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Geocaching.com Usernames?

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Sometimes I pretend that I named myself after the naked greek statues of men that can be found across that country.


Othertimes, people claim that I named myself after a dodgy cheap aftershave that was popular in the 70's and early 80's.


As it happens, neither is true. I named myself after a pair of shoes.



O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.


Hamlet, II.2 252-253

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That leaping lemur!


I needed a username without any sort of ties to previous internet aliases (because none of them seemed fitting for caching) and since lemurs are found in the wild, and I want caching to become a family activity, I grabbed Zoboomafoo.


Plus it makes for a nice pic to go with the name.

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My last name is hyphenated, Baxter-Green. People have always shortened it to B-G. I descided to add a few "ee"'s and name myself after an awful 70's disco band...much to my wife's chagrin.


Glad to hear that. I wanted to like you, but couldn't imagine being friendly with anybody who was a BeeGees fan!


"Men don't stop playing because they get old, they get old because they stop playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Well, I'm located in Brazil and Brazil's interior was colonized by some pretty rough types known as Bandeirantes - go anywhere sort of people. Now, the car I drive is a Toyota Bandeirante (like the fj45 Land Cruiser) and in portugese if you want to say 'the Bandeirante' you say 'o Bandeirante'... just seemed like a logical progression, especially the suprise factor of us actually managing to arrive anywhere icon_cool.gif The Bandeirante is our logical means of transport too, muddy tracks and all.


Son Philip and daughter Carolin are keen participants - however we're all getting tired of waiting for other geocachers to appear to hide something for us to find icon_frown.gif


Other nicks are Bushey Heathen (I used to live in Bushey Heath) and HeBrew (name is David Brew)



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SamLowrey is a character in one of my favorite sci-fi movies (you will have to research it to find out). My newly aquired avatar is one of my other favorite characters from another sci-fi movie. So, it is a bit of a clash. Actually, there are very few sci-fi movies I like, so it is a bit misleading.....


Originally posted by noblerot:

Noble rot is the common name of the Botrytis Cinerea fungus which attacks grapes and shrivels them up. But this is a good thing. Wines made from botrytis-affected grapes, like my favorite, Chateau d'Yquem, are lusciously sweet.


Very interesting. I recall a story about how port came about. Something about the priest who had to bless the fields before harvesting the grapes and they had begun to shrivel by the time he arrived late. Doesn't sound exactly right to me, but there may be some truth in that. I like wine, but my tastes usually run towards the drier reds.

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Let's see...Mine is ikayak because I kayak. And the avatar is of boats at a boat launch because that is where I'd rather be at most any given time. Ready to launch down river!!!


Picture is taken at the White Bluffs boat launch on the Columbia River's Hanford Reach National Monument.



Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. - Groucho Marx

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My first name is "kurt" and since I am a bodybuilder and a manley-man, people on my football team used to call me "Herculeas" after the greek hero. (actually they were teasing me for eating too much like that little kid in the Nutty Professor)

Herculeas! Herculeas!

changed to: Kurtuleas! Kurtuleas!


The Avatar is my jeep on the Rubicon trail. One of my fav hobbies to to go 4 wheeling and camping in the sierras



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As a child Dad taught me Tracking,Hunting,Fishing,and outdoor survival,starting in the Southwest Deserts of Arizona,Then we moved to New Mexico near the Gila Wilderness.I was always in the Woods or out on the Desert. Dad said that I was a Trailblazer,that I always wanted to go where no one else has. I agree to this Day the name was taken here so I added the #1. Always be ready to go in a minutes notice.I also am an excellent tracker,Trailblazer #1,Geoidchaser the wife,one of the stories about turning into a GPS she tells me!! (ME)I have to get that (Geoid) measurement, A 3 Mile base line (Triangle) placed before 2000. figured out. thus she's a Geoidchaser.


Tetrahedron in a sphere=GEOID=Perfect Pyramid. On all Planets there is a Geometric disturbance at 19.5 degrees!!!

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There was another thread quite some time back, I think it was titled "what's in a name" or somesuch.


In short, my name is from Tolkien. Azog is an Orc chieftian who took Moria and eventually ended up killing Thror (grandfather of Thorin, of the Hobbit). Azog branded his name on Thror's forehead, the icon of which is my avatar.


Probably not an ideal role model, but I've been going by this name since like 1988 or thereabouts.



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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I am a Primary Care (P1) Paramedic in Ontario, hence MedicP1. I wanted to ask some questions on here and check out the Geocaching site and it was simpler then creating a whole new name @ the time. Now it has become my identity here, so for now, unchanged it shall stay.


GPSr's...A step in the right direction!

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Originally posted by Zhanna:

Originally posted by upinyachit:

Our name (UPINYACHIT) is self explanatory!


Um, OK, care to explain for those of us who are feeling a little dense this morning?? icon_cool.gif




I don't think you would care to know. icon_wink.gif


"When you find it, its always in the last place you look."

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Originally posted by Cachier:

I don't think you would care to know. icon_wink.gif


I think I get it now (at least literally), but I don't for the life of me understand what it has to do with caches or caching. So maybe I don't get it. Anyway, I don't see the humor. To each his own, I guess. icon_biggrin.gif



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Seems I'm a little late (350+posts, so I'll give it five stars). Anyway, as I was reaching the blissful age of 18, alot of my older friends stated that I looked like Opey from The Andy Griffith Show. At my demise, the nickname was final. Upon kicking and screaming, beating my head upon the hard wood floor of the Mayberry jail, Pa felt sorry for me and dialed "0", talked to Mabel and put in a request for Aunt Bee to bake me an apple pie. He rushed home and fixed my bicycle, as I later rode to Goober's (full of pie, and chatted with him and Gomer). Isn't life grand???

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My wife used to work in a male dominated field and there were times when she didn't have the physical strength to do something (some males wouldn't have the strength either) her co-workers would jokingly say, "Oh, okay, you big sissy."


Then, because I've driven truck off and on over the years, and because the company she worked for also owned their own big trucks, she decided to give it a try. She is the only female truck driver for Piggly Wiggly Carolina out of 90 some-odd drivers. So when it came time to decide on a CB handle and because she is not trying to prove how much of a "man" she is, she adopted the old nickname, "Sissy."


BTW, ladies, Sissy says driving is the best job she has ever had. You don't have to be broad in the shoulders to drive modern trucks. I've seen 60+ year old ladies behind the wheel. With power steering and modern technologies, it's like driving a rather large car.


My name, CR, is actually intials of a 'nym I've had for many years, CoyoteRed (two caps, one word).


We started off letterboxing and this is our stamp:



When we signed up here, what better username than "Sissy-n-CR?"




-- Insert pithy aphorism here --

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My husband has called me Ma Bell for about 14 years. I always told people (when they asked why)

it was just the rest of my name...Michelle...Ma Belle...

But, if you ask my husband (HackAttack) why he calls me that, he'll say, "It's cuz she's always on the phone."

He had named a star "Ma Bell" for me right before we started geocaching And that's the name I wanted.

Now, it just seems impersonal when I sign notes and stuff like that!

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My name is Michael Bramel, but I picked up the nickname of Max when I started dating the woman whom I eventually married. (She had two previous husbands by the name of Michael, and something had to give.)


Anyway, embra is my ambiguous abbreviation for M. BRAmel. (BTW, we've been married for 12 years now, if you fear for our prospects) icon_biggrin.gif

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Well our names aren't that big of a stretch.

*bcrockcrawler* rock crawling is a term used when four wheeling over very rocky terrain like the Rubicon and I've been wheeling for 25 years, bc comes from the province I live in.

*xstitcher* for my wife who loves crafts

*BMXer* for my son who started racing bmx bike in 2002


We live on a rock, ergo we rockcrawl.......

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