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  1. Looking at taking on the Lancashire event Second weekend in June If that's OK
  2. Ian , I'm so sorry you have this trouble with the geocaching and TRIGPOINTING sites. If you ever want to ask for subscriptions towards trigpointing.uk, please do so. I have had endless fun at lunchtimes on your T:UK site and your being down has led me here. Ganso Me too
  3. Wickers Hike was meant to be just that ( a hike ) and I planed to place just 4 but found that the moors were Quite a dangerous place and I was asking to much of you to walk 12 or so miles for so few . So it ended up being 10 which where more safety way points than caches. After a couple of months I noticed 1 or 2 cachers were getting in to difficulty from 3 to 4 which was a good long walk over peat land, so I tweaked the hike a bit more and added some more caches to keep you on the paths Yer the caches are a bit small but not micro, and I'd like to see the man how can place this many ammo boxes in his rucksack I work full time during the week and a volunteer range most Saturdays so have very little time to put as much caching in as possible, so I like to do as many as I can. Whether the caches are placed by the same person or 2,3 my Aime is to do as many as possible in the time that I've got, so you could say that's a power trail the only difference is you've planed them not the cacher placing them.
  4. Ruddy ell Going to have to do another maintenance check again, just recovering from a broken foot Was planning on doing another hike over a near-by moor soon tho
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