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  1. Adding a puzzle to solve usually helps a lot... Max
  2. Really sorry for the delay... Boggin's Dad gets the ding...
  3. Why is it unusual for a man living in Berwick upon Tweed to be buried in an English cemetery?
  4. I Think it's The Legend of Xanadu... but I can't remember there names.. Dave is one I think and Mick and Titch? MaxKim.
  5. I haven't noticed a drop off in finds on my London caches... Max
  6. I hear what you say but you must be very lucky, of the 81 bugs I have released only three original ones are still travelling... maybe it's just me that's unlucky
  7. Then why did Groundspeak bring in the Discover option if it's just spam? I handled the TB maybe I should have taken it and dropped it back into the event just like the good old days... Cheers MaxKim.
  8. I've recently had a 'discovered' log deleted without warning from a TB I saw recently at an event. I must admit that on close reading of the bug description it does ask for it not to be discovered at events... No explanation is given for this and it is allowed to be logged into events. I just wondered if anyone here has come across this elsewhere? MaxKim.
  9. Very sad news, we have met with John on many occasions, mainly at events across the North of England and done many of his caches,especially in the early days. MaxKim.
  10. Thank goodness they're back... saves opening hundreds of email per week. :D
  11. It may be just me but with over 150 caches out there the old email system was fine. In the first line it listed 'the name of the cacher then found or couldn't find' Simple to wade through the hundreds of emails per day to identify the problem caches. Now it seems I have to open each one.... hugh task. It may end up I just wait for the 'needs maintenance' flag to show and then sort things rather than do it after a couple of DNF's like now. :( Is it me or is this change for change's sake? MaxKim.
  12. Hi there, we could be able to help if no one else is available as we already have a few caches around. Regards MaxKim.
  13. Thanks for that.... For info I'm on O2. I have tried killing the app and rebooting the phone. Re connection I was on full strength 3G in the centre of Manchester. I'm glad it's not just me... M
  14. Is anyone else having trouble with the official iPhone app? (On ios 6) When I try to find nearest unfound I get the message.... "Network Failure There was a problem connecting to geocaching.com. Please check your network connection and try again later" Have tried re-booting etc all to no avail... Connection good as I can go via the GC.com website and all is ok... Shame as this is what you use this app for...
  15. Kew Gardens in London has some caches in it and there is an entry fee... You may wish to look at them. M
  16. Wigan Pier... It doesn't go anywhere... as mentioned by George Formby :lol:
  17. The number 13 ? And I'm impressed by your spelling skills That's a quick DING there.... :)
  18. Thanks for that. What is Triskaidekaphobia a fear of?
  19. Hi Nick, We have several mile stone caches.. Our Miles Apart series are next to mile posts... Miles Apart A GCKMHE Miles Apart B GCKMHH Miles Apart C GCKMHM Miles Apart X GCKMHP Miles Apart Y GCKMHR Miles Apart Z GCKMHT Miles Apart GCKMH6 (Not next to a mile stone but you have to get details off a stone before finding it) Also GC13HKP, In the Pink. Not ours but The Mile Post... GC1BN56... You get the picture of the post... the challenge is to find it.... Regards M
  20. Reminds me of A Level biology... I think it's to do with seeing in black and white when it gets dark... M
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