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  1. Very best wishes to JimJinks on his wedding day today, marrying his delightful and melodious Ems. I hope you have a wonderful day and eat lots of cake!!
  2. I see you've logged GC18R38 now so you've obviously worked out how to do it! Congrats on your first find. cakemaker
  3. West Pennines, Legend series and loads of others too
  4. I have found Garmin Customer services to be very good indeed. Try emailing them and explain the problem. Even though my Etrex was out of warranty, they asked me to send it back and replaced it within a week!
  5. Geocaching is the cover story in the current publication of 'Camping & Caravanning' magazine. It's a well written article running to 5 pages by travel writer, Helen Werin with great photos of Stanton Moor by her husband. It really captures the excitement of the hunt whilst also giving sensible tips.
  6. Where did you send it to? Mitac UK? That may be MUCH cheaper! I do have a power monkey. I used gps midlands, delivered it myself, collected it one hour later. Result! Was so pleased left an Acer to be repaired too but waited weeks and months to get that back. Have since used ipaqrepair who were very efficient.
  7. I got my Mio wet once too, sent it off and got a new screen and also use an external power source.
  8. I told you that you'd soon hit the top spot when you were drawing that silly graph at the Knosh in Knowle event to prove that you wouldn't!!! Many congratulations.
  9. I normally go out with just a few essentials but not long ago went for a FTF on a cache which required special equipment, so packed the step ladders and my super fit, tall son into the car, amongst other things- just in case!!!!! Beat that !!!
  10. Never enough- as the prime organiser of our caching expeditions I often seem to forget something and get a right rollicking from mr c (when I let him out to play)!!!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS IZZY AND PAUL on your 1300th find. Glad you enjoyed it! Cakie x
  12. My silver Severn Valley geocoin was removed from Starling Woods on 17th June- 3 1/2 months!!!. I've had no success contacting the cacher. If anyone knows him/her and could remind them to move it on, I'd be v grateful.
  13. Severn Trent use them for waypointing water meters etc.
  14. Great list, good idea. Further suggestions: traveller (alternative to hitch-hiker) PDA paperless
  15. You'll get a really good tour of Stratford by doing Becksmart's multi GC139B8 Much ado... and whilst doing that you'll pass or be very near to several others by Becksmart, Delta68 and Jim Jinks including GC1DFA3 Anonymous Lock, GCYE62 Lucy's Mill, GCE9YX Uninhabited island, GC1A2YW View from a bridge, GC1BCHT Henry VIII, GC1DG8V The Greenway 7 meadows, GC17NM5 End of the line
  16. Any caches from the following for good locations in and around Stratford and for good walks in the pretty villages and surrounding countryside... Stag Ramblers, JimJinks, Wrighty, Delta68, Becksmart Enjoy your stay!
  17. Just to walk round it? I think not. As long as you are respectful, no sane person would object to anyone looking round a cemetery, churchyard or similar. I totally agree and think visiting churches and their environs should be encouraged. My previous post was in reference to the hiding of physical caches and was intended to be somewhat tongue in cheek!
  18. Yes, it's consecrated ground. 'Consecration is the setting aside of land or buildings for sacred use in perpetuity.' Does sacred use preclude any other use Don't know! Perhaps permission has to be sought from a bishop +/or reviewer!
  19. Yes, it's consecrated ground. 'Consecration is the setting aside of land or buildings for sacred use in perpetuity.'
  20. Thanks for the links PDOPs. Have started looking at the index- Canada is HUGE!!! I should have said- I use IE at home and a PDA, Mio 550 in the field. Cheers
  21. Hi from UK! my son has landed a 3 month contract with Rolls Royce in Montreal starting soon, so me and hubby hope to be coming over for a holiday in August. I need some advice on what is the best mapping programme for caching in Eastern Canada that I can download pocket queries to. Here in UK I use Memory Map and Fugawi, not sure if they are available for Canada or if there's a cheaper alternative. (Have already got BeeLine and TomTom sorted.) Also, we'll be touring, hopefully hiring a motorhome. Might go to Ottawa, Buffalo, Niagara, Toronto, Quebec and , of course, Montreal. Where would you recommend for the best sights/ caches?! Thanks a lot Lorna aka cakemaker
  22. I didn't think you'd have to wait long before Izzy and Paul got it!
  23. I'm not far away in Bromsgrove and my husband conducts Stourbridge Operatic Society's shows every year in the Town Hall! I see you've had your first cache published today- exciting!!!!
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