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  1. Maybe more than you think - anyone with an iPhone or Android phone can do it using free apps, and probably other smartphones too. Maybe not a majority, but a sizeable minority. My iPhone picked instantly picked it straight off the screen. Rgds, Andy What he said I just found a free app for my iphone called QRReader and decoded it off the screen. I think there would be more cachers able to access this then there were for Wherigo and chirp caches - go for it
  2. I too found a tin of pineapple in a cache - it was only doable by boat and by the time we had canoed to it we were gratefull for the idea but no can opener lol The worst thing I have found was a tampon
  3. May I suggest that you go caching with a "kit" like lots of other cachers (including myself) do, amongst other things in my kit I have gloves - thick ones for thorns/stingers as well as some latex ones, if I come across a cache that is hidden amongst something that would irritate me, I just pop a pair of gloves on. I also usually cache with a walking stick which I can use to move things out of the way without touching them, or even use a nearby twig. hope that helps Tiger Eyes
  4. I have done the cache in question (twice in fact as I didn't keep the clues the first time round) It is a great hide and possible to retrieve the cache without even touching the ivy. All the caches on this trail are hidden/disguised in different ways and a lot of thought was put into them. Spindlewood has hidden some extremely good caches in the nicest of locations in areas that even locals don't know about, the walks are a decent length and are a lot cleaner (very little litter or dog poo) than other locations I have been to. Keep placing them Spindlewood because your caches set an excellent example of what decent caches can be like.
  5. I've just had an email informing me that the two officers concerned have looked on the website and have bought themselves a GPS - If you can't nick em join em
  6. It's nice to know I'm not the only one - thanks for the replies
  7. I was trying to do a multi cache in the yesterday evening whilst my eldest was at guides, I worked out all the clues easily enough and input the co-ords - when I got to the destination I checked what I was looking for and realised it was a nano (I hate nanos) so I looked at the clue to make it easier, the clue confirmed I was in the correct location but wasn't specific so I tried to discreetly start searching, there weren't many people about apart from the odd smoker outside a nearby pub so I sat down and pretended to be on the phone when I saw people and carried on searching when the coast was clear. I searched the area for ages then decided it must have gone missing so I sat on a bench to contemplate how to waste another hour when a police car drove by, then it drove by again, then it slowed down and parked and 2 policemen approached me and asked if I was looking for something!!!! Apparently they had been observing my suspicious behaviour on the CCTV (oops) I had to come clean and told them I was looking for a geocache and then went on to explain what one was, they asked me if I had anything to collaborate this so out comes the gps, the Iphone with app, the bit of paper in case I can’t work out the iphone app – the police were abit bemused and must have thought I was a local nutter. The worst part was when one of them recognised me from school (about 25 years ago) anyway they went off and I gave up on my hunt and logged a DNF 
  8. As the majority of cachers do not read the forums is it not possible to put them all in a cache close to you or pass them on to a local cacher to redistribute? I hope things start improving in your life to enable you to get back on track
  9. The clues are there!!! You rotters - this reply to my post put me off guessing MrsB Oh well when was the the brain operation? the one that removed the sane part to make you say yes
  10. Well Done That looks like a fantastic cache too
  11. Are we allowed to ask yes no questions to give a hint? If so are you a drake?
  12. No Probs here, I have updated my caches, Just updated my profile and now the little bit on the right says List newest in East of England Excelent trouble is it will take a while for all caches to be updated,so far I have 25 caches near me lol
  13. Thanks for this link. I'll certainly be book marking that! Your welcome
  14. If you want to make a few days of it I am going here on the 1st Aug, I'm sure there will be plenty of campfires as well as a few merry souls
  15. OOO Talkytoaster this is brilliant thank you soooo much for sharing I even managed to get it on my GPS without asking for help and that is an acheivment for a numty like me(Is a congratulations post in order) .
  16. Nooo don't archive it, My area of Norfolk was very slim on cachers and caches when I started but now there are more new cachers starting and they are finding old ones and placing new ones, I've only archived the ones that were muggled or the area changed to make it less interesting, the old ones are still getting visits by cachers on holiday and new cachers just starting
  17. I go caching with a little boy I look after - he will be 3 next month and have taken him caching since I started in 2006, The only problem now is that we can't go very fast as he likes to look at/in/behind every tree and I need to ensure that muggles cannot only see us but hear us as he isn't very good about keeping quiet when we find it "THERE IT IS FINONA"
  18. I've just done one this week and it was very enjoyable, the puplishing of the individual caches was spread out over a couple of days which meant different people got to ftf, I completed all 9, one of them as a FTF , a couple of the boxes were just big enough to sqeeze in a tb or coin but most of them were micro's. Unfortunately the cache setter got 2 of the co-ords the wrong way round so I was unable to find the final, but I have the co-ords now so will go back next time I'm in that area
  19. I have a TB currently in in this cache which has been archived. The cache owner has placed this as a holiday cache and will not be in the country until September to remove the TB's. Is anyone likely to be in the vicinity of the cache sooner than that who could possible rescue the 2 TB's that are in there please as one of them is in a race and idealy I would like it moved sooner than September. The cache is still in place it was rchived for commercial reasons. Thank you Tiger-Eyes
  20. Childminding is perfect for caching I drop off my kids at school, pick up littleun and I've got till school pick up to do as I wish. I can't travel to far away as obviously I have to be bck by mid afternoon but it is the ultimate payed to go caching . Well it was the ittle is now at pre-school and needs picking up at lunchtime most days therefore I half a day and very few caches within 25 miles
  21. My longest walk for 1 cache was 8.5 miles king john all washed up is a cache that I had been wanting to do for a long time and will probably always remain my favourite cache. Recently I have been caching for numbers as I wanted to reach a particular milestone by a certain date but now I'm going back to caching to enjoy the walk and if I only get 1 cache then so be it.
  22. Thank you all for your suggestions, I changed the note on the cache page so that it made sense in German and my coin has now been picked up and moved on Fiona
  23. A Huge well done too you I saw the photos it looks like you had a fab day wish I could have been there too
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