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  1. You're right, in general; however for the first UK Mega event in 2009, a couple of campsites were organised for those of us who wanted to make a stay of it, and someone had the brilliant idea of sticking an Off Yer Trolley cache in every supermarket in the area so we would easily know where we could get provisions - it was back in the days before Off Yer Trolley's had taken off in a big way and so there weren't that many around. Well I don't often read the forums but smiling at that this thread.. Even more so as i was the cacher that placed the caches at the supermarkets in Ripon.. Marty I just noticed it was 2008... Time flies as they say
  2. North up all the way for me.. OK TomTom does whatever it wants.. But then I have Memory Map running next to it N up
  3. Adding 2 photos to the q.. Not really wanting these to be considered in the comp. Its summer .., One will be obvious in its location.. But where was the other ??
  4. I think we were talking at cross purposes. I was specifically talking about Team KONA (who are local cachers to me and Simplysup) who had a message read out by Simon Mayo about retrieving a cache at the Trevi Fountain. I think you thought that this is where Simon Mayo had been caching. Simon Mayo certainly seemed genuinely interested and certainly all his team were extremely positive so maybe he will set up an account and come on the forums? I also heard the message from a caller 'Shhhhh its all meant to be a secret'. I wonder how many cachers (especially some of the very longstanding brigade) agree with that sentiment when Geocaching gets this type of media spotlight. Mmm Dont think I misquoted.. I know I'm not one of the "Longstanding Brigade" as I've only been caching since the beginning of 2005
  5. Yes, I heard that bit. They mentioned that they had just retrieved a cache from next to the Trevi Fountain. Someone also e-mailed in and said that they had just logged on to Geocaching.com and found that there was a cache 10 metres from the back of their house that they never knew about. He doesn't seem to have logged the cache as a find [presume he is talking about the Rome Trevi fountain ? Fontana Di Trevi logged 17/10 according to my quick research? Ok , i'm being thick here, So what was his caching name ? Original post referred to a w.e find. Simon probably has no account.. Liked the section he did on caching.. very good We could do with more positive reports like this..
  6. Thanks for the reply,I have trawled through the uk retailers list but £5.79 inc P&P still seems most competative. The above though £4.59 + "All orders within the UK are charged at a flat rate of £3.99 £3.49, this is irrespective of the number of items you buy. This shipping cost covers packaging, delivery and labour". All sites seem to start out roughly the same then whack it up with the P&P some more than others it's just for what ever reason the Amazon one seems the best P&P at 0.80p I don't really want to splash out on other stuff I don't really need at the moment, but I hear what your saying. If you go to the Mega event at Northampton this weekend you can meet the cachers and brows the stores.. And miss the postal costs as well..
  7. Just spent a long weekend at Cam a small pebble throw from Stroud. Another FTF missed.. ;*)
  8. Nothing about squeezing money out of anyone - Opencaching.org is free, as is opencaching.org.uk - another entirely different geocaching site. One extra thing here. When I placed the caches at Fountains/Studley the Idea was to park at the NT Visitors centre for a circular style walk. The parking at the visitor centre is free However if you choose to drive through deer park there is a parking fee by the lake (free for NT members)
  9. Ill reply here as I'm the owner of the GC Caches at Fountains Abbey. Getting them there was not an easy task but finally I got permission for placement on the estate Fountains/Studley from the authorities.. (initial work 2008) Then a few weeks later other workers at NT placed Garmin Opencaching boxes on the estate. One of which is in the same location as one of mine. Maybe I should delete the logs of folk who sign the wrong log
  10. Looks like an interesting cache. pity its gone AWOL. Dont know why you are accusing a Prem member of swiping it though
  11. Are you doing it as the 3 Yorkshire peaks or sprinting around the the 3 mainland peaks?
  12. There is a Holiday inn at Junction 13 M6 Stafford south. With a faminly friendly pub "Catch Corner" at the same location. Eaten there several times.
  13. I'm glad you liked that When I placed them it seemed the best way at the time to solve the problem. Things haave moved on a bit since then.
  14. Som pretty good caches in and arround Stafford. Try Dead Mans Chest in Castle church its easy and a lovely Church ( We got Married here) Also Any Fort in a storm One of the early UK caches from 2002 which is walking distance from the previous. If you have some time in the area then this must be worth the effort.. Alchemy Quest.
  15. I hope they work well. But as a Newcastle United supporter I will get mine elsewhere..
  16. Merry Christmas everybody.!! Be well and have a good festive bash. Don't drink too much (That's my job)
  17. I have a couple of sturdy sets of boots that I have had from my teens.. Yes I was a teenager once But in the last few years have used Hi-Tec boots. Lite well wearing and dry.. love them even if I have ended on my arse a couple of times..(heel tread could be a little sharper)
  18. My filter is pretty straightforward, if it's on my unfound list then sooner or later I'll go and look for it. If I get there and decide it's not one I want to hunt I move on to the next one. This is exactly the way I cache. Yes there are "Special" caches such as Puzzles or 5/5 caches, but I will try to grab any cache.
  19. OO thats got me thinking.. Logged a cache today but do it on auto pilot.. Think its date then name.. date always day/month/year.. None of thar merrican gubbins
  20. What a pity. This was a lovely wood and a great cache site. RIP
  21. Hi Lesleyr. What I would do is wait for a few weeks at least before noting one as missing. Some people (myself included) may be a little lax at logging caches and TB's. Also some folks may be on there hols caching and not able to catch up with their logs for several weeks. Sometimes TB's go missing for months (or years) and then suddenly turn up again. Cheers and enjoy the hunt.
  22. Yes please. I'll message you. Thanks alot. Rebecca I wonder what this is to do with
  23. Sounds like a really good idea. Could be 3 of us up lor that. Will bring good trades for the boxes.
  24. Oooo I might be up for this Already got the badge with a time of 10H45Mins walking with pack. I was younger then though It's a right old treck to be sure.
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