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  1. Eh? So for 9 smacks you get a rock, which you can use to access a game you could've done for free anyway? Am I missing something?
  2. Ahem.... Yeah, I've been somewhat lax of late. No excuses given, as I've got none. Travel Bugs are a responsibility - I know as I have lost them before, and however minor the nuisance may be I know how annoying it is when they vanish. I've failed in that responsibility, and I can only apologise. Just because I've been caught up doing something else, doesn't mean everyone else has. Warthog - you have my sincerest apologies. You have asked me before to replace the Travelbug and I had given you a promise that I would, only to let you down. As it happens, I am meeting a number of cachers this weekend. I will give the bug to one of them. Hopefully they will treat it better then I have.
  3. And can I be the first to say that "It's a jumper, not an anorak" should be a slogan of some sort? Well done Paul! EDIT: Right... how many of us dashed back to the computers as soon as the article finished?
  4. Hm... looks like I picked just the right time to revisit the forums after a hiatus. Oddly enough I had something of a stronger desire to ensure that I didn't miss this episode more than others. Weird, that.
  5. I can't express how sorry I am, but I only heard about this earlier today. My best wishes go out to all his family. Mark and I had our debates, and discussions, but when we met in real life we also had our chuckles. He encouraged me to be braver - or at least more confident - in real life than I truly was. I remember him imposing his "favourite thing" on another site to be skydiving, shortly after a bungee trip that had been undertaken. While I haven't tried the former yet, I will do, and it will be because of Mark. I owe much to him, as I owe much to each and every soul I meet. He will be missed. Apologies for length.
  6. While I couldn't comment on the caches in Farley Mount, I can heartily recommend this one if you can get the kiddiwink up a hill. There's a few caches within walking distance of this one, and this is a nice one to start or finish with.
  7. Will happily send you one of the homemade CITO packs I use as a sig item if you want. Will send onewards to you if you'd be so jolly kind as to send me your addy.
  8. Rather scarily, people tend to know me more as "Kouros" than "Pete" these days. I'm not that bothered, though I do feel that "Pete" wouldn't lend itself to aftershave humour quite as readily.
  9. That's not a bad idea at all... mind if I nick it when I set up my WiFi connection at home? It would be intriguing to see how far a home WiFi setup spreads though, as we too will have a school nearby when we move.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Bloencustoms:How to tell if you're a geek. Have you ever played a role playing game? (D&D, Shadowrun, etc.) Yup Have you ever memorized lines from a Sci Fi series? (Any of the Star Treks, Sliders, SG1, X Files, etc.) Yup Have you ever dressed up as character from any Sci Fi movie or series, and it wasn't Halloween? No Have you ever attended an event ending in the suffix "con"? No Have you ever collected, or made your own medeival armor, then actually put it on? No Have you ever completed any of the Final Fantasy video games, and consider it to be a feat worth boasting of at parties? No Have you ever written a letter in a language that was never used by humans? No Have you ever wished you'd go to sleep, and wake up in Middle Earth? No Have you ever talked about circuit components (transistors, diodes, capacitors, etc.) at a party? No Have you ever carried more than one personal item in a belt pouch as opposed to your pocket? (multi tool, cell phone, pager, etc.) No Have you ever owned a calculator watch? Yup - but I was seven, so I'm sure I can be forgiven Have you ever built a homemade antenna for any purpose? (Aluminum foil and coat hangers don't count.) Yup Do you own more than one comic book that is newer that six months old? No Do your friends consider you the "go to guy" when they need to hook up that new VCR, stereo, or surround sound? Depends who's around - I'm kinda the last resort on that sorta thing Do you have more than 3 remote controls to operate your home entertainment system? No Have you ever intentionally chosen a seat at the front of a classroom? Yup Have you ever waited more than 30 minutes in line to get movie tickets? No Have you ever been recognized as a regular customer at a coffee shop?No quote:If you answered yes to more than one of theese questions, it is higly recommended that you immediately consume at least 32 ounces of beer, watch ESPN for 3 hours, then rebuild the engine on a thirty year old American muscle car. That all sounds kinda geeky to me... ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  11. Just out of interest, and going a little OT, but I've just started listing my bills on Doshtracker (the British version of WG) but I've noticed that the vast majority of the notes there only have the one hit. Is that par for the course? ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  12. Perhaps Geocache WG's and normal WG's should be listed seperately - it might actually be of interest to see when Geocache WG's actually 'fall' back into circulation again, and where. Perhaps the Top 10 should omit any WG's that have been placed in Geocaches? Of course, that would rely on whoever logs them ticking a box or somesuch to say that it had been in a cache, but still... ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  13. Funniest thing I've read all week. Thanks! I wonder what the motive is here? Environmentalism? Can't be that, as the trasher is, in many occasions, just leaving the caches trashed across the scene. Also, a lot of authorities are starting to warm to the idea that Geocaching can have a positive impact - HCC in England being the prime example. If it's not that, could it be some sort of resentment? But who would have cause for that in recent months? Lemme think... Assuming these new vigilantes are part of a team, let's say 10 strong (I'm being generous here) then each trasher would need to visit 20 caches to reach the supposed target of 200. In comparison, most cache owners, at worst, would only need to visit two or three caches to replace the trashed ones. Obviously then the trashers would have to visit all the same old, same old again. Hm, I wonder who will get bored first? Seriously guys, whoever you are I don't care, but get a life. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  14. Eeek! Quite right Stu and Sarah. Quite right. Aside from Geocaching, Thinging is by far and away the most productive alternative to boredom. Apart from sleep, of course. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  15. I'm just starting to get into MinuteWar as a side companion for Caching when I haven't got as much time - it looks like great fun! ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  16. The fastest way of doing it if you are a Premium member if to do a pocket query for X number of caches from your home co-ords. Then all the waypoints you need will be sent to you via email. Of course, if you're not a premium member, the quickest way is to simply select all the caches you want, and download that way. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  17. Shame. I too preferred the old ones - guess it's just a case of what you get used to, I guess. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  18. Without wanting to send you back and forth, from what I understand the GAGB will eventually have such a directory, although it doesn't exist at present. That said, I'll repeat what I said in the GAGB forum - if I'm in Angus in a few weeks (as I might well be) I would be happy to give you a helping hand. Otherwise, if no-one else can help, I would suggest that (especially if you are a family team) that one or two of the adults go out first to a relatively easy cache. You can get a rough idea of a caches difficulty by looking at it's Difficulty/Terrain rating - for example, this would probably be a relatively straightforward cache, though I'm not sure how close it is to you. Sometimes jumping in with both feet first can be the most rewarding way of getting to know the game - the matters of etiquette, or getting to know your GPS can be gleaned from asking on these forums, or from experience. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  19. I pay because I would feel darn guilty at getting all the enjoyment that I do from the game for free. I do use the extra features - I even have a Members Only Cache - but I could happily carry on without them. I pay because I think the people that run this site deserve my support - and so I give it. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  20. Having said that I would cycle to you this year, if you are in Andover on a day that I am working, I will probably try and catch you then, rather than ride to Southampton. Looking forward to it! ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  21. quote:Originally posted by Xitron:Not trying to be too negitive, but the money would disappear and never get to the charity. I hate to disagree, but... Seems to have worked fairly well on this occasion. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  22. Building on what Eckington is saying, can I respectfully ask that we don't stoop to petty infights here, people. All I seem to be reading of late is "He called me an ingrate" or similar. People are being offended left right and centre here, and all it is doing is splitting a group who basically have more or less the same interest: the game of Geocaching. Let's not forget that - I think it's important enough to warrant repeating, so I will: We are here for the same reason, and the reason is the game of Geocaching. Arguments about what should/shouldn't have been said are academic now, and nothing more. They do have a place to be discussed, but if we are going to make any sort of progress we're going to need someone/something to take up the burden of work that has been left. Someone is now going to have to front the GAGB, if it is to continue - and if it isn't, we are going to need a viable alternative to approach major landowning/managing bodies, while still promoting an equal account of Geocaching intents and Guidelines for the entireity of the country. As Dan's Sigline famously says "It's only a hunt for a lunchbox, why be so serious?" ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  23. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy:Maybe you can start leaving http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0764113674/qid=1064368459/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/103-4976702-5452666?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 in caches they tend to frequent. At least the world would benefit from their geocaching experience. How about Dale Carnegie's "How to Make Friends and Influence People"? ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
  24. I've listed caches on the N site before, but never again. In fact, I recently posted a lengthy reason why I would not do so again. Normally I'd say diversity and competition is key, but no one else offers anything anywhere nearing competition. ------ "There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."
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