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  1. I would, I've been out of action lately since Durham region dried up and work went full throtle... But I would love to participate...I can throw in a couple of cases of pop and some buns if you need. Here's to a 2005 re emergence of DirtRunner... DirtRunner.
  2. I put This One out last winter. It was a lot of fun to do something not done in the area before. At the time I thought I was the first, sadly I was mistaken. I hope everyone who visited the cache had a good time... There you have it DirtRunner.
  3. It was a both valiant and Nobel effort. Amazon Annie, Algonquin Bound and Nozzletime all came out and I hope they had a good time. We revisited a few we had been to before, and added an extra one on just because, but we had to call it a day after Squirrelly due to IWS (Irate Wife Syndrome) We will clean up the ones we missed and head up north to Peterborough for the next cache machine. Once again, my company was fantastic and I had a great time. Thank you one and all DirtRunner.
  4. Hey Everyone. Due to the planets being mis-Aligned, the cache machine did NOT take place this past Friday. What this means is that it has been re-planned for Monday, June 7th! This is your chance to "cache" in if you were thinking about it earlier but could not due to other plans. So Far, Algonquin Bound, Amazon Annie and Nozzletime have all confirmed their participation. So don't be left out! Think about it DirtRunner.
  5. GeoFella's April Fool's Cache. It can be done in about 4-6 hours and is a total blast. 9 stages of love. Think about it DirtRunner.
  6. Coolness! Better Late than Never DirtRunner
  7. Geofellas April Fools cache is excellent and so is the Birch Knoll cache Now you know DirtRunner
  8. Absolutely fantastic! I welcome the respected and esteemed cachers from the west. What a very merry party we shall be! I will start PM'ing everyone interested in a weeks time to firm up the details. Thanks DirtRunner.
  9. Hey Ya. Well, May is just around the corner and my thoughts immediately turned to...The May Cache Machine 2004!!! <Monster Truck Voice> Be There! Be There! Be There! Be There! Be There! Be There! Be There! </Monster Truch Voice> This month, boys and girls, we are heading to the mysterious and strange shores of Rice Lake! Boo Ya! As my friend "The Map" will clearly show, there are quite a few of those little cache buggers just waiting to be found. Last Month NozzleTime and I had a blast going for the Lost Vegas Poker series of Caches in Port Hope. And I expect more hilarity will ensue on this trip also. Tentative Date: May 21, 2004 Start Time: Mid-Morning...ish (How's that for Exact eh?) I hope you will join me. DirtRunner.
  10. I don't know about the rest of the world, but the neck of the woods where I am is perfect. It even had Myrtle Station noted. How cool is that ? Good Work Jeremy DirtRunner.
  11. OK, let’s take this one step at a time… First, I need everybody to relax. A different voice from the chorus is nothing to be afraid of. Who knows, I might actually have something to say. OK, everyone cool now? Alright then, let’s begin… Nozzletime and Res2100, you have more finds right now than I will have in ten years at my present pace, it’s a great achievement. And you should not let anyone take it away from you. As stated in my previous note, you are the ones who get out there and promote the sport. Res, you have 31 HIDES! HIDES! That’s awesome! I can barely take care of my 12 and am facing the very real possibility soon that some will have to be archived for manageability’s sake. It took me a long time to get to a hundred finds. So I know what it is to strive for a goal and really force yourself not to loose sight of it, the feeling is great when you finally achieve it. You guys both set goals and you went for it. I have nothing but goodness for you both. I also have nothing but goodness for everyone else, everyone who caches is cool in my eyes, we still have a very young hobby and we are the trailblazer and ambassadors for it. The hobby goes where we take it, looking upon you all I have no fear that we that we might be going in the wrong direction. We are on track. OK, then what was my crime? Poo-Poo’ing your achievements? If you think that was the case, then stop all that right now. The only thing I said that, in my opinion, and it’s just mine ( -- and probably a few others) Locationless caches shouldn’t count. They are a cheap and throw away tactic to up your count. Now I know you wanted to be the first to hit 1000 caches in Canada, But Geocaching is not about snapping a picture @ 100 Km\h of a barn. The site even recognizes that now and has halted their promotions on the web site, a grandfather rule keeps the existing ones on the site, but c’mon BOY! Even you must agree that taking pictures while you scream down the highway is not what our sport is about. It’s about getting out there and looking for that stupid container. It’s about the bumps, bruises, blood, sweat and – YES – even tears that we all shed for our passions. And I would have it no other way. Now, the Geocaching web site says you have a thousand finds….A THOUSAND Finds! I like the way that trips off my tongue….A Thhhhhhooouuuuuussssaaaannnnnd Finds…Must be Nice to be able to state that. My hat if off to you. Both! And if the web site says that, then fine, congratulations. But for my money, you both are still short of that magic One Thousand finds. But that is only my opinion. And I speak openly for no one else but myself in saying that. I must stress again that I have nothing but respect for Nozzletime, Res2100 and everyone else in the Geocaching community, just not for the way the tally's were counted. And anyone one who enjoys the sport of Geocaching, deep down, agrees with me. Even if it is only 1%. The Geocaching community has my respect and all my good will. DirtRunner. P.S. Don’t call me Dude…
  12. Considering that 220 of Res’s “Finds” are Locationless, I would say he is only at 780 True Finds. With Nozzletime, if I subtract his 51 Locationless “finds” it puts him at 939 Finds. I’ll celebrate the 1000th find when it actually happens. But, with all that being said…Congratulations to both Res and Nozzletime for an incredible feat. You both truly are great cachers. In fact, let me get this right out of the way right now, to everyone who spends time with their family or alone and outside participating in this great pastime, I salute you, without you there would be no hobby. Great Job One and All DirtRunner
  13. Breath - Pink Floyd On the Hunt - Lynnard Skynnard HeartThrob - Three Against Four Ask me tomorrow, and the list would change. DirtRunner.
  14. Hey! I have a Baseball TB that has to go the Skydome too! When you go and drop yours off, stop by my place and get mine too while you are at it... Geez, the guilt I feel when I can't help a TB along. DirtRunner. EDIT: Punctuation
  15. I don't see how you could call it an international list if you exclude the United States, give them thier due, don't exclude them and then dare to name your list "international" Really don't know what that is supposed to accomplish DirtRunner.
  16. Nice Work, but the system shouldn't require any intervention to display properly. If you have to manually jig the thing to make it work then sooner or later it will fail. But, it is much more useful than the GHS. The area defined is much too small, A Canadian Listing, I find anyway, is much more useful. Nice Work DirtRunner
  17. I use a meridian basic but I am very impressed with the Garmin 60C. Made me seriously think about switching, and I probably will once my GPS finally bites the dust. But that's a couple of years away and who knows what Magellan will out by that time. DirtRunner.
  18. I am not on the list, what is the criteria for being added ? Not much of a rankings page if you start getting selective about who can or cannot be listed. DirtRunner.
  19. Well, It's Done. We got 10/13 today and it was only because we ran out of time and I had to get back to pick up the schmoopie. Nozzletime and I met up at Whitby and made a run for the Port Hope and Coburg area caches. It was a blast. Nozzletime, there are few that I have met in my life that are as affable and nice as you. Stay tuned for the the Next Cache Machine coming up sometime in May. Thanks for everything DirtRunner.
  20. Not to worry sir. Even if we get half of what we plan, it will still be a good day out. See you Saturday. DirtRunner.
  21. Much to my Utter and total Dismay I've had to cancel this outing due to Rain. Rain, rain, rain, rain! Oh Lord why do you mock me so!!?? Anyway, There still is a small silver lining around this cloud. I have moved my cache machine to tomorrow Saturday March 27th! The forecast is calling for Cloudy and 20% chance of Precipitation mostly in the morning so I can live with that. I have to Take little girl to dancing in the morning, So I plan to get out to the Post Hope area around Noon. I've modified the cache machine a little also to just keep within the Port Hope\Coburg Area The Caches I will be going after are Lonely Road The Ghost of Lady Marsh Ez On, Ez Off Sylvan Glen Lost Vegas GeoPoker #4 The File Factory John's Treasure Marina Mosey Lost Vegas GeoPoker #3 Lost Vegas GeoPoker #1 Lost Vegas GeoPoker #2 The way I will tackle it is to start with the one furthest out (Lost Vegas GeoPoker #2) and work my way back to the closest (Lonely Road) I will take on all the Rice Lake caches in another day when I can take my time to appreciate them properly. I don't want to rush though them and miss the experience. OK, there you have it, I know the notice is extremely short but if you've been thinking about it, Here's your second chance. Thanks DirtRunner. EDIT: TYPO...Doh!
  22. PM sent! Let me know if you can make it or not. Thanks DirtRunner.
  23. I try to use Ammo Cans wherever possible, but if I cannot becuase of the area then I tend to use the generic Tupperware from Canadian Tire. Now you Know DirtRunner.
  24. Those maps absolutely rock in my opinion, they have helped me so much plan my outings over the last six months. The site is GPS Visualizer. Give it a shot, it is just so cool. Sorry about you not being able to make it. Take the kid out with you for the day, call the school and tell them that he's sick. Anyway, judging by the flood of responses this thread has generated, it looks like I am solo for my run once more but you never know, I might still get lucky. There is still some time before the 26th Think about Hookey DirtRunner.
  25. Like This ? Sure but only if you can make it on the 26th, otherwise I'll stick to my original plan of the Port Hope area. I can understand that nobody wants to waste their time visiting caches they have already been to so I am open to giving Peterborough a visit...but only if you can make it on the 26th. That's the day I have and I can't move it. Let me know DirtRunner.
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