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  1. Maybe someone will pick up my travel bug on the way off of Jamaica: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...37-7b5d42c6ee7c This will be the second hurricane to hit Jamaica since it was dropped off on August 3.
  2. I did receive it. I'll look for the other one tomorrow.
  3. I have two pq's that haven't run since June (one on 6/24 and one on 6/27). However, they ran weekly before that. Do I need to do something to get them going again? I did a one-time query of my area, but I really preferred the weekly queries.
  4. I don't know that I'll waste my time sending an email or letter to Frank Turner for his comment (he's not worth it). Instead, I'm sending a letter (snail mail) to Grace Gilchrist (VP of the E. W. Scripps Company who owns WXYZ and the GM of WXYZ). To make sure it gets the attention it deserves, I'll also cc John Lansing (Sr. VP of Scripps Broadcast group), Timothy Stautberg (VP of Scripps Corporate Communications and Investor Relations), and Kenneth Lowe (President and CEO of Scripps). You may not have heard of Scripps, but in addition to owning several stations in large markets, they also own Home & Garden Television, Food Network, DIY -- Do It Yourself Network and Fine Living and the three associated web sites - foodtv.com, hgtv.com and diynet.com. If you feel an apology is deserved, share your thoughts on the news broadcast with the executives at Scripps. If anyone's interested, here's Grace Gilchrist's address: PO Box 789 Southfield, MI 48037-0789 And here's the address for the rest of the Scripps executives: 312 Walnut Street 2800 Scripps Center Cincinnati, OH 45202
  5. Here's one of mine: There's another one out there, but I didn't take a picture before I hid it. It's probably been suggested before, but I wish you offered them in some type of plastic sheet instead of cardstock. I tape them down to paint, and the tape doesn't come of very easily...
  6. Here's my pin cache. It's been fun and seems to be pretty popular. You can do a micro (or at least a mini) and still allow trading.
  7. Not yet, but I'm always thinking...
  8. I went to a cache last weekend that contained a set of rusty keys that the placer found near the benchmark on top of the mountain.
  9. I took an afternoon off from work and drove about 30 miles to a nearby cache (I planned on hitting caches until it got dark). Since I didn't plan the trip in advance, I wasn't sure where to park for the first cache. I drove down what the GPS said was the correct road; it tuned into dirt, and then into a two-rut trail which ended in a pile of brush (about 2 tenths of a mile from the cache). Since I thought there may be a closer road, I turned my truck around in the weeds on the side of the trail and smashed my bumper into a hidden stump. It pushed the bumper into my rear fender as well. I decided to cool off by driving to the next cache (so this ended up being a "no find").
  10. Instead of your "codeword" sheet, glue a sheet of tyvek to the back of the magnet sheet for use as a "log book" and tell cachers to bring their own pen. You can cut the tyvek out of Fedex envelope if you happen to find any out and about... It isn't 100% waterproof, but it holds ink even after it gets wet.
  11. I've heard it called lots of things, but not "charging the flashlight."
  12. Thanks! I toyed with buying the gallon container (as mentioned in a previous reply), but I thought I'd try the cheaper (yet smaller) version first. The next time I use one of these, it'll be the bigger one.
  13. It was pretty full, but it's a 2 quart container. Two things that I'd do differently next time (now that it's been out in the field for a few months): Remove the label from the jar (doh!). The paint didn't stick to it very well. Sand the lid along with the jar. The paint is chipping off of the white lid. It's very waterproof, and I get alot of good comments about it from those who have found it. The camo paint job also makes it very easy to hide (and difficult to find).
  14. I use stuff like this that doesn't cost alot to fill up others empty caches when I find them. Even if I don't take anything out, I usually leave something behind (if there's room in the cache).
  15. This one is from SparrowHawk Vista - Illinois River: And this one is from Cornucopia:
  16. I found a river rock in a cache that was six feet from a dry stream bed (yes, the rock matched those in the stream). I don't know what the "cacher" traded the rock for.
  17. a couple lapel pins (I collect them) 1/2 of a movie ticket
  18. I have a Palm m105 that I am using almost exclusively for caching these days. Once I started using Cachemate, there's no way I'll ever go back to paper. The capacitor that helps it retain its memory while I'm changing batteries went out a while back (it seems that it's a common problem with the m105's). So now I have to synch before and after I change the batteries. That's when I stopped using it for important data. I'll probably upgrade to an Ipaq for my work-related stuff in the very near future and continue to use this one for caching. If I drop it off of a cliff tomorrow, I won't lose too much sleep. (edited to correct typos)
  19. Didn't see the date on the first post in this topic when it showed up this morning. I yelled for my wife to turn on the TV because another space shuttle went down...
  20. Do I have to do something to my old queries to get them to run under the improved system? Neither one ran last week: I just submitted a one-time query for today. Hopefully it will run.
  21. You can find them on eBay for about $1 each. I also found a message board that listed two other possible sources: Another suggestion was the containers that Roche Applied Science uses for to ship their DNA molecular markers. They are very similar to the old fim canisters. No telling who supplies them, but an email wouldn't cost you anything. (Edited for eBay link)
  22. I saw some in the caveman exhibit in the Smithsonian...
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