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  1. Searching for a location is nigh on impossible. Once searched it brings up random waymarks from all around the globe. This is deffo a poor mans page. I have to do a co-ordinate search to get anywhere. To do that i find a cache on geocaching.com and take a set of co-ords from a random cache in the area i want to visit and put these in the co-ordinate search box. Thats the only way it'll work for me. Long winded and not really user friendly. Come WM, get your finger out and sort these probs out, or are you just winding this feature down ?
  2. I heard from ChileHead today, there is an alternate URL that can be used instead of this one which does not seem to keep me logged in. http://geotrailsw.com/wm/ Its a pity its not on an app so that you can download to an offline folder for when you are out. You are in need of a good signal on your phone which is not always possible
  3. Bruce. Thanks. I was hoping someone would say something like this. I have other waymarks nearby so it would not be a wasted visit if anyone went there
  4. I have had an email from a fellow waymarker to tell me that one of my waymarks (Red Phone Box) has been removed. My question is should i leave the waymark live and edit the text to allow people to visit the location for historical purposes, or should i archive it? Whats the recommended rule on this?
  5. There seems to be a lot of bad feedback. I have looked at this and actually like it. It gave me the results i wanted. I can filter down to find specific caches such as Church Micro's or Challenge caches. All thats missing the facility to download the results on my GPS.
  6. Fianccetto you are correct. The actual footpath law does allow you to stop on any footpath as long as you do not block other users. The law states "Your legal right is to “pass and repass along the way”. You may stop to rest or admire the view, or to consume refreshments, providing you stay on the path and do not cause an obstruction." So if i happen to stop and admire the view at the point where a cache is placed, that is my right. I can legally walk around in a small circle all day if i so desired. As long as i am on the footpath and do not block the path for other users.
  7. I read this earlier. And i must say that us in the UK have today lost a true icon. Geocaching in the uk will be a lot poorer following this news. I would like to thank Deceangi for everything he has done to enhance the hobby we all enjoy. I wish you well and hope you can spend more time doing what we all do best
  8. Interesting comments. And this does look at things in a different perspective. Lots of similar waymarks in a single category for example are made. In many years to come these waymarks may be lost forever due to removal, age, or re-development. The item would then be gone.....but the waymark will still be online for the futue to look at. I like that idea. Preserving history. Max and 99, Never thought of a Lucky 7 (as i slowly wander off to see what a lucky 7 is.......)
  9. Thanks Guys. I asked as i was in a counrty park at the weekend that had quite a few "You are Here" notice boards around. I waymarked two, but felt guilty at the time so did not do any more. Maybe i could put it to the test one day to see how many in one category i can post in one small area before getting knocked back.
  10. This just an enquiry, and i feel i know what the answeer is going to be. Some categories, dedicated benches, trees, etc, etc, can have multiple potential waymarks in close proximity to each other (in parks etc). In the past i have picked one and mentioned that others are nearby. At what distance from a waymark can a similar waymark be created. Or is this really down the the category managers to decide? The reason i ask is, it is possible to saturate an area with one category, but can see this as an overkill. Is there an unwritten rule on this?
  11. This would be a really useful tool. It would save with messing about writing things down, and reduces the error in making mistakes.
  12. Well my second waymark has been approved after going to the category members for approval. Some of the replies were: The basics of the reply were Your waymark was voted on by the category managers, here is the list of comments by the various members: Initial vote call comment: This really doesn't require a vote. - Then why put it to the vote? I noticed that one of his submissions has been approved although still lacking the attribution. - Wrong. Please read the submission. It is there I could go on. But i won't. I tried my best and all basic requiremnets were met, despite being told otherwise. If i am wrong i am happy to put things right. If i am right, and told i am wrong, i naturally get upset. I can see from other posts on this thread that reviewrs are 'missing' things. We try to play fair. Please treat us fair. We are all human, humans make mistakes, it is what we are. If mistakes are made it is best to admit it, not hide it. We should all be geting on together, working as one team for the good of the game, not being trigger happy decliners. If all the basics are met, but something small is amiss, then approve it but ask for the little addition to be made. Its not rocket science. Anyway. Rant over. Subject is now closed as far as i am concerned. I am away to carry on what i enjoy doing. That is Geocaching, Benchmarking and of course Waymarking
  13. Silverquill. Many thanks for your vote of confirdence. With so many categories, all requiring different 'specifics', sometimne things do go amis, sometimes you forget to take a certain photo that is required, especially if its in a categoriry that is new to you, or you don't visit that often. Sometimes you forget to put specific notes down in your long description. This is all frustrating and makes thing harder than they could sometimes be. The waymark in question is now live, but i still have a second in the same category that is still being voted on so i do not know if it will be accpeted. But it has not put me off Waymarking. I enjoy visiting waymarks, but i get more enjoyment in creating them and looking for any history / information required. I have made several since, and have a few more to visit / create (dependng if there on the system) after my walk today.
  14. In caching, the reviewers are selected to do the job. So tend to be of a similar mindset. In Waymarking I'm a leader in a category because I was an early joiner to the group, and suddenly got promoted to leader when the category leader stepped down. The others in the group got 'promoted' in the same manner. I seem to be stricter than the others on submissions! (And they seem to leave the 'problem' submissions for me to decline. (But I try to be helpful, and suggest what needs to be done to get an Approval) Don't let a bad experience put you off! No not put me off. Just had ome WM approved, and writing up another as we speak
  15. Hey. There is some great feedback on this topic. My orignal post was regarding new category for me. I got there in the end after several declines. What got my goat is the criteria asked for several specifics. I supplied all the info i could find, and before i posted i looked at existing waymarks in the same category. One of these specifics was not even mentioned in several new waymarks. That annoyed me. Rules are rules and i would expect them to be applied uniformly, or as best that can be done. Once my trouble had been finally put to rest and the waymark created, i have draughted out a new one, in the same category, this is now waiting approval. Its been 24 hours, but that is early days yet and i have high hopes. I still have several waymarks to create following a productive walk on Sunday in an area that only had 1, and i am sure if i went beack there i could find many more. Waymarking to me if fun, i enjoy going out there finding ones already in existence, but making new ones are something that i really enjoy, and digging out the history on the interweb can be rewarding. Waymarking (Like Caching and benchmarking) takes me to nice places and makes me "look" at the area, rather than just look. If you know what i mean. I will continue to make and visit waymarks. After all i have had declines in the past which were quickly resolved, and i have had others go to a review before being accepted. It will not be the last time thats for sure. Must go, i've a few red phone boxes, a drinking trough, a few cut bench marks and a Doomsday Mosaic to create. Thanks everyone
  16. Thanks Bruce. Butv i did return the waymark for re-approval with note to the reviewer expaling. This was just instantly declined. I took 2 hours gathering info for the waymark, only to be rejected. Make me think why did i bother. I may just archive it and forget about it. This would be a pity as i really enjoy Waymarking, doing the research creating.
  17. How do i appeal against a waymark that has been declined. I have one that has been declined because it did not contain all the "requiremnent" It has more than some that have recently been plublished. And the information could not be gathered from the internet, only by what i could find on my visit. Failing that i will just leave Waymarking alltogether.
  18. Sounds like good good advice to me. Even if a waymark is no longer there, it is still an historical place of some kind. May still be worth a visit if there are other things to see / waymark. You never know you may even create a new waymark for something someone has missed in the past
  19. Glad to see you guys are on the case. The weekend is looming and i have plans
  20. BruceS and acrapcat, thanks for the suggestions, i was gong through the categories last reading, thinking thats no good. I gave up and planned on looking again today. I will look at these tonight when i get in from work. I may be able to create two with this, one in history and one in last of the kind Once again many thanks
  21. I want to post a a waymark for a Quintain, the only known one to exist in England, but cannot find a category that suits. Can anyone help? The link for this item, explaining it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hastilude Its a great bit of history that need Waymarking, but where
  22. There are already 12 set out near Crayford. London Loop section 1, 13 caches which have been running for a short while. Not sure whats happened to number 1? LL section 1 #2 is GC2695V
  23. Does your close associate have access to the full details of what triggered the incident to escalate the way it did? Because the Police have not revealed any details, nor have they revealed the details of the person cautioned or the reason why. There could be underlying reasoning behind the incident being escalating, did the person detained by the Police, claim that it was a Bomb? In which case the Police would be required to escalate despite there being a risk that the person was being unreasonable. The advice given is always to fully and openly explain what your doing and explain about the basics of Geocaching if challenged. This has worked on numerous occasions within the UK. So did your close associate have access to what the person stated to the police? The more contact there is with the Police over this incident, the more doubt there are about it just being a overreaction. Until all the details are full revealed, we will be left to imagine the reasoning behind what happened.What I do know is that the incident has created ripples to other Police Forces, which we are working to resolve. And also within the Geocaching Community, not just in the UK. I've had several members contact me, concerned that by going Geocaching, their risking a Police Caution, so putting their Careers at risk. In each case I have hopefully reassured them, and I take the time to point out that One of the UK Reviewers is a serving Police Officer, in a high profile posting. One who would lose his posting at least on receiving a Caution. Yet he is happy to continue going Geocaching, including on his way to and from work. And he is based in London.Please if you are challenged by the Police or a member of the Public, be Open and Honest about what you are doing, explain the basics of Geocaching if the Officers have not heard of it. They might shake their heads, and mutter about "nutters" as your walking away. Bit the highest chance is there will not be any further action taken. There have been incidents of Officers actually helping to search for the container. Other incidents of Officers on discovering a container have signed the log book.We have had members challenged by the Metropolitan Police, a member challenged by Police 20 miles from a Major Airport. Because the cache was under the Flight Path, the person being reported by a member of the Public, who was in the Airport Watch scheme. We have had members challenged by the British Nuclear Police, the cache location at a historic feature over a mile away from the Nuclear Power Station. Not a single member received a Police Caution over theseDeci This actually happened to me on March 6 this year. I was just re-hiding a cache when PC Plod came up behind me. To post a bigger picture it was on a bridge over the railway where the Eurostar trains run. High risk area? But my post can be read here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7cb1872c-b27c-4b11-b031-4a6c4b66a2cb&log=y&decrypt= The cache was vanishing act GC2JDGM. The policeman went away happy that i was up to no trouble, and i don't care what they thought of me.
  24. Could be worth teaming up with Sargent Bilko and arranging a CITO event. Put cachers back in the good books again and show that we DO CARE about the community
  25. All smileys are working today???? Must have a been a blip on my PC. Must admit, these new maps are a big improvement on the old ones
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