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  1. So, events at transport hubs can take place so as long as ALL Geocachers can participate in the event itself? So, for example an event at a railway station's cafe that is opened to the public is ok?
  2. Sadly, today I have archived Britain's most awarded favourite point cache, Tin Pan Alley Band. The continuing building works at GZ has changed the whole scene of the cache location and it is unlikely to return to its former self. Do read the final log with all the statistics for the band, it makes interesting reading. and finally, thank you everyone who did find this cache and also awarded it Favourite points. Goldpot
  3. It half slows down my computer!!!
  4. Wellies here too! Had them for 15 years and got them for free from work! Not only have they kept my feet dry, but I never had a bister from wearing them or slipped on wet rocks either, so unlike my expensive treking boots!
  5. Yep, look what we did quite some time ago: Exeter cemeteries I cannot resist to ask, but did this task come to a dead end?
  6. Greetings all, I have tried a number of times recently to update my UK Heat Map but to no avail. Are there any other cachers having problems uploading too, or is it just me! UK Heat Map Linky
  7. ...update for goldpot on number of countries cached: Total today reached 34. Found caches in the UAE yesterday and in Oman today [] and nearly got arrested for doing so! [], but that's another story! Not that I'm spliting hairs, but Luzian, at number 2, is a Swiss! Bye for now, thinking of you all back in freezing cold Blighty.
  8. Have a caching New Year too! May I wish everyone this year fewer DNFs, no bites and stings and only meet friendly bulls!
  9. ...and there I was thinking that I was eating cashew nuts in my Chinese takeaway!
  10. Fagus sylvatica to be precise! Yes but its still not Castanea sativa although they are in the same plant family. ...meaning the Fagaceae family?
  11. Not seen (m)any guesses..... There's so many Reviewers now, I guess nobody really cares any more!! ...or is it the case now that who is not a reviewer!
  12. ...at probably the worst possible time when we all want to plan our caching weekend! It looks like I'm going to be on domestic duties this weekend if this web-site doesn't kick in soon
  13. A new trick I have found is to select all caches in London (you can do other regions too) through the 'Hide and Seek' tab then click on the blue rosette and it will list in order the highest total 'Favorite' caches. Here, I done it for you! One of mine is up the top.
  14. Coming up very soon we will have over 100 cachers in this country with over 5,000 finds...is that sad or not The top UK charts!
  15. Why not set up the cache you have in mind yourself? Just follow the intructions on the hide and seek page.
  16. Don't speak so soon! It's very jumpy at the mo.
  17. Don't really want to be glued to the chair.
  18. I don't believe it! Maintenance on a Friday evening! Twice in one week. If it ain't broken please don't fix it!
  19. London, England calling: We could organise an event for you during your visit to the capital. If so, do let us know what day and where in London you would like it to take place.
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