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  1. We always have to select it numerous times before we manage to get it to run. We don't run firefox so no it's probably not that. We've had this problem for probably a year now. No idea what causes this I'm afraid. Max
  2. I've still got a link for the classic page which no longer works but the "page not found" message always makes me laugh. Take a peek for yourselves: http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/index_classic.php
  3. One for the nature lovers out there. As featured on Autumnwatch, the Woodland Trust are running a campaign to identify the countries Ancient trees by hugging them. Each hug (measuring around 1.5 metres) = 75 years. Alternatively you can simply take a tape measure and divide the total centimetres by 2 to work out the age. The measurement must be done 1.5 metres up the tree. Once found there's a form to fill in and the tree can be registered on-line with your name against it. There's even space on the form to say if you're recording as part of an Organisation. Imagine how many us geocachers could find. The aim of the hunt is to locate and identify our ancient trees, create a database of them in order to help conserve them. As cachers we must walk past plenty of these all the time. There's an interactive map and even if you find a tree that's already been found you can log that you've visited it. Further details can be found at http://www.ancient-tree-hunt.org.uk/project/hunt/. Happy hunting.
  4. Thats some planning. What are you doing next Easter then? Hopefully we're caching in New York / Florida.
  5. It seems that there are numerous UK coins stuck in there
  6. We've got our fingers crossed that you decide to keep these as well. We're planning to come down from North Wales to do these over a few days over the Christmas break. It's becoming a tradition on Bank Holidays / end of year breaks for us to tackle part of a longer trail and we get a real sense of achievement once we've finished a group especially for our son Horrid Henry (age 11) after walking a good distance and picking up a good quantity of caches.
  7. I would highly recommend the Seal of Approval cache near John O'Groats. This is my favourite cache of all those we've done. We've never been muggled by a seal before never mind about 14 of them! Maxine
  8. Some time ago we adopted a group of caches PopUpPirate had set up for his Snowdonia event. We've looked after them for 2 years now but the time has now come that we want to put out more of our own caches and need to make time to maintain the new ones so we're offering this group out for adoption. The first group are the Metal Eddie caches, the second group are stand alone caches. If anybody is interested please send me an e-mail. GC12RFR - Pont Dafydd GC12RGZ - Parc Dudley GC12RAV - Rare Fish GC12RH0 - Round the Ruins : Bryn Gloch GC12QR9 - Rock n Rail GC12RF3 - Raar! Bears! GC12RFH - Sleeper Stiles GC12RH6 - Eddie's Metal Mission GC12RHC - Chuffing Hill GC12RHE - A-Road Anarchy A4086 - Pass of Llanberis GC12RH7 - Deep Pools GC12RGT - Waunfawr Clipper Thanks Maxine
  9. I always consider a sport to be something that would keep you fit (and lose weight) however even though we walk for miles over the weekends I certainly don't feel any fitter and have definitely lost any weight even though we do this every weekend! If I'd spent this time doing a traditional sport (perhaps swimming, cycling, jogging etc) I really would expect to feel and see more benefit. Just a thought - is walking classed as a sport?
  10. You're not the only ones Mike. We don't get logs of PP&R either. I read somewhere the other day that the notifications don't get sent out from WAP logs. Maybe that's how Phil logs the caches. Other than that it's just the odd one off sporadic caches that we don't get.
  11. Big well done to Horrid Henry on his 2600
  12. We like a good walk but not up hills which can be a bit tricky living in North Wales
  13. Take a look at cache GC1EXVK (sorry can't do links) which was recently set-up on on this exact idea. It's certainly proved a hit in the North Wales area with loads of us currently working on our bingo cards:D
  14. A big well done to Horrid Henry on his 2300
  15. Not to mention you live in a area where one of the most prolific cache placers in the UK happens to live And I remember back in the good old days when I had cleared the N Wales coast of caches...... Marzipan (just the doggie) is coming to stay with me for the weekend this week... would it be cheating if I drove him around Marzi caches hoping he will take me straight to them???? Let us know and if he does we'll all start to form an orderly queue starting from the following weekend. We could pop Horrid Henry on his back and get him to carry him to all the cache sites! We're certainly a long way from clearing the coast again.
  16. Not to mention you live in a area where one of the most prolific cache placers in the UK happens to live You certainly have a point there. Every time we turn around there's another handful gone out. I will say that we do actually have some caches on our first page of unfounds that haven't been placed by TM. Now that does make a change!
  17. During the camping season with the events going on we cover quite a range of places but as that slows down we tend to pick a few select weekends and travel to areas we've not visited before using cheap Travelodges. In between those times we try to cache locally one weekend and travel to other surrounding areas for the next 2 or 3. That way we still seem to have plenty locally to go for when we don't want to go that far or have to work it round other commitments. Of course we always end up with the big hills / puzzle caches still left on the local list but it gives us something to work at.
  18. Thanks everyone. Some really good points you've brought up. Was a little concerned about the # of caches you could load but we always use PQs so that shouldn't be a problem. There's no mention of them losing signal easily so that's definitely a plus point with so many caches being in the woods or awkward places to get a signal. Now to save up some pennies......
  19. As it's coming up to Christmas we might look at treating ourselves to a new GPS and were considering the Oregon. We've got a CS at the moment and have problems with the arrow pointing the wrong way (even after callibrating) and the accuracy when the batteries get below half way. We'd love to hear what everyone thinks of them and if there's any real advantage to having a 400 model instead of the 300. What are the maps like on them? Ease of use, likes / dislikes etc. Look forward to receiving your comments:)
  20. I will admit we're not the quickest in the world at moving TBs on . 6 months is certainly over the top but there can be several reasons for some delays: - The mission. If it's quite specific it can be worth waiting longer to drop the tb of if you can help to actually achieve this instead of just dropping it of in an unrelated cache. - Size of the caches. We generally plan our visits to a general area not to a particular cache so don't pay that much attention to the size of the cache until we're there. We have the tbs with us and we'll move them on if we can fit them in the container. - Change of plans. Sometimes we plan to visit an area then something happens to prevent this. I prefer to comply with this than drop it off in the wrong area as this then needs to be recovered and moved back which can be more of a hassle. - TBs / coins with missions not listed. As tbs are meant for moving, people pick them up. Quite frequently there's no indication of the specific mission and you only find this out when you log on. This can be a real problem for coins found on holiday and being logged once returning home particularly if the coin needed to stay in a particular country. - Illness. We had one of our tbs held by somebody who became ill. Once they'd recovered they e-mailed and apologised for I can understand that this wasn't their priority at the time. - Rescued TBs. We recently rescued some tbs from a cache with a couple of inches of water in it. We'd not normally pick up one of the coins as it needed to go in to a puzzle cache and we simply don't find that many but I wouldn't have left it there to go rusty. - Discovering TBs/coins. What's more irritating - your coins being stuck in a cache with people just discovering it because they're not caching in the next 2 weeks or somebody picking it up and holding it for a little longer. I prefer the latter, at least you know it's going somewhere. Now what's more irritating is people grabbing tbs out of your account before you've even got home on the day you dropped it off. It takes a while to find out what's happened and where it's gone particularly if you've not noted the # as you know it's in your inventory ready to drop into the cache when your logging. We always look again a few days later if somebody's not dropped a coin off and drop them a mail then but some people are just too impatient.
  21. Way to go Lolly, Bob & Cashley. I think it must be about time for another day caching up & down your way to knock a few more of yours off the list
  22. Well done to you both. Max, John and Sean
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