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Congratulations on your 1500th find Lee & Co (Rosie's Rangers). Looks like you had great fun last night :anibad:


We did it in about an hour too at a normal walking pace and including a couple of false trails and some tomfoolery in the middle of the walk which delayed us for a short while. The GPS read something like 2.4 miles by the time we got to the cache if I recall correctly.


you must of run round the course it took us 2 hours in the daylight !


edited to correct my bad typing!

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Congratulations to ourselves on reaching 528 FIRST TO FINDS + 91 if you include the ones on day of publication and for holding the record for most FIRST TO FINDS in 24 hours (Jan'08)



Woah! That is impressive Cats!! We knew it was going to be high but 528! Congrats!

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You chose a good 'un for your milestone, the Wye Valley Ghost Train is one of our favourites :)


Mark & Donna


Well done Henry and Linda,the Ghost Train is one of our favorites too,bet it helped walk off that big breakfast H :laughing:

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Congrats to two really great Reviewers for publishing a few million caches (well it must seem like it anyway) and thanks from me for my 32 of those, (especially the one where I got the coords wrong by a degree and it seemed to be about a mile east of Clacton beach, and you didn't laugh too much while pointing this out.)


sorry, don't feel like posting on all the sad threads over there.

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