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  1. All oif my caches are adopted! Thanks to jjb79792
  2. Christmas all year has been adopted! Yay!
  3. I am moving out of the charlotte area, and I want to have someone take over my caches. I am posting here, and sending a note to my local approver. I will leave them up until October 1, 2006 if they are not adopted by then I will archive & collect them. Cathy's Desk GCJKQ7 Cat'N'Geo's Zoo-bu-fa-topia GCJQQB Cathy's Dash'N'Cache GCJCEV Christmas All Year GC3263 Turtle Power GC4171 I adopted Christmas All Year, & rescued Turtle Power, so hopefully they will keep going. Send me an email if you are interested and live nearby.
  4. Answer: None & nope, at least not anymore after they see how well they did. Now if a cacher shot the owner of a multi stage micro that required a 200 mile drive & knowledge of sioux language, that I could believe. Matter of fact I'd volunteer to be the shooters alibi.
  5. Precut geocaching stencils for painting the sides of cache cans. My whitteling sux. Letters for stencils in various sizes & fonts would be nice too.
  6. Nothing! What's a motto with you?
  7. (YAWN) Bring back the Yellow Jeep Virtual! Lets see how fast the Log Emailer can spit stuff out!
  8. Not counting the one with Jimmy Hoffa Built into it.
  9. I did the same thing in 2nd grade for show & tell using Baking Soda & Vinegar. The teacher freaked demanding to know who told me how to do it. I pulled out a Mr. Wizard Science Magic book and she went intercontinental. "TELL ME THE TRUTH!" I remember her screaming, "There's no way you can read that in 2nd grade!" I spent the rest of the day in the principal's office, all in all, good day!
  10. Actually this topic needs a stake through the heart. Honeychile, the approver, once I made her aware of the situation, killed the pics in less than a minute. She also removed my notices that the pics were just plain wrong. Say what you will about the approvers, but you better not be in reach of me and my stick!
  11. Here's the deal, adopted, revamped, & reactivated Turtle Power-GC4171. There are 3 cheat pictures on it that Spiker_Biker put on there to show the original stages. They are now soooo wrong since they are 2 years old, it's not funny. I cannot remove them since I do not have the rights to the illustrations. Email to Spiker_Biker have reportedly bounced for 1 1/2 years. How can I get rid of them?? PS gotta send out big thanks to Honeychile for the quick response allowing visitors to this sunday's event cache to have time to drop by. Honeychile, you rock! Well there's my two cents.
  12. 1. Quit Job. 2. Learn mountain climbing/rappel (refresher course for me). 3. Laugh a LOT. 4. Buy 600,000K motor home, Jeep Wrangler Electric Blue, Harley. 5. Go to every cache in US. 6. Go to every cache in Canada. 7. During 5 & 6 make side trips to Baja CA for Tanning, thawing & fruity alcholoic beverages as needed. 8. Laugh a LOT MORE. 9. SCUBA cert & HYDROCACHE! (Who needs a boat?) 10. Skydive! 11. Repeat 3 & 11 frequently. 12.
  13. Waaaaaah!!!! I don't own ANY caches. But I have found all the ones near me except for one. Stupid Benchmarks.
  14. The wife likes to collect them and spend them on happy meals! I like to collect them and spend them on Useless carp! Or even guppies!
  15. Re-Cache. If I'm organized and on the ball, I usually bag it & put a note in about where I found it. Usually though I just yank it out of the back pack, run it through an intense, detailed, thourough inspection process... (1. Will this fit? 2. Is it dry? 3. well, is it at least not too smelly? 4. If I break off this piece will it fit? 5. Is it mine?) ...And put it in the cache.
  16. If he drinks a lot, Liberace. Bah-DoomPah-Chya!
  17. My Parent-in-laws get it, they have several finds of their own (Hi Fitzy!!!), my sis-inlaw get it, most of the rest of the family still scratch their heads over it. One friend we took out for it, she really couldn't handle the outside aspect of it.
  18. Don't count us as quitters, we've been inside due to shared sinusitus.
  19. Another thing WiFi users need to think of is that they need to lock down their network due to having their accounts shut off for spamming. Most broadband ISP's are monitoring email use and will shut you off at a certain point, say 15,000 emails, after that the cable/DSL modem simply won't pass the traffic. Personally I use wifi, full encryption 128 bit with mac filtering, which means you'll have to hack my password & nic mac number. Can be done, sure. Why bother though, just go a few more blocks into downtown and all those folks with open networks there.
  20. Just checked the Blacklist for the Carolina.rr.com, no blockages for the 163.165.x.x IP addys. Also no problems for my recieving emails to my carolina email when I had it, are you getting a particular error message??
  21. In our house: ZZZZ zzzZZZzzZZZZzz!!!!
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