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  1. I've have found three unpublished caches. One was an original cache that the CO had replaced as the CO had forgotten the coordinates and hid a replacement. . The second was just there that I found while on an offroad trip. Never did find out who had left it. It may have been an non geocaching.com listing. The 3rd was near a location where I was placing a hide. It had geocaching.com written on the container but no one at HQ could tell me anything.
  2. This would be great as it has been a pet peeve of mine for years.
  3. I vote other as well. You don't want finders looking for a micro when the host is a regular or expecting a regular where they can leave Swag or a TB only to find out there is only a micro log container.
  4. As the owner of several Gadget caches. 1.& 2. I prefer Mystery Puzzle Cache but it varies from area to area. I would put the words "Lego Gadget Cache" in the name of the Cache as this will let people know what they are getting into. 3. Be prepared to do lots of maintenance. Having a second ready to place puzzle will help as will keeping it as easy as possible.
  5. One of my latest Gaget Caches it's about 52 inches long,
  6. We got to get out to that place. If it's the last thing we ever do. We got to get out to that place. There will be another smiley for me and you.
  7. Cool Idea have not seen one like it.
  8. Has anyone else had a Gadget cache muggled before it was found? One of my latest Gadgets, ,Liberty Sculpture Park Gadget Cache, was broken into and the internals were taken! I found out by a kind message from the FTF. I have disabled it and it's back in the shop for repairs,
  9. My longest is 13 years. Back in 2004 I DNFed Oregon Mine Cache GC8C6 and in 2017 found it but only after spending several hours searching.
  10. The one thing I have found building Gadget caches is that nothing ever goes exactly as you first plan it. I have yet to have one that doesn't require some mods during construction that's part of the fun.
  11. One my tenth anniversary I revisited the every first find. It is still there and at the time still had the original Log Book. It was great to read. I also placed a cache to celebrate the occasion and five years latter placed a 2nd cache for the 15th anniversary.
  12. Yes this was one of a kind and one of the best we ever found. Everything you have said is true.
  13. Soft’ Coordinates. A compass with a arrow head at each end. LOL
  14. Some just don't log on line, not their thing. I have a friend who I have often cached with who never logs on line. Years ago I found a cache in AZ and the logger just ahead of me was Dave Umber who never logged the find on line.
  15. I have several caches on private property with permission. I recommend that the property owner become a basic (free) member and put the cache on their watch list. I tell them that they don't have to do any caching unless they want to. I have found that most property owners like this as they can view what is happening with the cache.
  16. Go to your friends profile and look at his found caches. One at a time click on each cache you are interested in and when the cache page comes up click on add to list button the problem is you have to do this for each cache so wouldn't call it easy.
  17. And your Platinum membership is void as you broke the first rule of Platinum Membership.
  18. This is a great feature. I went back and rated a few logs on some of my caches.
  19. If you add the existing caches to the watch list of the new combined account you will get notified when there is a log. This would be a lot faster then adoption.
  20. If you start new caches at each of the proposed locations but DON"T submit them for review the spots are held unless someone wants to place a cache at one of them. If so you would be contacted and would have to either complete your listing or give up the spot.
  21. I would like to see Mystery Caches have their Icon. They are so different then Challenge Caches .
  22. I let a log stand with a picture. I also put pencils into all my caches if they fit.
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