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  1. Found out about your event this afternoon and offer 4 seats on the return leg ... parking in Chelmsford ... if someone gives me a lift to the breakfast event []
  2. I dont care what they say, DalesmanX is OK by me ...( you can pay me now) Since moving North I had no problems with any listing from him and in fact some patience and lenient approaches at times when setting caches and events. Rarely use the forums but saw the thread and wanted things balanced by the good side of reviewers as well
  3. Shameless Bump ..... have archived many of my caches now ... but am reluctant to see the popular rings go that way ... and the Hoard 5/5 series could be of interest to someone ....
  4. Thank you Paul May just have to get in training and take part in your next Northern adventure ... and I will be camping south next year of course
  5. Hi folks ... after caching from an Oxfordshire caching base over the last 5 years or so - I am moving to County Durham over the next 6 months or so. Commuting weekly means that all my current caches are being maintained less often and less well so I have come to the conclusion that they will either be archived or Adopted by other interested cachers. A number of them have already been adopted but at least 2 of my cache rings and a couple of mixed type series are still awaiting a new home. If you are interested please contact me through my profile Thank you Bob / Jollyjax
  6. Has anyone else tried this natty little live app on your phone ... seems to be gearing up to replace the once free Trimble Navigator .... thoughts all appreciated For me the only prob i seem to have is getting the phone app to realise i am a premium member .. but the idea is sound Look for it here
  7. The webpage is now live and you can find it here
  8. Time to plan a for Scarborough Fair then Peter
  9. Just like Peter and Jo, I have pulled a finger out today and booked a site for later in June - page yet to be published - when it is I will update. GC1PW5V - This is the Camp site Watch this space for details. 19 - 20th June
  10. Well Done Alibags - the next 4000 will be easier I am sure []
  11. Off to pick my daughter up at the Kassam ... can think of a couple of ammo cans nearby ..... hmm ... must take a torch.
  12. LordElph has a lot to answer for ... this little number makes me smile and its a Xmas festive one too
  13. We will miss you in the caching community round these parts John and even Sue with the face thats rarely bovvered As for your caches, I think your plan of archiving and giving others space to develop new caches so you can come plunder then on holiday next year is great If there are any near to me that you want to save or dont fancy the walk to remove .. let me know I will happily keep them going for you. No charge ... no cost ... Just continued friendship.... Dont be strangers
  14. This thread can be closed now ... nothing worked .. not even Garmin support ... so I went out and bought a new GPSmap 60CSx .. on Wednesday morning but have only managed 48 caches in the last two days
  15. Thank you folks ... did all the finger twisting combinations and then popped it in the airing cupboard .... Sadly nothing this morning except now I have a change in colour from black to not so black for about a tenth of a second but it does boot up Seems I must either leave it in a warm place for several months or go buy a new one Edited to remove the word ladies and add the word folks ... Sorry Chris, thought you was the missus
  16. seems the system spat me out once ... les try again ...
  17. You got some ivy in mind then John? ... great thinking Pharisee ... I know how you love that combo thing with a micro []
  18. Can anyone help? My Garmin Venture Cx has worked flawlessly with all types of batteries over the last 2 years for my previous 2500 cache finds .. and in fact was absolutely fine on Sunday evening last when I switched it off after a rainy days caching. Tonight I was about to upload new waypoints for some walking tomorrow and at the weekend ... DISASTER ..... it wont switch on ... Have tried a lot of finger poking multiple key stuff from several sites but to no avail ... Anyone seen this or have a solution other than returning it to Garmin? .... my spare unit is with another cacher as a favour .. so apart from Trimble Navigator on my phone I am a naked cacher ....
  19. As an oldfart to an oldtimer ... this was refreshing and thank you for the level headed approach here John..... I used a PAF several months ago and was guilty as charged on the phone muttering about micros and ivy or woods with no clues .. whatever it was, it wasnt good ... The experienced cacher I phoned simply sighed and said to me "You dont have to do them, you know!" .... That simple phrase sticks with me now and although I still do the same sorts of caches, now I just try to enjoy the fun and the walks ... without worrying overly about the ethics or politics or whatever ... that in the past I had been way too precious with .... Things change in life why should this game be different. Happy Caching and thanks for the advice Bob - you probably saved my pastime for me And a public sorry for those that this old fart has upset ... ignore me .. I will probably wander away in time twitching over yet another unfound box nearby ....
  20. For Gods sake some one close this thread before someone suggests that it was deposited IN a cache by aliens who have used it as some device or another ... all i wanted was to see if anyone knew the identity of those pictured ... a simple No would have sufficed
  21. Nope no written rule, but I don't understand why you'd wish to deliberately mess up the Region your caches are in. Just because you won't use the Region Search facility, why mess it up by deliberately listing your caches in the wrong region? You'd be annoyed if someone listed a local cache as being In France, this is just the same, for the Region Search facility to work, everyone needs to accurately list the correct region. Unless your not concerned about your fellow cachers who might be using the search facility! Ad just in case I haven't been clear at any point! We did not follow any Historical or Political Regions that have been used. Its not a case of doing anything deliberate here, I live 30 miles from Warwickshire and I live 95 miles from Portsmouth. I really dont think folks searching for caches around Newbury or Portsmouth would want to see my caches so close to Warwickshire. According to the Regional map some of my caches are in East Midlands and this fits really well because they are 15 miles from my home and situated in the county of Northamptonshire. Some of my other cachers just 5 miles further from home are truly in the West Midlands but those 2 or 3 miles south of my workplace are suddenly South of England. A personal view, not a deliberate act to confuse or mislead other cachers. I really do like the idea of a regional search and wouldnt want to mislead other cachers, quite the reverse, I would hope to ecourage folks to look for my caches by its use. Personally, it will take some time to get used to searching this way as currently I tend to trawl post codes or other cachers profiles No French caches were harmed or logged whilst submitting this post
  22. Yes - it was found in a cache and other pictures in the set make me beleive that the owners are cachers ... or were. I am loathe to publicise too many of them but wanted to find the owners to see if they either wanted it back or perhaps just wanted the pictures back. I am not a complicated person Sensei and dont like to format the card if someone wants the contents. Hope that helps to clarify ... if I hadnt found it in a cache I think the post would have been off topic and I don't fancy the wrath of an orange duck apon me
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