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  1. Is this where the Lynch Mob roles in? If you don't have a more productive comment then don't apply. You are right though, the act is becoming old. The cache's in question happened on March 4. JFYI..... Upinyachit
  2. Since TPTB will not respond to my email, and the situation is bothering me, I decided to bring this matter up in the forums. I sent a letter to a certain admin that I felt was appropriate. The response to the letter came with quite a shock. I never would have imagined how disrespectful a moderator could be. I thought bygones were bygones but apparently this certain moderator holds grudge. After Bons summed up the last drama episode, I thought it was over. I was even asked by this certain mod if I would be interested in the YJTB and he told me he wasn't a bad person. To make a long story short here is my letter and the response to it. Why do I need to impress anybody and I think a certain mod owes me an apology. Am I in the wrong here too?
  3. What happens when your credit is so bad you can't even rent a movie? LOL Go Geocaching I guess............
  4. About a month and a half ago, I purchased a few travel bugs. I gave a few tb's away and put a copy of the tb that I did keep, on the collar of my dog Jake. I didn't think nothing of it and even made a joke at Sax man's campout a couple weeks ago. I said I that I was going to make my dog into a traveling Travel Bug. Every time you seen Jake at a cache event, you would be able to log him in. LOL So the point is that Jake has been wearing this tag around his neck for a while. When I was in my room last night, Jake managed to get the tb tag stuck in between the boards on our deck. The dog let the tag slip through the 1/4 inch gap, then get twisted. Jake was choking until one of the kids heard him making unusual noises, then ran outside and freed him. Jake is ok accept his eyes are still a little red. I am not sure how long Jake was actually stuck for, but thank god one of the kids heard him. Our family has already lost one Geocaching dog and don't need to lose another because of a freak accident. Has anyone else ever had a freak accident happen like this? Upinyachit
  5. Very interesting, and good luck with your new volunteering job. I just hope you guys just don't forget about little ole Upinyachit. You know I would be a great approver for my side of the state. Upinyachit
  6. I think you just crossed the line buddy. Upinyachit
  7. Could it be possible to have a passion for something so much that it could cause a divorce? LOL My wife is getting sick and tired of hearing me talk, sleep, dream and breath geocaching. So before my wife takes the gps from me, I am going to take the family to the reservoir and have a corona. Spending time with my family will get me right out of the dog house that I am in. (Even though in the back of my mind I know there is a new cache placed there. ) So on that note, I better get out of these forums. I wonder how many other people get in to trouble with there spouses because of Geocaching? Upinyachit
  8. How dare you talk about my CO ADMIN like that. You know, you get more from sugar then you get from vinegar. Upinyachit
  9. Kinda Prickly Pete is a real 7 foot tall cactus that looks like a part that males only have. The pic is so funny to me. This is a family site though and tbtb thought it wasn't appropriate. Upinyachit
  10. That is so cool. Do you ever hear slack from your co-employees about the tongue ring? Upinyachit
  11. I think it depends on how you look. If you have holy clothes , missing teeth and have a whole lotta tattoos, then you would look more suspicious. If you look like a nice model citizen that wears golfer clothes, you would look less suspicious.
  12. a email comes in and you think it's a FTF for the latest cache you hid, and it's not. Upinyachit
  13. Did you ever see prickly pete? That was the best......LOLOLOLOLOL UPINYACHIT
  14. I do have a passion for this game that goes far and beyond the average Joe. As far as me being a Bad Boy? It was only in the FORUMS. My family and I always obey all guidelines as to trading fair and placing caches. I just got caught up in the mix as to how I became a geocacher. I don't want to go into details but most members know I knew all about the other site before this one. Anyway, because of that situation I have personally been involved in a lot of chaos regarding the guidelines and rules for this site. I know I heard a lot of slack for placing Upinyachit's Vacation Cache. I also had some chaos about the 500 feet rule. I know there is still some controversy about my hidden caches in N.Y. that I archived in a disgruntled moment. I have always caused chaos in the forums. From posting big dorito girls, and losing my temper with CO Admin., I can admit to being a bad boy, but I can honestly say I that I am an asset to GEOCACHING.COM. And If Co admin did ever offer me dinner at his house, like I just offered him lunch at the Do Drop Inn, I would take him up on it. I have nothing to hide and feel in my heart and soul that I am great for the sport. UPINYACHIT
  15. If you happen to find a cache without a gps, you could get hooked for life. That is what happened to Upinyachit. Our first couple of caches we found by just using the little orange dot. Upinyachit
  16. My last warning was over 2 months ago. I am so proud of myself. Following the sites guidelines and having a a positive attitude makes me feel a whole lot better. It's much easier this way. Upinyachit
  17. LOL I think my avatar is cool the way it is. Upinyachit
  18. I wouldn't qualify for the job, but I could build a new GEOCACHING.COM office building. LOL Upinyachit
  19. This is really Duane speaking. Thanks to AmishHacker for the awesome avatar. Upinyachit
  20. I just think it's alot easier to follow this sites guidelines and be a productive geocaching member, rather then try to beat the system. I found a couple of caches this weekend and hid a hydro (island cache). I followed the guidelines and my new cache was listed in less then twenty four hours. (Thanks CO ADMIN) I would just like every member to do their part as a geocacher so the sport lasts forever. Always CITO and stay off of private property. Don't do too much bush wacking and protect the land the best way you can. If every geocacher follows the guidelines, we shouldn't have anything to worry about. Even in five or twenty five more years. How's that for a nice productive post? Upinyachit
  21. Thanks AmishHacker, you da man. My wife and I luv the new avatar. Upinyachit
  22. that's getting old to flame on Duane Upinyachit
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