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  1. I found a broken watch in my cache. I was tempted to trade it back into a cache that belonged to the person who left it. It wasn't even a NICE watch that could be repaired. A fake Casio digital with a broken crystal.....
  2. We agree to disagree. Something we probably DO agree on, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CUBS?!? UGH! Anyway, um, back on topic, hiking and caching are good things. Prepare for them as you will....
  3. I don't need a gun to safely hike or cache where I am and I find it odd that someone would indicate that I am less of a prepared person because I choose not to carry one. Besides the lack of a need I can think of other reasons why I would not wish to carry a gun caching that I believe are perfectly valid (I am not listing them because I have no desire to debate them). If you wish to carry a gun caching, that is fine with me. To each his or her own. But please do not insist on belittling those who choose not to. I doubt that was your intent, but that is how it comes across. WHOA! I just reread my post, and I don't believe I said anything belittling. If anyone took it that way, I offer my apologies. I stated: That IS my opinion. I guarantee that if we all looked in each other's wardrobe or hiking pack, the gear would be different. I know people that say not taking 2 flashlights is lack of preparation too. PLEASE don't take it as a personal attack. Maybe you've never been charged by a moose or stalked by a cougar, or come across several acres of marijuana being grown in the mountains (and the people that were growing it). All of these things have happened in the areas I hike in. I also stated that I don't discuss gun ownership much on this board because of the polarized responses that come with it. The only reason I chose to comment on the thread was the person who started the thread was being second-guessed on his actions, and I'd wager none of the people that thought he was wrong were witnesses to the event. He felt his life was in danger, and acted accordingly, and I'm not going to second guess him. Some say if you are paying attention, you won't come within 3 feet of a snake. Well, maybe if you are only walking on established paths. There are many instances I can think of where a snake can be out of sight until it's too late, like heavy brush, leaves, etc. And to the comment: I've never been stuck out overnight hiking, but I carry extra food and water. Since I've never needed it 100% of the time, is it foolish that I took it, even though it probably weighed me down more that a handgun? Again, maybe not where you hike. I prefaced my answer by stating that it was my opinion, that because where I hike, and for my purposes, it DOES mean that it is a lack of preparation. That is my opinion, and you are entitled to yours, and each of us is free to dismiss the opinion of the other. If anyone is offended by something I have said, please don't be. If you don't feel owning and carrying a firearm is appropriate for you, that's fine, but there are those of us that feel that it is well within our rights to do so, and to be labeled as somehow "unsafe" or "careless" just because we do, is misleading. Happy Caching!
  4. What is the difficulty rating? Chances are, the rating was set the way it was to take this into consideration. If you don't sign the book, you don't log the find.
  5. I legally carry a gun everywhere but work. It's a tool, just as was mentioned before. It's better to have it and never need it, than to need it and not have it. I don't talk about having one often because it's one of those topics that polarize people. Some people have mentioned they are upset that people would carry while hiking or caching. I had to put money and effort into being able to legally carry when and where I want. Handling a firearm is serious, and should be treated as such. I wouldn't question the man who used his to defend himself against a rattlesnake. If he felt it was necessary, I wasn't there, and I take his word for it. There have been many reports this year of large wild cats stalking and attacking humans, and I'm not going to trust a hiking stick against a cougar. IMO, hiking WITHOUT a gun is a lack of preparation. It's another tool, and is not to be feared, but treated with care and respect, just like a sharp kitchen knife, a framing hammer, or a Honda Civic. It's not the gun you need to be afraid of, it's the person with the gun, and if that person is going to go homicidal, he's going to use whatever tool he has at hand, whether it be a framing hammer, his Civic or a gun.
  6. This cache is walking distance from my house, and it's spectacular. I've seen people out looking for it. It's a lot of fun to see whether they found it or not.
  7. I just wanted to add my congratulations to the rest. My first (a girl) is due in about 8 weeks. I think we're entering a club or something.
  8. I hope you didn't or haven't seen the movie. Honestly, the movie didn't make sense to me without having read the book. If I can find my copy, I'll leave the book in a book swap cache I'm planning, and I'll pile rocks all around it!
  9. I have a Wedding to attend in Southern Utah on Saturday, and then camping for a couple days. I am going to try to hit a few caches, but with a wife 6 months pregnant, I don't know how successful I will be. I thought getting her to go camping was successful!
  10. Yeah, that was pretty bone-headded of them. 24 is the only show that I plan to watch each week, and I guess I can forgive them.
  11. I have a mini-sock monkey that's waiting to become a travel bug! I googled my name, and, PHEW! I've kept my identity a secret! I looked up SLCDave, and I rwas reminded that, on a whim, I placed one of my caches on TheSiteThatShallNotBeNamed to see if it got any action over there. Nope! [i also googled the name Google, and got 49,700,000 results. ]
  12. Well, I don't know about Snoogans, but I do know that Kevin Bacon filmed Footloose in Lehi, Utah, and my mother was raised there, so that's my connection!
  13. Because it costs more to make ethanol than you can sell it for, and it takes nearly 3 gallons of fossil fuels to raise and harvest enough corn to get 1 gallon of ethanol (and that's BEFORE the corn is even converted to ethanol, which is a very inefficient process as well). The only reason the ethanol and gas prices are comparable is because corn farming and ethanol production are funded by tax money to artifically lower the cost. So, Ethanol prices rise because it takes a lot of fossil fuels to make ethanol. Read this study if you want to hear more about how inefficient the process is.
  14. I bought a package of them at one store, but I'm less than impressed with them. I'm still looking for some for you.
  15. I have a pair of Merrells that I really like. I got them at Galyans. I had them for 6 months or so, and they started making a popping sound when I walked. They still felt fine, but it sounded like I was wearing cleats on a tile floor. I contacted Merrell, and they said to take them back to the place I purchased them for replacement or refund. I walked into Galyans, explained the situation, and they said they would replace them, no problem. When they checked their stock, they found that they didn't have my size, so they issued me a refund on a gift card, found one of their other stores (in Indianapolis) that had a pair, called them, and took my payment for them over the phone (from my gift card). They shipped them Airbourne Express at no charge, and they even gave me $5 off because the model was on sale that week. Galyans is definately not the cheapest place to shop, but they are nice to deal with when something goes wrong with something you bought from them, and have won my business.
  16. You could just put a pocketknife in there with a label on it that says "Pencil Sharpener"..... Well, maybe not......
  17. My wife is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, and does her share of scrapbooking, making cards, etc. She also quilts, and does other stuff. She goes to the yearly cult meeting where they all gather together and stamp and scrapbook and probably participate in some secret ritualistic society stuff that I am unaware of. She sells the stamps to support her habit. I wish I had a secondary way to support mine!
  18. We have a "Big Kahuna's Pizza-N-Stuff" here. I don't know if you can get a burger there, but I'm sure you can get a tasty beverege... As for the .1 mile, just switch from Kilometers/Meters to Miles/Feet. Don't overthink it.
  19. Well, my local WalMart is not stocking them at this time, but will be later on in the year, when hunting picks back up. I'll check the Sportsman's Warehouse next time I'm out there, which is pretty often.
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