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Thanks Liane - I have loved getting to this landmark and look forward to getting more under my belt.


This leaves me now to say ....


CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING 300 too tteggod Trackers - well done and keep up the good work :laughing:


Laughalot xxx



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I found the most westerly cache in the UK ;) at W008'10.751 Bradoge Bridge, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland over the Easter Break.

Although there may be a dispute with this one to whether it's in the UK or the RoI...my GPS map clearly puts it in the UK, but the OS map puts it in RoI and the roads are Irish too...To be sure, I also did the nearest cache to it that is certainly in the UK!


Will Simply Paul beat this with his caching expedition to St Kilda which is further west???




PS...I'll find my 500th cache tomorrow!

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Congratulations to Paulluap for reaching his 100 yesterday at Haytor Views (7). Nice to bump into you later in the day at Haytor Views (6).


Just shows I should check the forums (fora ? , whatever!) more often. Thanks for the congrats. Working on the next 100 :cool:


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