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  1. Ah ok. Yes that's the one. I did do a search of the forum but could find an entry for it.
  2. Resurrecting a 10 year old thread, but for good reason One of the previous posters mentioned the Denmark Google Street View capture of Geocachers in action was a 1 in a million. There probably are more out there, but for now at least I have found the 2 in a million using the history feature on Street View at cache GC13ZAG More details of my find here: terrastreetview.blogspot.com/2020/10/more-geocachers-caught-on-street-view.html If anyone has found any more I would love to know, and do please share the links / pics
  3. It's the 1st anniversary of the #UKGeocachingHour hour tonight. If you're a twitter user then do join in, if only to say 'hi'. Find us by searching the hashtag, and join in with us by adding it to each of your tweets. Hope to catch a few of you on there. Less than an hour to the Birthday party!
  4. I would say the former, or at least this is part of the problem, as I have managed to post duplicate logs myself using an unofficial app that does not use the API. The duplicate logs happen when I have logged out in the field, which I don't do often, and have had bad data coverage. c:**o says it cannot submit the log and saves a draft, which you can log when you have data coverage again, which is good. But sometimes it has actually submitted the log even though it says it hasn't. I am quite good at tidying up my mistakes quite quickly, but it is a bit embarrassing. I don't know of an automated way of dealing with these logs, sorry. I would imagine it would only be a small bit of code to stop duplicate logs with words status and date. I don't know why Groundspeak have not done this. And I don't know if it is likely they would if you asked again (though I can guess the answer to that). However if you put a request in I would second this suggestion, as I am sure others would. You would need to tell me where to write, post, or mail them to do this though. I am guessing, though I can't substantiate my guess with real theory as I have done very little programming, that it wouldn't be too hard for them to write and run a script to clear up all such duplicate logs submitted on all caches to date too?
  5. Have reposted this on the Cotswold Caching local Geocaching forum. Link.
  6. I am sure it would be an awesome adventure but do not think I would be able to partake in personally. As MrsB said, it is quite quiet here compared to a few years ago. As well as FB, if you want to try reaching out using twitter there is a hashtag hour #UKGeocachingHour between 8pm and 9pm on Tues evening you could let relevant people know about your ideas via
  7. Hi smasher43, welcome to the addictive hobby Each area has a differing amount of premium caches. Just a few miles from my home there is a ring of over 100 premium member caches. In your area there may be many less, or much more. For the main part the caches are no different to those available to everyone. It is just that the cache owners have decided to set them to be for premium members only. There are a number of reasons why a CO may choose to set them as premium only, I will let others list reasons for that, but one of which is that an audit is available to the CO so they can see who has been looking at their cache pages. If you would like to get an indication of how many more caches would be available to you if you were to pay up, then may I direct you to THIS BLOG POST I wrote last year. I have just checked out the same procedure I detailed on there, and it still works. I put a video on there to help explain too. In short sign out of your account and take another look at the map of your area Hope this helps you, happy caching!
  8. If you didn't know, you can use PQs on your phone too, just like on a dedicated GPS. If you have a good caching app on your phone and use offline maps, you will use zero data, it will cost you nothing
  9. Hi Floydsdad, Welcome to the addictive hobby To answer a couple of your questions (these are my opinions only): Premium Membership, is it worth it ? - Yes. Though only if you are going to make good use of the additional features. You may want to hold off for a bit to see if the Geocaching bug really takes a hold of you. I know some cachers who have a lot of finds, but who have never paid for premium. There are work arounds for some of the paid features if you choose not to go premium, but paying does make things simpler. For me it is worth paying for the Pocket Queries. I let my membership lapse for a while when I had a quiet period of finding last year and didn't need PQs. Smart phone v GPS device? - Will answer with a question.. what do you use at the moment? Whichever it is, stick with it for a short time until you feel you need to upgrade. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you look through older threads here you'll find many a discussion debating which is best. Phones are getting better, but not all phones are equal. I am personally happy with my phone and the apps I use on it. My top tip would be to always carry a pen with you wherever you are
  10. I have posted the link on our local forum cotswoldcaching.co.uk and tweeted through the group account to help spread the word
  11. From the cache linked to by Simply Paul you'll find this link to a short book marked list of the archived caches there if you want to try looking for them.
  12. Have you seen or used the GAGB Land Agreements? Certainly for my area it has been very useful, directing me to exactly the right point of contact.
  13. Congratulations! - (your log) - Yes, congrats to you both! Been watching this thread, happy to see it worked out for you.
  14. Available currently to watch on Catch Up. Feature starts at 15mins.
  15. Try at cachewalker.co.uk, they have a number of members in the Worcestershire area.
  16. Is the land you found the cache placed on your own? If so the GAGB could advise you. Contact details via this page: http://gagb.co.uk/landowner_contact_page.php
  17. It's really nice to read about this non-trackable traveller travelling well. But Dave's Piglings, you're taking to the Halloween Mega! Have you not seen the movie The Little Vampire!? I fear for this little cows safety... Look after that little cow, don't let it get bitten.
  18. As the cache page stands at the moment, the short time to find aside, it looks to me more like a mystery cache than a trad. If the OP is still around, and as another version of this cache will probably not be published again, I would be interested in learning what was supposed to happen with this cache. If it had to have a really short life span due to using batteries to run something in it (random guessing by me), and the idea is a good one, maybe the idea could be used as a Lab Cache for one of the Megas?
  19. A few suggestions I would make. The first is to take a look at the GAGB Land Agreements that are currently in place, you may find the information you are looking for is there. If you primarily want to highlight the listed building through a cache placement my second suggestion would be to hide an offset multi. Cachers would visit the building to obtain information via a virtual clue there which they would work the final coordinates from. You could possibly be able to hide a nice (larger than a nano) sized cache, and wouldn't have to worry about getting permissions to hide something physical at that building. I'm tired so not explaining well, but I see you are quite new and not found any multies yet so it might be an idea to try and find some of this type first to get a better idea of how you could work in something like this for you cache.
  20. How about GC4R6MX. It is a premium cache, but you should still be able to see the cache photo gallery to assess how fitting the location is. Or my GC46F9W. Though it probably will be redeveloped before long.
  21. Third and final guess. Photo taken at GC1NNHH. Link to full size photo It was a clear day at Appeldal today. The photo was taken near on a bit of high ground at the most impressive building of the settlement with good views over a couple of other settlements to the north-east, with even SAMI to be seen across the waters in the far distance. My final guess id that it is a small container under the skirt of the flag pole at Appeldal next to this building.
  22. My second guess. You'll have to use a lil bit of imagination for this one... Link to full size photo The long YLÄMAAT Canal Tunnel opened for business on 20th April 1789 after 5 years of construction and provided a much easier method of transporting goods between POHJOISET MANNUT and HEINMÖRK than trekking with horse and cart over the almost impassable mountain ranges that separated them previously. It is now disused, the last commercial passage being in 1911. The tunnel is falling into disrepair and has been impassable by any floating craft for many years as a number of collapses block the way. The tunnel stretches from the river alongside the mountain range named HUKANSELKA, just north of the mountain range TRAAKINHARJA, and follows an almost straight path under the mountains surrounding YLÄMAAT to emerge into the north-east most fork of the river in HEINMÖRK. It is just inside this southern portal that this picture was taken on Saturday, about 50 metres from GCGNBE. Knowing a few of the CO's caches, I do not believe the cache to be hidden in this dangerous tunnel. However it's not far from this portal. On the map between the name HEINMÖRK and the mountain range there are four trees. In the centre of those trees are the remains of an old cottage, not much more than the stone wall foundations which rise to about a few feet high at most are left. Tucked into one corner under a couple of the fallen stones is a solid built 50cal ammo can.
  23. My first guess... Link to the full size photo Taken at GC4ZD7V about a half hour before dusk this evening, along a narrow stream just as it joins the River Rykinjoki from the east on the edge of the woods. The cache is wedged tightly in a head height nook of a moss covered tree, the one closest to the building labelled Kilpi on the map. If you are interested to see what the impressively trimmed hedge that surrounds Kilpi looks like, a photo of that can be seen via GC4ZD7V. I couldn't post that one as xJ had the camera at that point.
  24. Could be listed on anther site. Could be a final cache for a multi-cache, or Unknown/Puzzle cache. it's not, we have checked As well as the four other main listing sites and this site, some other groups and organisations hide their own caches. We do a few of our own on our local forum. It could be something like that? I don't know that area of the country though so cannot offer further help on this one. Also on some of the listing sites you can have movable caches, where someone finds it and re-hides it in another location for the next finders. Just another thing to bare in mind when some of these random unexplained finds that cannot be found on gc.com pop up.
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