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Everyone go look at your Profile page

CO Admin

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Nice. It's about time they put the total caches found back on the stats page.


Two minor complaints.


1. The color to the border/edge of the pages could match the green of the overall site a bit better.


2. Why do pictures that I deleted show up on there? I get the little 'red x box' that means the image is missing (on pictures that I deleted) but when I click the box it takes me to the picture. The little red x's look like cr@p. If you delete a picture it should be gone, shouldn't it?


Yea, those are nitpicky - I'm more concerned about the pictures one.


Forget the 'complaining' (constructive criticism if you ask me) - I think it's a great improvement overall.





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Very nice icon_cool.gif


I agree with the above though. It would be nice to sort or loose some of the pictures in the gallery. Some of the pics are just backgrounds for my cache pages, and a couple are .au files for puzzle cache, so they come with a broken link.


Great job GC.com crew!


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Given I know nothing of GS's schema this may be unreasonable, but...


Most of *my* pix are views of/near/from caches. It would be much more meaningful if the cache name could be above the pic. Also, since some people use GS storage for non-cache pictures, you could limit the gallery to only pix that were uploaded to cache pages.


and of course if you had nothing *better* to do, you could expand the table to include a 'private' attribute (defaulted to public fttb), so people could keep their private cache-orgy pictures on the site.


whatever. Happy thanksgiving.



"Nothing is impossible to the man who does not have to do it himself" - I forget

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Great job guys and gals keep it up.

Happy .........................Geotrails












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Wow, I had actually mentioned doing the Gallery thing a few weeks ago in another thread. I think Jeremy said he was already working on it. Must have icon_smile.gif


I never thought about people not wanting pictures displayed in their profile... I must be vain icon_wink.gif I would go one step further and ask that folks who don't have an account be able to see this page. It sure would make it easier for Grandma & Grandpa. Opt in would probably be the best way for that too.


BTW... it is nice to see all the improvements. Keep up the good work GC team!

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I would like the ability to keep individual photos out of the "gallery", or at least be able to disable my "gallery." For example, one day I did a hike where I found 9 caches. I uploaded a picture of my GPS track log to each cache page. Now, in my "gallery", I have 9 identical pictures next to each other. Frankly, it looks stupid. I never intended for them to be displayed this way.

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Cool. I like the gallery, but it does include some oddities like old avatars and photos I downloaded so I could link to them in the forum, or on a cache page. Not a major problem I guess.


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Quote from the bottom of the Profile page ---


Note: The user gallery currently only contains images for cache listings, cache logs and the user profile. We will be adding other areas in the near future.


Echoing the color issue (green please not aqua?)...Why not use different color for the TABS?


Yellow for Profile

Green for User Stats

Orange for Gallery

Blue for *Other Areas in the near future*


Bob ~

This is like deja vu all over again...

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Mine is missing a few picture's that I'm very proud of, but hey, I can't complain. I NEVER expected THAT.


My GC.com approval rating is up from 93.4% to 97.9%. WAY TO GO JEREMY & THE GC.COM STAFF! You done GOOD!




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Very nice job, but I will echoe the comments of others, there should be a "Do not display" option. Manipulation of the galleries would be nice too, but by no means essential. Overall, GREAT!!



Originally posted by CO Admin:

Cool, huh?


Lackey to the QOFE

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BTW, checking out your profile, that collar really doesn't match your fur colour tongue.gif }
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I love the gallery.

I've been looking for a picture of a particular member ever since he got snotty with me a few times. I didn't have the time/ambition to go through all his caches hunting a picture.

Now I click on his user name, click on gallery, and there he is!

I can finally say, "pffft!"




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Now that everyone is checking out the pictures, is that responsible for the forum gridlock today? It takes several minutes after clicking 'reply' before the reply window loads, then another minute or two after hitting post now before it closes. icon_mad.gif


Back on-topic, We should be able to delete pictures from our gallery or be able to sort them in some way.


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