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  1. Someone has asked me about how to obtain a leather bracelet which has a trackable disc attached, which they saw at the recent North West Mega. I didn't see it myself , so wonder if anyone else has any knowledge.
  2. Over the past couple of days I have not been able to log into my Caching account directly,and have been requested to sign in via Facebook. I don't know why this has suddenly occured and can't seem to find a solution.Would appreciate any helpful suggestions.
  3. "The Woolpack" is a fictional pub... In real life the pub is called by another name. Yep I know that, have been in it many times. The Pub is real, the name is fictional. It is called the Commercial, as mentioned in the cache blurb.
  4. There will be many cachers who have taken up the hobby in recent years who will not have heard of Billy Twigger, a Scottish cacher who sustained very serious injuries in a fall whilst caching. He never fully recovered from his accident, and , sadly , is no longer with us
  5. Very Sad news. Our Condolences to all his Family and Friends. Noel and Sandra.
  6. close second though... LOL. M I though you meant using all the letters on the top row, no U in typewriter.
  7. Did a search from our post code,and got 660 within 10miles.
  8. Millets in York City Centre had a few of each coin today, apart from Big Ben. Blacks didnt have any at all.
  9. Millets in York City Centre had a few of each coin today, apart from Big Ben. Blacks didnt have any at all.
  10. Many congratulations, Steve, a brilliant achievement. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Congratulations,Mike, a fine achievement. Hope to see you on our patch again soon.
  12. Hi Alex, just read your log for the FTF.. It says you found it in the last place you looked....all our finds have been in the last place we looked. we stop looking then. Hope you can make the Mega event next week.
  13. Well done lads,a fine achievement. Now crack on and get past your Dad.
  14. Yes, I'm wrong. I stitched the wrong jpeg into the picture. It IS Peru. So, over to the Biffas for the next question. alex. Thanks , Alex Next question... Which shirt did Alex intend to stitch into the picture ?? Just kidding How long is the Suez Canal ? ( to the nearest 5km)
  15. Correct 1: LA Galaxy 2: Valencia 3: ??????? 4: Bayern Munich I used to be a football fan before I decided I preferred Rugby League. I remember when this team played in the World Cup finals, I think it is Peru shirt.
  16. They look like Alex's best suits to me, wears em when he has to go somewhere posh.
  17. Many congratulations to Russ, Maureen and Cooper ( not forgetting Bailey).
  18. Congratulations on your 1000, Steve, well done.
  19. DING . Billy Two Rivers was a Mohawk Indian wrestler living in Morecambe, as you do.
  20. Clue... his first name rhymes with silly, his surname sounds like more than one watercourse. used to be on telly a lot.
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