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  1. You have no hides on your account? Scan/photograph them, add them to the cache page gallery. (Or another site/page with a link) Some of the older/long standing caches can have some interesting stories in the log, that dont get written in the online log. If its a newer cache with only "TFTC/date/cachername" logs - Is it worth it?
  2. Depends on how pedantic you want to be... We have, at the top of the list the UK with the Union Flag (Often called the Union Jack) England, Scotland, and Wales, have their own flag. (Of their patron saint) - Northern Ireland may be considered as part of the UK. It IS, but GS have it as part of Ireland... Each County has its own flag. (Discussion as to which boundaries you use, historic or 'new') Each District may have its own flag. I live in a town, which does have its own flag, a lot of towns dont. Lowest level of governance is Parish Council, most dont have a flag.* *Whilst I live in a town, the governance level is that of a Parish Council, with a little bit 'extra' due to 'reasons'!
  3. It be fer choppin yer Manglewurzel, to feed to the cattle! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangelwurzel
  4. The information for higher rated D/T caches is available on the website - for free. Unless it's a PMO cache.
  5. Crepes and Waffles are slowly catching on in the UK. (as a permanent establishment) Anything 'at festivals' is only going to be available for 2 to 4 days a year... You Waymark it, no one can Visit it until next year - if the company do the festival again! If this is a category, having the variable Chain/Independent is probably the way to go.
  6. Look at 'the old days' of caching. A lot of logs say, along the lines of: "But for Geocaching, I would never have known about this..." Often somewhere where a physical cache couldn't be placed. An easy photo to prove you were there is nice, and/or a simple question, with a reasonably simple answer to prove you were there is nice!
  7. Part of the fun - for me - is seeing if a Waymark fits into more than one category. I try to use a different default photo, doesn't always work though!
  8. Photos usually taken on phone these days, coordinates taken from resulting photo information... Double checked against Google. (Usually correct, but do try to give the satellites a chance to register on the phone before taking photos) Interesting factoid. My phone saves the photo as a larger file than the first professional digital SLR camera I used!
  9. Nice idea, but two items from the guidelines come to mind: Long term Hide your cache to have a long life. Temporary caches intended to stay active for fewer than three months will not be published. "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot." briansnat, Charter Member And the fact GC are not publishing Web Cam Caches (at the moment)
  10. Maybe without these "small" bugs, more people might be interested - and do more Waymarking - and thus give GS the chance to get 'more money' in to the site?
  11. If they leave the cache 'in tact' for the next cacher, leave things be. I was working in an area where there was a cache, and took a chance to look for it while close. Saw a couple close to where it could be, saw them approach, look at where the cache was and then leave, so left them to it. On the way back I looked for it myself and found it. Signed the log. They hadn't signed the log, but I saw them see the cache, and they have never logged it online. Some people play the game that way...
  12. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 is the primary legislation which protects animals, plants and habitats in the UK. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/advice/wildlife-and-the-law/wildlife-and-countryside-act/ Wrong place, wrong time, you could fall foul of the law... Some species eg Osprey, do have nest sites that can be viewed - from a distance - but then they would come under the Birdwatching Locations category. https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/loch-garten/live-video-webcam/#webcam
  13. Keep posting! I'll try to get behind your next idea!
  14. Interesting... Under the United Kingdom there are 2 strange locations. 1 Ulster 11 2 Washington 1 Ulster is in Ireland, and Washington is USA? Any way to find out which these anomalies are?
  15. Language-wise I'm more than happy to go along with the local Reviewer. There is a story in the UK of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) starting a forum for one of their local radio stations. BBC Radio for Lincolnshire and Humberside. You had to register with a User Name and Location. Due to the 'filters' for 'Rude' words anyone registering in the town of Scunthorpe immediately got blocked! (Part of the name of the town is 'slang' for a ladies rude part, and is often used as an insult!)
  16. Down to your Reviewer, and to which country the cache is in. I'm in the UK, some words OK in the USA are downright rude here in the UK - and vice versa! If your Reviewer says "No" you can appeal to GS. (But in such a situation, I feel the local Reviewer would have a better 'feel' for the situation.)
  17. My concern is based on caching guidelines: As in, not only would Waymarkers be 'hanging around' schools, they would be taking photographs - which may or may not include pupils/teachers/parents.
  18. Waymark submitted. Wrong default picture. New to Waymarking, photo is there - but not default - I will change it, accept the Waymark and leave a comment "Default photo should be... /I've changed it for you. Long time Waymarker, new to category, I will do as above. Long time Waymarker, already submitted 'several' Waymarks to the category it will be declined and correct default photo asked to be submitted. Incorrect title, decline, and comment the 'correct' title.
  19. Agree! Also. What is the title of the category? Capitol Buildings or Current Capitol Buildings? If it's Capitol Buildings it should accept Current and Former
  20. You can ask the reviewer for a proximity check, fill in the cache details and explain what you are doing. They can then tell you if any of your points are too close. If the reviewer says all OK, set up the cache parts and submit!
  21. And the "Warning Spoilers may be included" Can be read as you can include spoilers in your logs and photos.
  22. TBScan https://tbscan.com/index_en.php eta Geocaching API Partner Log in with your geocaching.com account. TBScan is an official API partner of Groundspeak.
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