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  1. I’m following the recent posts to this thread with huge interest. Like Flying Kiwi, my mini map lost its GME compatibility some months ago and it’s a huge pain as I use that little map all the time. In addition, I always found the blue line with secondary icon (and green tick) immensely helpful when plotting adjusted cache locations and nowadays it doesn’t appear on either the mini map or the larger map. If anyone can help me restore the missing blue line/green tick combo on either or both maps, it would make such a difference and I’d be very grateful. Equally, I’d like to get the mini map back to its previous format where I can select ordnance survey, etc. too.
  2. I use Garmin GPS Export (https://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=7745&st=60&#entry270112) which does it, as an aside and displays it on my GPSr in the form of an 'extra' log, which it creates as it exports the file (it also shows other really useful info like any personal cache note I may have made where I might have recorded the hint for the hide). It doesn't specifically display it alongside the cache name as you requested, though. So if that bit is important, hopefully someone else who knows of a useful macro, will help you. Or you can look through the macro library here: https://gsak.net/board/MacroIndex.php or ask on the GSAK forum.
  3. https://coord.info/GC9BGPH produces error message https://coord.info/GC8KW6P produces error message https://coord.info/GC90KGM produces error message https://coord.info/GC8VXNJ produces error message https://coord.info/GC90QEV produces error message https://coord.info/GC4AWN1 produces error message https://coord.info/GC8D13N shows a photo correctly
  4. When trying to view a photo on a log, this error message has been appearing fairly frequently for the last few weeks and what started out as a minor inconvenience has now become a very annoying feature. It started to appear intermittently some weeks ago but over the last fortnight, has appeared every time I try to view a photo, direct from a log entry. There seems to be nothing wrong with the photos themselves as it is still possible to view the item by going the long way round through 'view gallery'. but it's a lengthier option and more time-consuming. It's clearly an error message so needs to be fixed, now, I think. I'm using Chrome and Windows 10.
  5. I'm in now,... for the time being anyway. Thank you.
  6. Yes it's now gone from very slow to STOP. It's kicked me out and WON'T let me log back in, telling me that my username and/or password are incorrect (which they're not). Let's hope it's fixed quickly.
  7. The first stage is to identify someone willing to take over responsibility for the caches. If you get a reply on this thread, go to this link to start the process to transfer the caches to them. https://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
  8. Same thing happening for me, have tried using different browsers on several devices using both Chrome and Firefox. Hope this gets sorted quickly as my PQ map of solved puzzles is my starting point to plan a caching trip and am really stuck without it.
  9. Yes it does... https://www.cacherstats.com/cgi-bin/RankingList.pl Although project-GC will also do the job for you!
  10. The thing is, Wendy, GME isn't an official part of the geocaching website. It's an add-on which jri kindly created for all of us who love it... and it sits on top of the official site. Like thousands of other geocaching add-ons do. The 'they' you mention (who make the changes) don't - and won't - test for compatibility with every possible add-on out there, because it's not part of their job to do that (and wouldn't be practical or possible). GME is not part of their company, their business or their web site and is simply something extra we use and have because we find it useful (and brilliant).
  11. Don't give up hope! The CO in question is still actively caching and placing new caches. He has a very very high (really huge!) number of caches so as you say, he may be busy, or more likely, he's probably just forgotten. A polite second request might be in order, perhaps starting with, "I'm sorry to bother you again about this..." or I "hope you don't mind me asking again about..." and including "I can appreciate how busy you must be" or ""I really appreciate you taking the time to collect my TB." Good luck .
  12. Good morning That area is a little far away from me and not somewhere I visit often. However, if you want to get in touch with geocachers from that general location, try posting on what seems to be the nearest 'local' cacher facebook group. The Beds, Bucks & Herts Geocachers group where I'm also a member, is quite popular and has lots of cachers posting on it. You may be more likely to get a response from that, than from here which is much more a national forum... (and is sadly very quiet). If you include a hyperlink to that archived cache like this: https://coord.info/GC7MMBZ , you'll also make the job of finding out exactly where it is, easier - and you may be more likely to get a response from busy folks. Mellers
  13. Because of the way the game of geocaching is designed, neither Groundspeak (the business company that runs geocaching) not any attendee I've ever spoken to on a CITO has required insurance. It will usually be the land manager who gives permission for you to be on their land, who may mention it and may demand it. As geocachers we undertake this hobby (and attend CITO events) as individuals and no-one else but us is liable for our own injuries! If you want geocachers to join you on your litter-picking activities, the only thing I can think of that your organisation might consider worth paying out for on a CITO, is 3rd party insurance (i.e. costs incurred or injury caused to any member of the public, by an attendee of your event). It does sound like a geocaching CITO is really something which would be worth you including... and submitting a CITO event page for publication, the next time you want lots of local free labour! That will get lots of geocachers to join you and you might even recruit a few really local locals for your own initiative too! Unfortunately, at the moment, because of Covid-19, NO events (including CITOS) are currently being published at all. This has sadly been the case since March 24th 2020. We have had no guarantee from the UK reviewers (who publish event-pages online) when CITO events are likely to be allowed to go ahead again but my guess is around June, when all the pubs open again - or later.
  14. Each player of the game takes part at his or her own risk so I've never had insurance at any of my CITOs. You give attendees a H&S briefing beforehand - and provide hand-washing kit if you want but that's it. Sadly, I do know that some councils (mine included) won't even entertain the idea of volunteers litter-picking on council land, without insurance. When they told me I need insurance to organise a CITO for them (with them to provide kit) I walked away and did one somewhere else. One way of getting round what's becoming a common talking point is to liaise with the local land managers who may also use volunteers for other activities. Everyone 'signs in' at the beginning of the activity, listens to the H&S briefing, then becomes a temporary member of the organisation for as long as it takes to complete the activity. Some land managers insurers provide cover specifically on this basis. Given that (as I understand it) you also need to provide proof of land manager's permission before embarking in a CITO, these days, it would make sense to ask them about their insurance provision if it's something that bothers you.
  15. What were the names of Elizabeth's half-siblings (they were related by their father Henry VIII) who were also Tudor monarchs?
  16. I'd love to help as this is a venerable series and an asset to the community, due to its age. Sadly, I live too far away to manage to maintain them conscientiously but have asked among both Surrey and Berkshire cachers on facebook.
  17. Time for a couple of hints, I think. Poet John Betjeman wrote a poem about this town which begins... "Come, friendly bombs and fall..." and the TV series, 'The Office' was set in the sales office of a paper company there.
  18. Which Berkshire town has the UK headquarters of Mars (them what makes the choccy bars)?
  19. OK, so this is an answer I don't actually know, per se - but I'm going to have a logical stab based on some stuff I do know and the way the question was worded... (don't laugh at the result!) Given that Perseverance only just landed on Mars, I'm going to guess Mars is the first planet piece. I know Mars is the Roman God of War - and given that I know Jupiter was the bringer of Joy, my full answer is going to be a mismatch of all those 3 snippets How about "Mars the bringer of war"?
  20. Well that's a DING to Mrs Marty - perhaps you can ask her to set the next question?
  21. Who won this year's UK Masked Singer (dressed as a sausage)?
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