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  1. I've had a few turn up after a year or so as well. A golden rule with TB's is not to attach anything of value. I learned that the hard way after a toy space shuttle and a plastic dinosaur disappeared after a just few weeks. Out of 32 original TB's of mine, 23 have gone missing. The ones remaining are just tat which would indicate that the others have been deliberately stolen. I won't be putting out any more...
  2. And then the series gets archived... Now that IS annoying!
  3. There's nowt as weird as folks. I would just ignore it. I wouldn't even waste my time checking.
  4. What you need is a CREE LED headtorch. Brilliant!
  5. I don't agree. The same opportunities are open to everyone, but a little effort is required! If you don't check your notifications regularly, and be prepared to drop everything and go, you can't start wingeing that someone else got there first!
  6. If you are going to log a nano, can I ask that just a bit of common sense is used. I did one the other day where some twerp had put his stamp on the log - using up about six spaces!
  7. Quality caches never get blank logs. Just a thought...
  8. Most of these "rubbish" caches are usually put out by someone who has just discovered geocaching, thinks it's a fantastic new hobby (in their words), hasn't researched it properly and feels compelled to contribute as soon as they can by setting the type of caches described. However, over the years I have watched this type of cacher come and go as they soon lose interest and their caches will get archived due to lack of maintenance just as quickly as they appeared. Just look at their stats. I bet their finds are trailing off already!
  9. Nothing happens when I click on a cache icon on the maps so I can't bring up any of their details. Is this another bug? I've tried two different browsers.
  10. What he said. An even better reply. This attitude of "I'm deleting your log if you haven't signed the paper one" is very childish. It only makes for bad feeling and you get what you deserve if it upsets someone. And what is achieved anyway? I couldn't care less personally if that's how people want to play. They know if they found it or not so it's their loss and theirs alone.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13140013 Any thoughts on this? I must admit to not giving it a second thought when I drove through some rather rough residential areas on my own near Orlando recently...
  12. Once you've cleared all the caches local to you, the biggest expense is going to be the cost of the fuel to get to those further afield. If you're hooked, get a decent GPSr to start with. It's peanuts in comparison. I shudder when my stats show I've covered 35,000 km whilst caching!
  13. What I want to know, is are you going to publish this as large, small or micro? I did one of these once. Stupid idea. Never again...
  14. I'm sure there used to be a section where you could post about the geocaching.com website, but I can't find it now. Have the photos on GC.com got smaller? Back in 2008 I uploaded a photo at 800 X 600 pixels which is still displayed at 800 X 600. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/c3aac2a5-ce83-48c9-ae12-48c6d9fcbedc.jpg I uploaded one just now (2592 X 1944) and it has been resized down to 600 X 450! http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/08d0d92c-574f-4abc-9566-6278f09c3dad.jpg Have the picture sizes been reduced?
  15. There's extra text in that link messing things up. Try here Thanks. I'll try it when I get home from work tonight.
  16. Can somebody please tell me where I need to go to do this. This link at the top justs returns "404 - File or directory not found."
  17. This feature is great, however, most of the poorer quality caches (in general) come from non-premium members so it won't improve their output one bit!
  18. When I first got my 60CSx about 4 years ago, it gave me a lot of trouble - ie locking up and pointing in the wrong direction, but since doing a software upgrade, it has been absolutely fine. Works great in forests and I have no intention of ever changing it.
  19. People who think that by using the clue, they are cheating and keep ramming it down everybody else's throat in their logs! If they want to make it hard for themselves, that's their lookout!
  20. I did one today listed as "small", but it turned out to be a magnetic key holder! Very small!
  21. At the risk of stirring up the old chestnut of cache sizes again, it seems to me that a geoCACHE should be what it says on the tin - a cache of goodies. My dictionary defines cache as "A hidden store of provisions, treasures etc". Therefore a film-pot cannot really be called a cache. It's just a film-pot with a piece of paper in it. I don't want to get into the argument about the merits of micros (or not) as we all play this game differently, but I just wondered when the proliferation started - and by whom?
  22. I have just impulse bought an HP RZ1710 PDA and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable application to run on it which would give me cache information when I'm out and about with my GPS60CSx. I already have an old monochrome Palm which uses Cachemate, but it is a bit tedious to use and I am wondering if there is something better I can use on the new one?
  23. The write-up on the page of a cache near me says "Sorry it's only a micro, it was all I had in my bag at the time". Comments like that make me wonder why they even bother setting a cache and I for one certainly won't be bothering to look for that one!
  24. Caches beside narrow roads (we have those in the UK) where there is nowhere to park.
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