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CongratsCongrats Congrats CongratsCongrats CongratsCongrats

CongratsCongrats Congrats (Many Congratulations)

to Rosies Rangers on reaching 800

Well Done Lee, Caroline, Katie & Scott


Izzy & Paul



We think Izzy & Paul are trying to say congratulations to you all - well the same goes from us too. :unsure:


Des & Bren

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I have just spent the past 6 lunch hours going through and adding LOADS of new cachers to the UK Hall Of Fame <_< So a Big Congrats to all that have been added and moved.


There are now 709 people with over 200 finds :D compared to the 41 in January 2004 but there are over 4000 active cachers and there was only 1200 in Jan 2004.....


Jan 2004 (41)

Jan 2005 (141)

Jan 2006 (346)

Jan 2007 (709)


For more information I have updated the HoF as it was page (stats haters look away NOW!!! :( :()


Brian (Deego)


UK Hall Of Fame

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DAY Four and all reaching milestones! :bad:


Cachemad 600 :P


Stuey 1500 :P




Wadders 1800 :o




Sounds like you are having great fun even if the bikes you hired seem to have been a very close relation to the Penny Farthing :huh:


Sarah x

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