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Congrats Fuchsiamagic, on getting you 1000th Cache.


Well done Chris



Crumbs, you're on the ball! I've only just logged it! Many thanks anyway Andy. :D


I was just logging in to say Congratulations Chris - and there was me expecting to find a log for either a dark, wet or muddy cache for your 1000th. That sounded far too easy :laughing:

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Did my 100th cache Yesterday (09/09/09). :laughing: The forecast of good weather prompted me to walk for the first time up to Corn Du, Pen Y Fan and Cribyn. GC5250 MrsJP :) flatly refused to have anything to do with it! She missed some glorious views but Cribyn was a bit of a slog.


I also got my 1st FTF Tuesday (08/09/09) GC1XGJT


And Today - Thursday 10/09/09 is my 26th wedding anniversary :D


Not a bad week so far :laughing::D:D

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I reached my 200th about a week ago, and it was also beginning of February last year that I started out geocaching, and I've just released my first 5 travel bugs into the wild at a caching event that I attended today. Also thought it was about time I joined the forum.

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Yay! Hobgoblinkiteflier gets a mention on the Podcacher podcast!!! <_<


My daughter (Pink Lemming) wrote an email after our exploits trying to retrieve a cache that had fallen inside a hollow tree. I added the "CSI" style detective part and we sent it off just two weeks ago.


Its in show 259 at about 27mins. Sonny is absolutely right about my caching name - its far too long, but I feel that I can't change it now...


Oh, we went back to the tree at the weekend with the barbeque tongs and got the cache after 5mins fumbling! Maybe should have left it as a 5* difficulty?

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Wahey! James and I have recently passed our 100 finds mark, in under a month of caching.


We mainly cache around Portsmouth and Gosport on the south coast, but have found caches as far afield as Northampton, Bristol and Guildford.


We have hidden two, and have another two awaiting publication.



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I'm pinning this topic at the top of the forums as a place where you can express your congratulations to anyone and everyone when they achieve a significan geocaching milestone. It is meant to replace the numerous "Congrats" threads that appear from time to time in the UK forum.


Although not everyone will be happy with this style of offering good wishes to fellow geocachers, it is commonly used elsewhere and most people who responded to my previous thread thought we ought to give it a go.


So.......congratulate on :(

:D:laughing: Hmm just started so congrats to me for joining not found any yet???

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Congratulations to 'Weary Banker & Bookworm' on your 3000th


Now I know why you weren't at Stuey's 10years ! event in Exeter - you had decided to attend an alternative 10years ! event in .......


......... Tokyo ;)


Exactly! I know where I'd have rather been, haha.

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