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  1. We were the last finders of LQ:BEDFORDSHIRE - The Monmouth Way and it's sad that it had to go. We enjoyed the walk even though we did get caught in a rain storm with thunder and lightning. It's a shame the tree felling in the area led to it being archived, it was still better than half the other LQ caches we've done.
  2. I bought one at the Scottish Mega and a week later while doing a series not far from home we returned to the car to find some bu**er had nicked it so it's now an A4 laminated copy that I put in the back window while we're out caching and has been discovered a few times.
  3. What a pity that cache has been archived. It was a worthwhile spot, IMO... Come on cachers of the NE, raise the profile of this boring spot to "not quite so boring" once more - Put a cache back there again! MrsB Hear! Hear!
  4. So, where is that 1km square on the 1:50K maps which is white - nothing in it, no features or anything? Chris (MrB) It's grid reference SE8322 and there used to be a cache there called "The most boring cache in Britain!" GCMV4N
  5. Congratulations Lee, Caroline, Katie, Scott and of course Rosie on your 3000th cache. Des & Bren
  6. I downloaded MMsirfsetup in to the Mio and tried it out on Monday but MM v4.3.3 was still lagging behind and while walking towards a cache I was having a little play with the settings in MMsirfsetup but all it did was freeze the PDA, tried again yesterday after first making sure no other programmes were running and managed to set up MMsirfsetup, I originally set the com port to the same one as MM but found this didn't work and changed it to the GPS programme port setting and it now works perfectly. Thanks all. Regards Des
  7. The same thing happens on our Mio P550 running the same version of MM, think we need to upgrade our maps:o(
  8. Visit http://www.earthcache.org/ and use the submittal form.
  9. Congratulations on your major milestone we're only 5000 behind you Des & Bren snerdbe
  10. You could alway pass them our way Philip then we can upset our local cachers
  11. I had the pleasure of meeting Ewan at the 3rd Annual Scottish Cache Bash in May 2005 and he was truly a wonderful chap. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Des & Bren snerdbe
  12. We always enjoy our caching trips to North Wales and have had the pleasure of meeting Mike, Gail and Marzi and have done many of their great caches over the past few years, we're looking forward to the spring and our next visit although we still need one cache for Bingo on, on, on Des & Bren
  13. We had one yesterday Chip me into a Premiership Football Cache (TBKB3B) belonging to Slytherin that was picked up by a new cacher with a handful of finds on 22 Apr 06. We've emailed the previous finder of the cache to see if they placed it and where they had it from as at the same time they picked up Ma's Gypsy Geocoin (TBN6AE)
  14. .........you shouldn't have said that............. We found a 60CSX at a cache site earlier this month that had been sitting on the fence post for five hours and last Saturday we found a yellow Etrex sitting on a bridge by a SideTracked cache so it does happen. Des & Bren
  15. Congratulations Roy (Messe) on your 2000th cache. Des & Bren
  16. Congratulations Steve on reaching 6000 Des & Bren
  17. Looks like you'll have to go buy one Mark and do a review for us
  18. Huge congratulations John & Isaac Des & Bren
  19. Well done Steve on reaching 5000 Des & Bren
  20. Congratulations Diane & Ron on your 2000th cache Des & Bren
  21. Congratulations on your 1st century - still time to stop Des & Bren
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