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  1. I know how your pain. One of my gadget caches that took 100+ hrs to build was published 6/4, found 6/5 am muggled 6/5pm. replaced 7/15, muggled 7/20 removed .
  2. Found a cache with a rubber snake on it once, watched it for quite a bit before realizing it was rubber. I did find a real rattler on top of one of my caches, moved the snake then moved the cache.
  3. First one may have been on another site. Second one had "Geocaching.com" written on it.
  4. It's happened twice to me. First time was on a off road trip, way out in the middle of no where, when one of the group said isn't this one of those geocaches you find, It was a container marked geocache no GC#. Signed the log noted the cordinates but could not find it on the web site. Finally contacted GC headquarters who confirmed it was not a cache. The 2nd time I was placing a cache and stumbled across a container that had geocacing written on it along with a geocacher name, in poor shape. Contacted GC again and there was no cacher by that name or cache at that location. 2 finds no smilely.
  5. OK, I gave up and closed out the browser and got "download in process" So I clicked stop. Went to GSAK to close things down but decided to try it once more and it worked.
  6. Thanks that worked sort of. It downloaded but won't drag into gsak?
  7. "In some states the property line actually runs down the center of the paved road. My uncle owned a home in NH that was like that. There was a 40 foot easement for a 24' road but the property was owned by the home owners." The North side of my property ends in the middle of a paved, 55MPH road. I own to the middle of the road but the county has an easement for the road. This of course means that if you park on the South side of the road you are on private property. I don't care if you do as I have two caches on my property.
  8. How about in the listing, include something like "If you wish to validate a FTF, take a picture of the log with your signature and the blanks pages and forward to the Cache owner". I don't think this would be ALR.
  9. Never did any of those but within the last year we were following the GPS to a Wedding when we came to a locked gate about 1 1/2 miles from the place. Having never been in the area before we would have had to back track a bunch when a UPS driver opened the gate for us so we got to the church on time. Interesting the GPS took us back via another route to the motel.
  10. I feel your pain. I had a Multi/Gadget cache in a park that was vandalized 3 times in the first month and a half. It too was a locked box that you had to visit locations in the park for both the coordinates and the lock code, it had 3 finds and 3 Fav points. I am a close friend with the park caretaker and he checked on it everyday but still the vandals still got it.
  11. Found an unopened can of Beer once. Removed it, didn't drink it.
  12. I would go with a repilica spider as it is easier to replace WHEN it disappears.
  13. Pick a point in the physical center of town. Pick a second point that would be on the longest distance cache from the first and note the distance from the first point. Create a PQ from the first point for the distance to the second for the number of caches (40) or more. Exclude any caches you want to ie: those you own. Run the PQ
  14. Thank you, been wanting to change on the Adventure Lab app. Just did it and it worked.
  15. My least favorite is "Distance to Finds <1 mi. 0 (0%)" There aren't any to find that I don't own.
  16. My bird houses are attached to a board that is attached to the top of a pole or to a fence. This allows the cache to be removed for maintenace without affecting the pole or fence.
  17. After logging a cache with the words "ammo cache" in the log I got an email from the CO asking me to edit my log and remove those words as they had several ammo cans stolen. Of course I did.
  18. I would put the magnet on a string inside, I would also include a instruction sheet inside on how to reset and close the cache. Great Idea
  19. Awesome logs are the best reason to keep placing new caches. Placed my first cache on 5/26/2002 it's still active and gets good logs. Got this log on one of my gadget caches made my day. "Every now and then I discover a cache that really stands out as a personal all-time favorite cache, and this is one of them. I don't know if the idea is completely original but I don't care; it is very, very clever and the work that went into the construction of the container is outstanding; I especially like the cleanup instructions and extra tool. Not only does this one receive an FDF favorite point but it is being placed in MY PERSONAL FAVORITES bookmark list,
  20. I use the waypoint in the App method and it works well. The only time It doesn't is when I am seeking a cache where there isn't any cell service and I haven't already started the search in the app. This happened recently where I was using the app and lost all service. I was able to continue to the cache I was seeking but could not log into the next cache which had the waypoint for the car. Fortunately I had entered the waypoint into my old GPS.
  21. I've have found three unpublished caches. One was an original cache that the CO had replaced as the CO had forgotten the coordinates and hid a replacement. . The second was just there that I found while on an offroad trip. Never did find out who had left it. It may have been an non geocaching.com listing. The 3rd was near a location where I was placing a hide. It had geocaching.com written on the container but no one at HQ could tell me anything.
  22. This would be great as it has been a pet peeve of mine for years.
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