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  1. Saw one of these yesterday at an event here in the UK and they are amazing!
  2. Nós escolhemos recentemente um TB - TB5D6ZT que está em uma corrida - o proprietário TB agarrou-o do evento que tem que partir e colocou-o em um cache muitas milhas de distância - que tal como o seu companheiro portugesee cachers saber que ele é batota - nós podemos fornecer a prova de que ele está em nossas mãos, se necessário ....
  3. The problem is on the cache page its a photo, so it's not easy to copy. All I wanted is somebody to translate the writing in the photo. Have asked the CO and he replied ask someone who can speak Arabic. Alan
  4. I am hopping that someone who can speak Arabic can Transulate the following cache GC4X39Q as I am having on luck so far. Any help greatfully received Regards Alan aka wheelybarrow
  5. Sorry to hear that you are giving up - we will happily take on Satan's pit and/or To make a monster. Still have great memories of doing them both on a chilly November day
  6. I also found the oval mount that sticks to the dashboard and the two oval sticky thingumies that stick it to the dashboard (IIRC one is a permanent mount and the other is "semi-permanent", whatever that means). If anyone wants it just let me know, it's free to whoever wants it and when I get sick of the sight of it I'll chuck it out. HI Is this all still available? - if so I would be interested
  7. Count us in please - The Caching Corgis and Evil Beagles (AKA Rosie, Trixie, Meg and Jinny) would love to take part
  8. We are approaching our 5000th cache find and would like to do something memorable. Ideally somewhere within an 1-2 hours drive of East Devon. Mrs W is happy to go underground if need be but nothing with too tight a squeeze Suggestions for anything memorable welcomed.
  9. There was a gazebo outside the Brangwyn hall which had at least 2 people sitting there all day - there were poo bags provided and also water for dogs - a lot of people used these facilities including us with our 4 dogs - I also did a stint in helping out there for about 3 hours after lunch. Best dog facilities of any mega yet I would have said.
  10. I returned an Endura to Navico here in the UK last week as the screen on start up asked to be calibrated (which I have never had before) then when this was completed the screen went white. They had never heard of this before so sent me a new unit which I got yesterday and this has now done the same thing. All that I get is the mountains initially then just this white screen. Please can someone help - reading through the forums this is a known fault. I have tried to e-mail Endura Expert but he appears not to have visited Groundspeak for a few months.
  11. Went to the Big Pit as part of my A level Geography course - great experience. Remember that they had a bag for you all to put anything with batteries etc in just before you go down in the lift.
  12. Really nice coin - we picked one of these up whilst we were on holiday last week - will definately be looking at buying one.
  13. Haven't they worn those poor dogs legs out yet? Congratulations from both of us and our Corgis and Evil Beagle as well.
  14. I have just been quoted £36 to repair my legend, its only the rubber suround coming off. Will have to try anothe way, any one got any idears. Alan
  15. Congratulations Terry from us and the Corgis.
  16. This is of course entirely dependant on how many caches you stop for on the way up
  17. Ours and The Caching Corgis were sited last night and have gone for review this morning - hopefully they will be published in time to enter - provided the reviewers aren't too busy enjoying themselves at the mega
  18. Would recommend the caches on Cramond Island near Edinburgh - make sure that you get your tide times right though as the island is tidal.
  19. Mine were waiting for me when I got in from work yesterday. Great coins
  20. I too recieved my Flower of Scotland coins yesterday and think that they are fantastic - well done to the designer.
  21. We always log our DNF's - that way it alerts the cache owner to the fact that there may be a problem.
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