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  1. There are hundreds of good hilly routes in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales, Wye Valley and even a few in the Cotswolds. Llanthony Priory is probably the best place to start for the steepest ascents if that's what you want. There should be loads of ideas for you here.
  2. I have a Fenix 3, though I didn't buy it for Geocaching. It is designed to be a sports watch / activity tracker (not a smartwatch despite having some smartwatch functionality), hence it converts GPX files to FIT files, which do not support Geocaching. You can of course navigate to a waypoint. It even supports turn-by-turn navigation, which is cool. I bought it mostly for navigating hikes so I didn't have to keep on taking out my phone or GPSr. For this is works well. I will probably also use it for navigating to Geocaches, but will need to take my smartphone as well. I would recommend this device strongly if you are into hiking/running/cycling etc and activity tracking, but not for Geocaching only.
  3. It's the owner of the trackables that you should contact, not the owner of the cache they were in.
  4. This is possible in vanilla markdown, but Groundspeak have adapted it so this can't be done. You must have a white space or "punctuation mark" (currently .,?;: or !) at the beginning and end of the emphasis. This is so you can have things like {*FTF*} in a log I believe.
  5. Miraculously, this situation now has improved. lognumbers like 1869. are rendered today as I intended them, just like 1869. A first step in adjusting Markdown to the geocacher's needs? I don't understand why ordered or unordered lists are enabled in Groundspeak markdown. They add no value in caching logs. I'd love to know in a year's time how many logs use them. My guess is almost none (apart for a few people testing they work).
  6. I've been updating my partner app using the MarkdownDeep api and it returns as follows:
  7. There are various tools available online to do this, such as: html->markdown http://domchristie.g...io/to-markdown/ bbcode->markdown http://jondum.github...down-Converter/ Might be nice for geocaching.com to host something this on a tools page. The bbcode->markdown converter is pretty hopeless.
  8. Couldn't agree more. This is just taking the p***.
  9. Thanks MartyBartfast. I kinda guessed two ways that might work. The first one worked, so I didn't have to wait for my Geocaching friend in Florida to wake up. It's all just left a bit of a sour taste.
  10. Be creative and pay $30 So presumably you can either get someone in the US to gift you membership or... the other way.
  11. Unless like me your premium membership expired today after 8 years because you received no reminders. I'm now being asked for more than $41 after being promised $30 for life.
  12. Somehow my premium membership has lapsed. I received no reminder in any form. Is this normal? I remember from way back that GC.com said they would never increase membership fees from $30 providing membership didn't lapse. I was very disappointed to see I am being asked for £24.99, which is $41.69 at the current exchange rate. Is this correct? Is this what everyone in the UK has to pay now?
  13. The Moto G Forte should be a great budget, waterproof Android device when/if it arrives here. Can anyone who's got the current Moto G comment on how accurate/quick the GPS receiver is?
  14. I had a short-lived cache like this called The Phone Book. See if you can find it here for a virtual find. And no, you can't log it.
  15. Hi BCNorwich, Glad you're sorted. Your stacked up email sounds most likely to be an issue at your end as I got email notification of your approval being sent on 05/10/2013. Pieman, The activation code is held in the link as lodgebarn says. I see you've activated now though. I'll have a look and see if the activation message needs clarifying.
  16. Thanks for your positive comments Armsey. mapRoute is at least £19.99 cheaper per year too.
  17. There is no secure information saved in this account, so it poses no security risk. Autoloading of geocaches is turned on for new users, mainly to give immediate results without the user needing to do anything. I prefer to turn it off and manually trigger geocaches when I want them.
  18. Hi. I can see the approval email was sent. Did you check your junk email folder? I have manually approved your original account and emailed you from a separate account. This may also go into your junk email folder. It depends on how your filters are set up. Regards, Pete
  19. Hi, Do you want to plan your geocaching routes on a large scale (1:25K OS) map, with geocaching live integration, download all relevant caches with a single click, view elevation profiles, share routes and more, for FREE? If your answer is "Yes", then just click the logo. An official Geocaching Live partner app.
  20. I did a blog on MOBAC for Magellan eXplorist recently. It's for Ordnance Survey maps, but the process is identical which ever maps you choose.
  21. How Garmin have such a faithful customer base in Geocachers when they treat them so poorly is unfathomable. They haven't had a decent product since the CSx almost 7 years ago.
  22. What's wrong with an 18 mile multi? I own a 13 mile multi and I have done a 20+ mile multi in the past. It's one of the best caches I've ever done.
  23. In that case, the only other explanation I can offer is that there is or was a bug in the API. I know that during beta testing of GSAK v8 many problems were reported of caches being returned which shouldn't have been... That thought had occurred to me. Thanks for your suggestions.
  24. Yes, that could be it. Unlike PQs, the API has no means of selecting caches other than by coordinates. Whereas one might choose to restrict caches in a PQ by selecting the country, that's not possible in the API. So an API circle or rectangle in Lancashire, Galloway or Northern Ireland could easily return caches in the Isle of Man, and vice versa. Sounds very sensible... if only I'd ever run Get Geocaches for anywhere near that area.
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