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Geo-caching in the Movies


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I was watching Father Goose today, and I realized that this movie has Caches in it...they're not legal Geocache Caches..but they're are Caches....!


I wonder how many other movies have caches in them?


Give me a Tall ship, and a Star to steer her bye...


The White Fleet....

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I'm sure someone will be able to Markwell you to some older threads, but those movies which I can remember that regularly get debated re: Caching...


Star Trek Nemesis - When Picard, Worf and Data fly down to that planet to pick up pieces of Lore... I mean B-4.


The Shawshank Redemption - Under the stone with no eartly purpose in being there.



An it harm none, do what ye will

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Originally posted by Mark 42:






Doh! You beat me to it. Yesterday I was looking for one that had, in the clue, a "double bar tee." I kept reading it as "double bar tree" and cursing the guy "what the H*ll does that mean"? The site had two fallen trees crossing a third to make a "T." It wasn't as obvious as you might think because there were fallen trees all over the place out there. But I certainly thought of this movie.

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The Game, one of my top five movies, which had Michael Douglas in a real fix. He was a sort of travel bug. Poor fella.


Someone please tell me name of the movie that starred Robert DeNiro and some other cat.....


They robbed the French foreign ministry building, and stole a very pricey artifact of some sort.... What was that thing called???


They used gps units at one point in the movie, which was interesting.



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CLose Encounters of the Third Kind?


That trek to Devil's Tower. Only the cache wasn't pre-approved and the coordinates were a bit sketchy.


Can't believe I didn't think of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. One of my favorites. What was that -- a puzzle cache? Three people. each with one part of the puzzle/answer.


Once Upon a Time in America had some cache-like action. There was the locker in the train station and the key to the Crypt. Been a while since I seen that one.


What was the old John Wayne movie where they traveled across the desert to where a bunch of money/bold was hidden in the boiler of a wrecked train engine? The ruins to that train among the dunes looked every real. I've always wondered if it's really out there someplace.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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