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  1. :o :o :o Lola went to the Halloween Mega, but she had a little accident her head fell off in my caching bag! I bought her home again as she needs some glue....
  2. I remember reading this thread weeks ago, odd really as I don't come in here very often. Anyway, I found Lola today in Cublington Bucks at http://coord.info/GC5DPH5 She's off to the Halloween mega tomorrow!
  3. There's one to the East of Leicester, the Thurnby and Bushby driving series, starts here http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC431AE_thurnby-and-bushby-driving-circuit-series-1?guid=0dbb1e50-fa1a-4c0d-ae8b-c3fb917fffec
  4. we visited in October, didn't have much time for caching, but did manage Men of the Sea multi (http://coord.info/GCXYBJ) which was very good
  5. Do you use facebook? (I know it's not everyone's cup of tea). I found it much easier to get to know people on the local facebook group before chatting to them for real at events. You make friends with people before meeting them in person that way At the events I've been too, everyone has been very friendly. If you send a message to the organiser before you go I'm sure they will make a point of saying hello
  6. I've not done many in London, but really enjoyed the one at the British Library. It's a multi, took me about an hour, is (mostly) indoors if the weather isn't good and is the biggest cache I've found so far The British Library
  7. I'm part of a group of cachers local to Milton Keynes who are currently setting a series of caches around the Milton Keynes boundary walk. The caches can be any ofne of three regions: East Midlands - Northamptonshire, Southern England - Bucks and Eastern England - Beds. One of us has all three regions in one 6 mile section of the walk When different regions means different reviewers that makes things even more complicated. I suspect wherever the regions were placed there would be someone who wasn't happy with them!
  8. love the wedding photo I'd like to add ours, taken at GCWV6K, which just happens to be the venue of the Geolympix Closing ceremony and currently has 21 favourites
  9. our nearest unfound cache hasn't been found in the last 10 months, since then 6 teams have looked, some on more than one visit. I've flagged it as needing maintenance, but the CO hasn't logged in for the last 18 months, so I don't hold out much hope. The lack of smiley face is annoying but it seems a bit mean to ask for it to be archived just so the green box on the map stops bugging me!
  10. I've managed to get Talky Toaster maps on the eTrex 30 and I've not got a memory card either. It was a few months ago now so can't remember exactly how I did it! I know I had some issues with which folder it needed saving in (got it wrong a couple of times). It is possible though! Have you looked at the FAQ? http://talkytoaster.info/free-uk-maps-faq.htm
  11. gardening gloves the mini piglings will stick their hands into all sorts of nooks and crannies as long as you give them a glove first!
  12. thank you, thank you, thank you :) instructions so easy even I managed to understand and follow them! you are an absolute star!
  13. does anyone else think of Wallace and Grommit wallpaper when they see this image?!
  14. heylp!?! please I clicked the link above, clicked install and said yes I wanted to continue but got an error box 'Extension installation error. Attempting to downgrade extension' I'm running Chrome (17.0.963.56 m) and Windows XP (no laughing at the back!) I suspect I need to remove the previous script and reinstall the new one, but I've no idea where they are to remove! can anyone help please? thanks
  15. as a newbie, I'm a bit lost! (no change there then) but I'm nosey, so can anyone explain the significance of the Tim and June bears please?
  16. it might not be that Dr Solly looks like a dog chew - I think dogs use their sense of smell more than their sense of sight...
  17. started for me last night and still here today
  18. on the way to our first cache I asked the kids what they wanted our team name to be... our youngest (3 year old boy) has a small blue toy thing (not a teddy, but that sort of thing!) called Dave, so he wanted us to be team Dave next youngest (6 year old girl) is mad on pigs and loved the term 'pigling' (from Enid Blyton's 'Five Go To Billycock Hill'), so she voted for the piglings two older daughters couldn't come up with anything better, so Dave's Piglings were born!
  19. I'm not a techie person, so might use the wrong terms, but to try and explain.. I plugged my eTrex into my pc and viewed it as you would any portable storage device (flash drive, camera etc) using windows explorer when I look in the directory that holds all the eTrex files, I found the files stored by GSAK, they are in.. Garmin eTrex 30 (G drive) > Garmin > GPX but from your first post you said you had the pq results as a zip file, did you unzip them before loading onto the eTrex? (do pq files come as zip files?)
  20. I downloaded my pq onto my new eTrex 30 last night for the first time. I've no idea which folder it needs to be in though! I used GSAK (updated to the new version) http://gsak.net/ sorry! just realised that won't help though as it's not mac compatible
  21. We're back from our break we'd planned to do Sheringham park on Saturday afternoon, but had a few others to try on Saturday morning that were more cache and dashy as the forecast was for rain. We found the 4 we looked for, some lovely spots - by far and away the best was Porkers Prize - Baconsthorpe Castle a ruined castle that we explored for a while, nice and quiet, very interesting, not at all touristy It then rained most of the afternoon and the kids didn't want to go out for a longer walk, so we missed Sheringham park completely!
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