it was because I went back for a dnf without my 60 year old mum and dog who would never defend herself.
  18. get an android phone and use c:geo instead?
  19. we did the northern section of way down west yesterday and it was much better. Going to try the new Hunters Hike series today, apparently theres only the potential of sheep in one section, have to wait and see though. It is nice going to different parts of the country and seeing how the land differs though. We went to Chelmsford way the other week and I've never seen so much crop in one area!! It was amazing and I'll definitely be going back.
  20. I got big stickers for the side of my car in pink with the TB logo and number as well as the geocaching icon plus username but I still get very few discovered logs. makes my day when I get them though! Always keep an eye out for them myself especially so when parking up to go caching for the day.
  21. I mostly started geocaching so as to discover places with my new dog and to make walks interesting with each other and she now comes to almost all of them with me. I totally know what you mean about the problems though, we walked a tiny bit of the Parramble series this week and it was so ridiculous, field after field after field of cows and sheep etc and what with the weather we gave up. Generally where I live though there are plenty of others to choose from but I tend to study google satellite and try to predict the amount of crop fields and then I check descriptions for stiles, if there's high ones mentioned I wait til I'm not alone as the high ones are impossible to pick her over on my own. I tend to aim for woodland caches as much as possible even if it means going that bit further away!
  22. ah ha thats great cheers, thanks very much
  23. Quick query about the geocaching calendar in the stats page. When you find a cache on the same day the next year does it add on to the total for that caching calendar day or does it replace it? So if i wanted to make every day atleast 10 finds would i be able to get 5 one year and 5 the next and it would equal 10 or do I have to get 10 the next year to make the day appear as 10? cheers!
  24. PS i just want it to get me nearby, I use my iPhone to find the caches themselves or the specific gps. So no bothered about off road modes etc
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