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  1. All up and running now. Thanks all for your help. I didn't need to re-register it in the end, just installed it again over the top of the broken copy and all all is fine. Except that I had to setup my filters and macros from scratch.
  2. Thanks Big Wolf will give it a go tomorrow. Hope I don't have to re-activate it again. Otherwise it's a huge list of old emails to search back through for the password.
  3. Anyone know where I can download a copy of GSAK version 6. My fully paid up version 6.6.4 has got corrupted and I need to download it again. The offical site doesn't have the link to older versions there anymore and I don't really want to pay again for version 7. cheers for any help
  4. I did several around the outsite of the Longleat CentreParcs last year (about 10ish) . You are allowed to take the hire bikes off site if you want to. They did do a GPS treasure hunt thing on site. But that's nothing to do with Geocaching.
  5. I had to read that through again. I'm sure it said 'sheep' 1st time I read it
  6. Only one I'm looking forward to, if it happens (hint-hint) is 'Carry Yer Own Camping 09. That's a proper camping event. Not your easy 10ft from the car stuff.
  7. Yup, I agree with Stuey. Garmin have lost two orders from me now. Was going to get a new Oregon 300t as well as the OS maps. Now they can stick it. I'll stay with my 60csx and GB Topo.
  8. I'll take all your really hard mystery caches. Then at least I won't have to spend hours working them out anymore. Nahh, don't mean it, keep them coming.
  9. I 110% agree with you Steve (Blazing Otter). There are a few great looking 5/5 in the Exeter area at the moment (mainly Tim's) that I haven't been able to solve. My main problem is self inflicted. I have a 'code of conduct' that I won't ask for help, or even a PAF on site, as I feel that I've failed in some way and the cache setter has been too clever for me. When on the odd time that I do ring for help, I come away from the cache feeling that I've cheated. It doesn't help that I do 99% of my caching solo.
  10. [ Until recently I was an Engineer surveyor with Devon County Council, so got to drive all over the county doing caches on the way....... now in a proper job though Hard luck Tim (you should have stayed with NPS) That's the one and only perk I've got left at Devon County Council now, supporting all our IT sites all over the county.
  11. A big well done from me too. PS. The event that you are planning, is that the 'Carry Your Camping' event ? I hope so
  12. Well done both of you. How long did that take? Seems to me, one of the quickest 1000's around.
  13. Well done Tim. It's taken you a while. Well you are a setter rather than a getter. Long may that continue (that's me speaking as a getter)
  14. Reading the last visitor report. It looks like the gate isn't locked, but is there because there are roosting bats inside.
  15. Perfect location I can walk from home ( I live in Exminster) and even if I'm stuck with the kids, it won't be an issue. Only problem is, if it's busy it can take a month of Sundays to get any grub. But they sometimes have the outdoor BBQ going as well.
  16. I'm up for it Tim. I'm the same as you I do 99% of my caching solo. The other 1% with my 4 year old daughter I've done 2 of them so far solo, Donkey Hole & Elford's Hideout. Which are no problem on your own. Let me know if you want to do some more. (But not till it gets warmer and drier)
  17. I'm up for it too as long as you give me a fair amount of notice and Exeter City aren't playing.
  18. Well done from me too. The number of Devon cachers in the 1000's is growing fast. Whos next??
  19. Thanks for the replies all. It's taken a very long time to get this far (no trips to California for me ). My 1st cache was in May 2004 (Obelisk View by Wadders) and a lot has happened since then, including the births of both my two daughters which really slowed me down.
  20. Well done Terry. At your current rate it will be congratulations on 5000 finds this time next year.
  21. Well done Keith, You beat me to it (still got 80 to go) and you've probably got a quicker 1000 too!!!!!
  22. I use some sort of formula based on the further the walk = the longer the search (especially micro's in the middle of Dartmoor)
  23. Try getting your hands on one of the offical Geocaching.com baseball caps. Kind of makes it obvious that you are a cacher to another cacher. I always wear mine when I'm out searching.
  24. Dont you eat lunch then? Yes, it's usually a pasty on the move.
  25. I'm not really a setter, 850 finds and only 7 hidden (of which 2 are adopted). I don't feel guilty at all, as I live in an area of lots of active cache setters (mainly converted Dartmoor Letterboxers in this part of the country). I also find it hard enough looking after what I've got , let alone adding to an already cache rich area.
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